I Look after yourself in superior West lind accommodation. Suitable tor ( iarden I'estis al or similar. l'ully equipped. ( iood value. \titt-siitokct'sonly.

Tel: tl-Il 3572770

I Double room in sharedllat from .I une to September incltisiye. Suit one two persons. (‘entral location. all mod cons. rent only W5 per person per month. Phone between ppm and "pm oratter lllpm. NJ] 333



ISimpletiny 17th century cottage lor one ortwo. Available lst August 33rd September. References. 'l'c‘l ll3l 4-17 1417.

I Single room available for female in‘l'ollcrossflat. y Non—smokerpreferred. {8"pcnl and bills. Available mid .luly. Phonell3l 2284389.

I Vegetarian 8&8 near I‘dinburghCity (cutie. Telephone “31 It‘llh’ll-t.

I Edinburgh studio space wanted by'l‘cxtile Designer Painter

from July to October (possibly longer). Preferably

(‘entral l.eith. Please Phonetl31 554 7726.

I Single room in Stockbridge (colonies) flat for whole of August and September. All mod cons. £125 monthly. Ring3-l3




singer with good sense of humour seeks band to

rehearse gig with. Reply toBox \o (i7 .I l.

i I Budding actorseeks employment in theatre in order

to serve apprenticeship. Acting. assistant stage manager. anythingconsidered. Reply to Ian l lughes. lcllowcraigs (‘ourt.(‘ly-debank.(i81 UP.

I Edinburgh based theatre design graduate with professional theatre experience seeks show to design paint for festival. Tel “3] 4—17 3678 alter 7pm.


I Busy monthly community newspaper looking for enthusiastic. highly motivated person to sell advertising.

H .g...‘-.,.¥,A y;::-..:E.g~‘.$~ was. is ‘~‘ .3 - .51.. .-.. r at. s I _. 1?; J 9} "A riaffla‘il .'. s . i v, '5‘ -. iii-5'7"» T I: t I

f 3.2;: _1 fir '


3 S K A?

Please write with (‘V to: North Iidinburgh News. (1 West Pilton Crescent. IiI I4 :11 IP.

I Summer Statf(}rindle's bookshop for AugSept ()ct-ish (possible extension thereafter). Bright. cheery. reliable. preferably local. with some flair for handling old books. Fun job. ('all in with written application.

experienced teacher.

(MI 333 933-1.




I Physics and Maths taught to Higher standard. Individual tuition by highly qualified.

£9.50 hour. (1-week maths course available over the summer vacation.Telephone

£50 ono. Ring 03] ()6: 4h“).

Accountants‘ lees too much? I lay e your accounts and tax returns prepared for a competitive fee by Mark Noonan. Tclll31 554 8202.

(irindle‘s Bookshop. (‘orner of Bread St Spittal St. Iidinburgh. Open 9am 9pm daily.



Use your Ioal! Make bread. Share your know-how through our PRIVA'I‘I-I TI ' l'I‘l().\'

l l I I Are you sell employed? l l

ITherapeutic massage

A powerful treatment for aches and pains. stress and strains.

in the privacy of your own home. Phone Ray Majoron

I Glasgow Simon Community needs volunteers. Offer your time and friendship to long term homeless people. One or two days a week. Phone (‘hris Lytton ()41 332 3448.

I Actors wanted for new play to be produced at Fringe. (‘ontact ‘2 2 z 3 ()2 . , 323:3) l I Oeleted/rmported/rare

styles. Advice on voice

John Amnesty International's campaign against human rights violations in Columbia. Send for your free information pack.

To: Tony Jones AIBS.

5 Roberts Place (off Bowling (ireen Lane). London ECI ()EJ. I Don't hide your light under a bushel. Advertise it in

personalitieson [P (‘D

()225 336873.

the BUY 6’; SELL section.

I Vocal coaching by professional singer teacher. All singing

production and technique lessons. (ilasgow West find and Lanarkshire. Phone 748983.


soundtracks stage musicals

cassette. (‘ontact Britain's leading specialist. ‘('urtain lip‘ (‘entury I louse. Pierrepont Street. Bath BA1 III). phone

I Rucksack. dark blue Ktilfi‘Y. adjustable back. about 75 litres. Not used more than five times.

(I875 30370.

I FACTOTUM I We specialise in flat letting. factoring and property management.

We organise everything from inventories and leases. to cleaning and repairs. Quickly. efficiently and economically. am- We take care ofeverything. ()31 2201838

I Contemporary Stained Glass from Blue Sun Stained (ilass Studio. Design. construction and installation. Traditional

I Used to live in a flat which had no mirror. (iirls particularly thought this odd. ‘I low do you comb your hair'." asked one. When I said I didn't have a comb either she looked at inc as ifshe‘d just realised I was wearing a toupee and said there was something she had urgently to collect from the laundrette. I thought of this

earlier this morning while I was

shaving which I still do by feel even though the present dernesne is well-equipped mirror-wise. It‘s like

running your hand up laddered

stockings. Later. and with about as much enthusiasm as the English bowlers going out to face the West Indies at Trent Bridge. I confronted rue. tete a tete. man to mirror. I

couldn't have looked more

melancholy if I'd been told (‘ecil Parkinson was coming to dinner. Does this face reflect the true you'.’l asked. I could have had a more meaningful conversation with a (‘ashline machine. I stared myself out. This wasn’t the me that had the flat without the mirror. That me was left behind with the beer-stained carpet and the peeling wallpaper when I moved out and left the place to the brother who needed it more than I did. That me had something this me in the mirror didn't have.



What it was I‘m not quite sure but I‘d like to put my hands on it now.

What triggers off a black mood like this‘.’ I wish I knew. If you say it‘s a characteristic trait of the Scots I‘ll despatch the Doric Kneecappcrs pronto. It‘s all the more puzzling because these past few days have been. as Maya would have it. the nit‘s tits. First Callum Taylor Buchan made his debut at Elsie's. an idyllic place to come into the world. what with the park. the trees and the nurses who look as if they're enjoying themselves. But soon only BLJPA babes will be born there. It‘s a crying shame. When I arrived (‘allum was crying his three days eyes out. not from shame but from sh . . . you know what. and had

already been rechristened Bucket by his youngest cousin. The scatological influence of Roald Dahl is insidious. He looked as all newly borns do like Winston Churchill though. when asked which side of the family I thought he took after. I had to confess he bore more than a passing resemblance to his maternal grandfather. as seen late on a Saturday night. ‘He doesn‘t mean that as a compliment‘. said the man himselfwho can now spend all day and every day hanging around maternity wards. imbibing Lucozade and popping purple grapes.

It‘s not where I would choose to spend my time. But I must confess to chalking up a few hours at the birth ofthe first enfant terrible where I

witnessed scenes no man ought. The indignities women have to suffer to keep the race ticking over! At least when the terrible's sister was on simmer I was at home in bed. The phone rang at unearthly hour. ‘Get here when you can'. said an Irish nurse. exuding dilatoriness. I took her at her word. stopping to stock up the fridge on my way to the hospital. As I ambled along the corridor to the labour room I heard the tortured cry. repeated not infrequently since: ‘Where is he? Where is he'." Not much later I was raking in another fiver a week in Family Allowance.

From now on I may I have to invest it in tickets for the opera. I am smitten. I went to see La Boheme at the Playhouse and it was ‘chust sublime‘. as Para Handy used to say. Poor Mimi. But surely no one in the tropically heated Playhouse believed her tiny hand was frozen. Nor was it so tiny. This Mimi was a big girl with mitts to match. Nevertheless. by the time the consumption got her the stalls were awash with tears and ifl wasn’t so macho I would have been bowling with rest of them. It was very sad. So sad that I may now be suffering from delayed shock. I better have a look in the mirror and check it out.

66The List 8— ll July 1988