I Inchcolm Island There are several small. accessible islands in the Forth. of w hich lricholrii is one of the most pleasant. It 's also said to be the driest place in Britain. left in sunnv isolation as clouds gather on either side of the Forth. It'sa prettv . well-kept island with a 13th century abbe}~ and there are good views from the top of the tower. Ideal for picnics.

Boats leave llaw'es Pier. South Oueensferrv (information from John Watson 331 H54) at 3pm Sat . Sun. Mon (dailv duringlulv and August at I33IIpm and 3pm). Round trip takes approx 3' 4 hours. w ith l‘i hours on theisland Adults £3.95. children accompanied b) an adult [I (includes landinglee and abhev entrance)

I Castle Campbell Dollar. 0359-1 3408 ll voti want a da} in the countrv . a beautiful. but not too taxing walk and a little hit of Scottish historv. ( ~astle ('ambell in Dollar (near Stirling) is the ideal place The 15th centurv castle is set superva on a hill top where it commands excellent v iews of the surrounding countrvside. but what reallv makestt special is the magnificent walk to the top. This lies between the two glens in the ()ehil Hills and the rushing waters of the picturesquer named Burn of Sorrow and the Burn of (‘are provide both a natural defence and gorgeous setting

I Cramond ( ‘ramond is a pretty. w bite-washed village 4 miles from the citv centre. set on the mouth of the River Almond. and said to have its ow n ghost that of a Roman centurion. lt's popular with visitors as there are good walks along the banks of the river and at low tide. you cart walk along the causewa) to (‘ramond Island (tide times are published dad) in The Scotsman).

Buses; Lothian Region Transport no. l8or~1l from cit) centre

Edinburgh International Feshval

IThe Edinburgh International Festival is the biggest. most famous and argu'ablv the best arts festival in the world. A cluster of other ev etits

hav e grown tip around It. the best known and largest of which is the Festival Fringe in which any performer ma) take part. Over the last few years

one venue. the Assemva Rooms. has invited its

ow n programme of ev cuts and become for man) . the unofficial hub of the Fringe

I International Festival 21 Market Street. 335 5575f). l4 Aug 5 Sept. Postal booking open now , personal booking and credit card booking (Ill-34H73lltlorII3l-335 575(i)opens~l.lulv .-\sin previous years the local

point will be the world theatre season btit there is

also a strong programme

of music and art. This

v'ezir's theme is Ital}.

I Edinburgh Festival Fringe l7lllligh Street. 33o535‘). Bookrngopens when the Fringe programme is published at the end of June. Booking for events at the Assembly

ROOMS 54 (ieorge Street

opens 1 Jul}. Boxollicc.

336 3-137 is

I Edinburgh Military Tattoo

33 Market Street. 335

1188. 13 .-\ug 3 Sept Postal booking open now; credit card and counter booking from 4 Jul} Magnificentlv staged on the castle esplanade. the world-famous Tattoo rs Scotland‘s answ er to the Rov al ‘I'ournairient vv rtli massed bands and militarv displavs.

Guided Walks

and Tours I Cadies Walking Tours of Edinburgh-by Day and Night 335 (37-15 (34 hours) leave from the \N’itcherv Restaurant. (‘astlehilL I lam. 3pm. 7pm and 10pm. Booking required forall except llarntour. £3 per person. The \Vitcberv Murder and Mvsterv Tour. lasts 1 hour 15mins Seepanel. I Mercat Tours ftfil 4541 Advertised as 'Iidinburgh's Premier Horror Walk‘. Departs Mercat ('ross. Parliament Sq. High Street. 8pm. 7 diivs until end of September Nobooking required. £4 per person. includes a free drink iii a haunted tavern to raise your spirits. Wrap tip w ell as the tales chill? I Robin's Edinburgh Tours 557 3-1-13 orbbl ()135. No booking required. £3 for 3 hours. Departs darlv (all weathers) from the fountain at Waverlv Market (outside tourist office): I lam (special tour 7pm Thursdav s) tour of the Ro}al Mile and the Old Town; 3pm tour of the New Tow n. This is not. like ('adies and Me rcats abov e. a horror tour. I New Tovvn Edinburgh New Tow n (‘onservation ('entre 13a Dundas Seottish Tourist Board Head Office. Ravelston Terrace. Edinburgh “31 333 3433. local officesall over Scotland.

WW1 /’ "’0

//II V////

i Both Edinburgh and Glasgow

i now have a shoal

' of restaurants specialisingin



Priccsin brackets givetlie '- ( T apprositiiatecostolatvvo course riieal for two

including vv me

(it .'\S(i()\\

I The Rogano Restaurant ll Izschange Place. 3 ES 4055 Mon Thurs

noon 3 30pm. 7 lllpm l-roiii snacks iii the art deco ovstei' bar and simple seafood in the downstairs diner to price} perfection in the main restaurant (135 in diner ; {5” restaurant I

I Pavarotti's‘H

('ambr idge Street. 333 9713 Mon l-rr

noon 3.30pm.

5.30 llprn.Sat

5 3t) 1 l .3tlpm. ('osv . Ir'iendlv spot and good seafood disltes, (£35)

I Killei'mont House 3033 Mat'vhill Road. 9465-113. Tue l-ri noon 3.30pm. (L30- l(l_3llpm; Sat

6.3” ltl.3tlpm;Sun

. m w‘ noon 3.30pm. Superb 42:3"A food. with the emphasis ' 933:,“ ~_ on seafood.in a class} setting.(£-Itl) ‘- 253%,?“ - ,Cv ah" . . . (1- I-.I)l.\Bl R(ill _ VJ ffb I (‘ousteati‘s Seafood 3;" '9‘??? Restaurant ltl‘) l lanover 5 _- at "1‘ ._;'-\“€fl, - Street. 2253355 Mon Sat “4-3.9 I, L,”

(s Itlpm. Big breer wry-"L" ~ ‘3’ "' 1.! 2' “wt-0'?" ' basementexper'tlv serving My!" _ e. I i. ., -

tip all the fish in the sea. 4* , . 'f‘ ,4" "

(L36; table d hole 1 l 3.5” 9971"" 1 .f w - fllx"’l each) .1' 4 I Skippers Bistro la “321* x; " ,l. t Dock Place. 554 lots. 9~ -

Mon Sat l3 3“ 3pm. 7 3t) IIIpm, The big brother of Iisli restaurants in leith. (iood food In a Irieiidlv atmosphere. (£23) I (‘afe Roval ( )vstcr' Bar 17 West Register Street. 55h~ll34 Mon Sun l3 3pm. 7 It), 15pm. (ilorious Victorian interior and fabulous seafood. Kept

unpretentious b_v the proximitv ot the ubiquitous(‘afe Roval bar. (£40) I The Ship 34-3o The Shore. 555 “409. Mon Sat noon 3.30pm. 5 llpm; Sun noon 4pm Bright new bistro serving sortie

‘larrlv adventurous sealood (£30)



BOX L, THE FRINGE OFFICE 180 HIGH STREET EDINBURGH EH1 lQS Telephone 031 226 5257 or 5259


The list s 31 .liilv loss 65