Colin Baxter’s newest book is a collection of 31 colour photographs of Glasgow, including the Glasgow Garden Festival, taken from a helicopter.

As well as being a record of Glasgow in 1988, it is a glowing tribute to the decade of transformation that this great city has witnessed.

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£1 .95 from bookshops and on site at the Glasgow Garden Festival

Amsterdam Paris

Brussels 35.80 RTN from E A Rail of Two cities 92.10

PC! s 8 Brass» 5,

Swiss Roll 127.95

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BOOK THROUGH: TRANSALPINO 14 North Bridge, Edinburgh. Tel: 557 3140 a 180 Byres Road, Glasgow. Tel: 334 0800



Day of Two Suns (US Nuclear Testing and the Pacific Islanders) Jane Dibblin (Virago £6.95) The Pacific islands have been occupied. colonised. fought over. bombed. targeted. prostituted and generally exploited. That can he said of most former colonies. but what is unique about the American pond’. is that this exploitation is still going on.

Dibblin visited Micronesia in 1986. and in this vicious and often sad document she recounts her first hand experience of imperialism. While prev ious accounts of the radiation and nuclear testing which started with Bikini have set the Americans up as sole perpetrators. Day of the 'I'wo Suns puts the problems in a global context. Ifthere was no arms race. the 1 TS woud not need to test SDI weaponry on the Marshall Islands’ beautiful atolls.

Although interviews are central to Dibblin‘s account. much of what is said is of necessity anecdotal. because of the secrecy which sin 1 ounds all atomic programmes. no matter their ‘military’ or ‘civilian' pretensions or country of perpetration.

Ihe story of the Pacific islanders will always be a bitterone. unless told by official military'historians. Dibbliii‘s journalistic hackgrottnd brings a salutary angle to the account. None the less. few could fail to he moved by a saga which began on the day which saw two suns rise in er Rongelap Atoll: one in the east. one in the west. and which continues to this day with the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior and Reagan’s SDI ('l‘hom Dihdin)


I Disaster! The Rise and Fall of News on Sunday Peter (‘hippendale and (‘hris IIarris (Sphere £3.99) How not to launch a left-wing hlatt.

I The Other Landscape Neil (iunn (Richard Drew £3.95) From the bottom ofthe (iunn barrel. the prolific author's valedictory novel. literary sleuthery enmeshed with the familiar quest for life‘s deeper meaning.

I Getting Through John McGahern (I’aher £3.95) Short stories by a good Irishman.

I The Treasure ol the Sierra Madre Bfl‘rayen ( £3.95 ) The book of the classic IIuston movie. a galloping anti—capitalist adventure yarn ofgold diggers in the Mexican outback.

I How Old was Lolita? Alan Saperstein (Bloomsbury £4.95) 12. I The Magus John Fowles (Picador £4.95 ) The last word on Australian nurses. Iinglish prats and Greek islands.

I Lucan: Not Guilty Sally Moore (Fontana £3.95) Clinical dissection of the most famous murder case of the century. Better than a game of (‘Iuedo and riveting reading but destined for ever to remain ‘unsolved‘.

i I The Country Girls Edna ()‘Bricn

.s’ i.y,.",‘l 3‘33"." ‘1 t“ ’r If '7. P ._. ‘s' y’u‘ . “J}. L 2‘. (As -"..,,- .,v

(Penguin £5.95) The renowned trilogy which takes two girls from an Irish convent to Dublin then London. from innocence to marital unhIiss. Raw and rarely hettered by Ms O'Brien who has added a new epflogue.

I A Piece of my Heart Richard Ford (Flamingo £3.95) Duel in the steamy South for the love of an unworthy woman. Flannery O'Connor and William Faulkner face up at high noon.

I A Death in the Family James Agee (Picador £3.95) The posthumoust published Pulitzer-winning novel tells the story of the Follett family after the death of their father.

I Native Stones David (‘raig (Flamingo £3.95) Subtitled ‘A Book about (‘Iimbing‘ which is like saying Hard Times is about circuses. Philosophy. poetry and personal history while dangling from the end ofa rope in the Lakes.




I HATCHARO'S 511(iordon Street. 13

July. 1—2pm. Imran Kahn. the versatile Pakistani cricketer signs copies of All Round View priced £12.95.

I HATCHARD'S 511(‘rordon Street. 22 July. (3.3(1pm—ts‘.3()pm. James 'I‘ruscott. author of Private (iurdcris ()fScoIland gives an illustrated talk with slides. Wine.

I SHERHATT 8: HUGHES ~15 511 Princes Square. 16.luIy.Noon—4pm. Performance artists “'fomen with Beards‘ with their fu iy feminist view ofthe historyot .rt.

I SHERHATT & HUGHES ~15 511 Princes Square. (1 Aug. Noon-4pm. The Swinging Spurran a light -hearted demonstration of the basic steps ofScottish reels and country dances.


I WEST & WILOE BOOKSHOP 35a Dundas Street. 5560079. 26 July. 8pm. Robert (ionzalez Fernandez will be signing copies of his new collection ‘Journeys' recently published by the (iay Men's Press at £14.95. Wine.

I SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY Tweeddale Court. 1-1 High Street. 5561837. 13 Aug—3 Sept. (‘ourtyard readings. daily (2—3pm) except Sundays. Anyone who wants to read poems (yourown or others‘) and or listen is invited.

I Proot ot the re-emergence ol poetry as a popular genre comes with the results of the SW Student Writing Competition. Students of Strathclyde and Glasgow Universities were invited to submit any piece of creative writing to be judged by representatives at the universities and SW. and Glasgow University's Creative Writing Fellow. Hunter Steele. First prize went to Richard Price who submitted three poems. He graduates from Strathclyde this week with a BA in English Studies and Librarianship.

55 Niel ist.\ .‘.l liin I988