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machinery has been heavy inv estment in (ilasgovv ‘s already flourishingart prov Mon and the city 's consequent nomination as lzurope‘sfity of(‘ulture for thl. surprised

every body except the (ilasvvegians.

Note Prefix (ilasgovv phone numbers 041 if you're calling from outside the (‘itv

'l denotes Ifnderground. The station name is the same as the place mentioned except

vv here othervv ise Indicated.


m ii}

beyond don't offer the

v rsitor much. Over the river. the Citizens' Theatre (I' Bridge Street)still standing in glorious isolation vvhere the notorious slums ofthe (iorbals used to be. the Garden Festival sire (t‘ Shields Road) on reclaimed dockland and Pollok House and Park vvhich contains the lustly celebrated Burrell Collection are important landmarks. To the vv est beyond the motorvvay . the I trendy West End embraces the University at Ilillhead.

Ashton (ireen. Iiast Kilbride (“3552) 3809-1.


The Victorian industrial city par excellence and -still the third biggest city in Britain. (ilasgovv vvas built up by the tobacco and sugar barons during the 19th century intothe vvorkshop ofthe British limpire. though there has been a settlement here of sorts since the ('ity 's patron saint. St Mungo. set tip shop(and cathedral l in the 6th century.

Anyone vs ho has been avvay from the ('ity tor

Getting Around

Strathelyde Passenger Transport Iixecutive vehicles are easily recognisable for their orange livery:

I Buses L'nbelievably complicated since deregulation best to ask the driver if he's going vv'he re you vvant to go. Fare according to distance. pay the driver. There are several other companiesoperating limited routes.


GLASGOW Tel: 552 2929




more than about ten years vs ill not recognise it. such has been the frenzy of redev eloprnent. spr ucing up. nevv investment and image building. (icnerally the dev elopers seem. for once. to have got things right and (ilasgovv novv claims vvith some justification to be the vvorld's first post-industrial city. though vv idespread unemployment is still a major problem. For all that (ilasvvegians hay e an almost messianic belief in their city and vvhen the famous ‘( ilasgovv 's Miles Better' slogan vvas produced in the early Eighties to convince the rest of the vvorld ofthe improvements to the (‘ity it got immediate support. Part of this image-making

Setting the Scene

(ilasgovs is notoriously difttlse but George Square (t' Buchanan Street) is the notional hub of the grid of streets running north-south and east-vvest vs hich contain the main shopping and bUsiness districts. This is bounded by the River Clyde to the south. the High Street and Cathedral to the east. and the M8 motorvv ay (east to Iidinburgh. vv est to the airport and (ireenock ) to the north and vv est. Immediately to the east. around the cathedral. is the oldest part of the city but apart from the People's Palace on (ilasgovv (ireen to the south east. the massol featureless housing and light industrial estates

(L' l the BBC. (1' IIiIIhead) and along the banksol (ilasgovv 's other river. the Kelvin. Kelvingrove Park and Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallerytt'

Kelv ingrove l.


I Tourist lnlormation (ireater (ilasgovv Tourist Board. 35 St Vincent Place. 227 488i) btit vvith Hie [.131 by your side. you

shouldn't needthern


except tor Accommodation (qv ). IMedia Radio(‘lyde. (ilasgovv 's local radio station. broadcasts 2-1 hours. 7 days. on 261 MW 102.5 VHF-land isa cut above most ILR stations.

I Organised walks and trips Scottish Tourist (iuides Association. 2

I Underground a simple circle through most ot the places you will vv ant to

v isit. Quick and cheap but shuts at about lll.3tlpm; flat fare 4(lp.

I Trains Apart from Inter(‘ity out of(‘entral (for south and vv est directions) and Queen Street (east and north) there is a good inner urban ‘lovv-level' netvvork running mostly east- vvest. lt's tirnetabled and much less frequent than the l'nderground. Buy a ticket in the station oron the train. fare accordingto distance. Information: on all Strathclyde PIE. services from St Enoch Square (L') 226 4826.

I Taxis (ilasgovv's black cabs which can be hired on the street or by phone are among the cheapest in

BU'I'he List b’v 2] July 1988