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LUNCH 12—2.:30—6m EVENINGS 6—1 1pm (last orders 10.30pm)

10, arachor“ Close


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226 5145)

Mueslis, grains, pulses, nuts,

dried fruit, seeds, oils, juices, organic wines 8r beers, herbs

8: spices, tea 8t coffee substitutes, snacks, sova DI’OClUCtS, dairy produce, Japanese fOOClS, DOOKS, Vitamin supplements, natural cosmetics, fOOClSl’Ol’ specal diets, homeopathic remedies, bUlK discounts, advice on diet 81 Old . fashioned friendly servrce . . .

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Helios Fountain is situated at the west end of the historic Grassmarket, below the castle. It is a unique enterprise, combining a wholefood vegetarian coffee house and a shop selling an intriguing selection of gifts, toys, crafts and books.

We know that even if you are not a vegetarian, you will enjoy our good home cooking, whether it be a full meal or just a fresh fruit scone or cake and coffee and if you really want to treat yourself, try some luscious Sachertorte, or creamy fresh fruit pudding. If you are looking for something really unusual we think you’ll find it here. Whether it be jewellery, beads or crystal balls, wooden toys or alternative books, we have something to suit everyone.

Open 10am—6pm Mon—Sat 7 GRASSMARKET, EDINBURGH, 031 229 7884



(‘anongate. 556 7371. Mon-Sal ‘)._‘sllam—5. 15pm. Sun ll).3llam—-l.3llpm. (iuided tour of historic and slate apartmenlsadult {Hill (concs Slip). The official residence in Scotland ol the Queen. ‘Rood' is an old word for cross and the abbe} (mm a ruin)“ hich adjoins the palace \\ as said to have been founded in ll28l1)'1)a\itl latter his life was threatened and spared \s hilsl hunting in the area. The Palace is famous for one ol the bloodiest and most celebrated to) al murders that committed by l)arnlc_\ . cousin and husband of Mary . Queen of Scots. \\ ho left her favourite and secretar). Riz/io d} ing at her feet. with l)arnlc_\ is dagger piercing his heart. I Arthur‘s Seat ( )nc ol the li\ e extinct volcanos on \\ hich ladinburgh is built. It's the highest point in the cit} (333 ll- excellent \‘le\\s from the top i and provides it \\ ith a magnificent backdrop.


I MeadowbankStadium London Road. on] 5351 is the main sports centre in the city and offers a \sitle range of facilities.

I Swimming Pools There are 'se\ eral pools allo\ er the cit). . some n ith saunas. The next est and largest is the Royal ('ommormcalth l’ool. Dalkeith Road. l‘or

information on all pools

ring ()67 721 l or 557 IlliS.

I Horse Racing Hui meetingson h. I3and27

June at Musselburgh (8 miles south of lidinbtrrgh on .-\1 ). Makes a pleasant trip and the deserx etll} larnous ice-creams from

i rrca'sor l)r Rollo'sinlhe l ligh Street are an added incentit e. See Sports listings for details of horse racing. and dog racing at l’msderhall Stadium. lidinbtu'gh.

Museums and Art Galleries

IThe National Gallery at Scotland The Mound. 55b 8‘): l. Mon Sal

lllam 5pm. Sun 2 5pm. l‘ree. l lottses an irnprcssi\ e and \\ ell chosen collection from l-lth 10th century l‘inc \torks b} 'l‘ilian. l’oussrn and 'l‘urner. ’l‘hc gallery itself has recently been re-lur'bishcd til it L‘osl Ul overt] million and the rooms do“ Itstalr‘s

restored to architect l’la)lair'sorigrnal designs \sith claret-coloured walls and sage green carpets; upstairs the rooms are a less historical bright blue. bright pink and bright green.

I Gallery olModern Art licllord Road. 55b N‘Dl. Mon Sat lllani 5pm; Sun 2 5pm. l‘rcc. l'l'hc galler) is onl} on one bus route. Itaster'n Scottish bus ( l 3. so your best bet is tonalk lappros Ill mins from centre. or get atasil. Another fine collection includes \\t)l'l\' h} l’icasso. l lepuorth. Moore and (iiacometli. Modern Scottish artists are also \cr} \s ell represented. lzxcellent cafe.

I Royal Museum of

Scotland ( 'hambers Street. 335 "5.‘s4..\1on~Sat lilam 5pm. Sun 3 5pm. l‘ree. 'l‘he building is notable for its beautiful arching Victorian entrance hall and the collection is \\ ell recommended for its sections on science. technology and natural lll\ltll'\. Regular programme of talks and lectures. and an nie\pensr\e larnil} cafe. I Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre l ler'itage ( 'cntre. .i5.\'('astlehill. Royal .\lr|c. IIIHHJ l . “dass “am “pm. Adults £2.50. krdsunder littlQS.

Green Spots

I here is no shortage ol pleasant. leaf) areas in l-dinbur gh. but one of the most pleasant and least tltsetnetetl is Dunbar's Close Garden in the (‘anongate laid out in the manner of a lqlh century l-drnburglr garden it'ssrnall. secluded and ltlll ol herbsand

butler llres :\ good spot to slop and read a book unlroubled b} the bum ol lr'allicoulstde.

IThe Royal Botanic Garden lnxerlerth Rim, (552 "1‘1 i rs open ses en day s. dau n to dusk. 'l'hc second oldest garden in lir rtarn. ii is \t rlderand more \tood) than most. “fill a larnous rhododendron \talk and a splendid \ ten of the cit_\ sktlinc from lnxerleith

l louse ( \\ hich houses changing e\hibitrons. see All l .N l.

rablished for over titty years in .ondon and environs, Wheeler's seafood restaurants have now landed on northern shores, bringing their iishy expertise to Edinburgh in a joint venture with Welcome Inns.

The menu and decor at this their first Scottish venture are in traditional Wheeler’s style, only better, says Mario Castro, manager olthe new restaurant. To the wide choice at classic lish dishes, lrom grilled Dover .sole to Lobster Thermidor, the Edinburgh Wheeler's has added a recognisable taste ol Scotland: Cullen Skink, herrings in oatmeal and Musselburgh pie amongst others. Most


oi the lish dished up in Wheeler's is Scottish, bought from two local lishmongers, and their oysters hail from nursery beds in Loch Fyne. The best sealood doesn‘t come cheap, but Wheeler's otter fixed price lunches at 11.95 and dinnerat 15.50.

Brand new as it is, Wheeler's has a comfortable air. The tobacco-coloured walls, dark wood and green velvet are so relaxing one imagines the management have trouble shitting tenacious customers at the end oia meal. A sharper atmosphere exists in the adjoining bar and brasserie, Pomeroys, which serves Open sandwiches and bullet lunches and

‘There‘s nothing like it in Edinburgh’, says Mario Castro. All eyes are on the Wheeler’s and Welcome lnns venture, which, ilsuccesslul, may bethe first at many Scottish lish restaurants. The recent takeover ol Wheeler's parent company, Kennedy Brookes by Truslhouse Forte has brought plans to open Wheeler’s restaurants in THF hotels across the country. For the moment, however, Edinburgh’s Wheeler’s is unique and rather special.

54 The List 8— 21 July 1988