“Get this. Where can you see

The British Premiere o/‘(iRlz‘Iz'lxI S teren Ber/to/jfs explosive play now set to music by Mark Anthony fitrnage.

Leith Theatre 25-27 August 7.30 pm. Two BMH "Awards at the .\Iunic/t Biennale festival. “(1' R EEK is going to cause a stir when it reaches Edinburgh ..._/'ust en/ot'ed huge public ace/aim at the/irst Munich Biennale " The Scotsman.

Peter Sella/s 'dazzling production of NIXON IN CHINA. British Premiere. Playhouse Theatre.

I, 3. 5. September 7.30pm.

and .~ as well as the

.«Wichael (‘lark & Company plus The Fall in his spectacular new show I A M (‘URIOUS ORANGE. Kings Theatre 15-20 August 7. 3 0pm.

....... .. . tOtafiy amaing I

Ekkehard Schall o/ the Berliner Ensemble performs SOA'GS & POISMSB Y . BER T()1.'I‘BR1;(‘/n: 3" Sell outs in '84 and '8 7. Kings 2 Theatre l8-20 August [0.30pm.

R (X 'K FR OW .lA PA A' R YL'I)( )0 Lil I l are one of Japan 3‘ most popular rock groups mixing big band sound and traditional folk music. Playhouse Theatre

._; 2 September 7.3 0pm. All seats £3.

Since we do seem to have 15‘“ mentioned him, LEN/V Y I IE NR If one o/‘Britainsfinest comedians, in his first visit to the festival. Playhouse Theatre 4 September

7. 3 0pm.

mention ? Got it yet?”

The observant ones will already have (iovemment 22 years ago of the vibrant Scottish National Orchestra. Edinburgh spotted the logo in the comer and guessed, multi-racial District Six neighbourhood of Festival Chorus. Orchestra Maggio Musicale, correctly. that you can find all these (‘ape Town. “The smash hit of the decade” Barbara Hendricks. Leipzig (iewandhaus perfomiers (and many more) in the Variety. Royal Lyceum Theatre 22-24 August Orchestra and much, much more, lntemational Festival Brochure. 7.30pm. 25-27 August 10.30pm. Matinee'

Got one yet? lfnot, then you won‘t 27 August 2.30pm. know What you’re InlSSlng' SO here are-lug a always. of course, there’s an exciting The BOX ()lTlCC IIO‘N open for POSIZII. few more exalnples' progrannnc 0fthcatrc, ballet and njusic (‘I'Cdll Card and personal booking at MerkCI Royal EXChange Theatre company’s including the Matsuyama Ballet Company Street. Edinburgh Ii} ll IBN. TClCPhOHC F3333???“ 0:7? MlglsilMMER TRIGHTI’S from Japan. Aterballetto from Italy. Schiller 031-225 5756.

“‘1 8 "St a “Pea”an ‘eStwa Theatre (.‘om an from Berlin with PFOdUCtion created for the Assembly Ha" Fassbinder‘s ‘PBlobd on the Neck of the Cat”, Since 1981- Assembly Hall 1540» 22‘27~ 29 Peppe e Barra—premiered at the Venetian Wish you had the free full-colour. AUgUSI‘3 sept at 7-30Pm~ Matineés 17~ 20~ 24~ Camival in 1982, the British Premiere ofthe Cat 36-page brochure now? That’s no problem. 27~ 31 Augusb 3 Sept at 2°30pm' Cinderella—a magical music You can get one Shared Experience in THE BACCHAE. fable—written and staged by E N B U H from the address Euripides’ tragic masterpiece perfomted by Roberto De Simone—the above. Either drop this renowned company. falnous and extraordinary in or write to

St Brides Centre 29 August-3 September composer and producer, I Z Z Z Department 21. 7.30pm. Matineés 1 and 3 September 2.30pm. Scottish Opera‘ Carmina 72 enclosing an 18p

Baxter Theatre of Cape Town in Burana. Esa-Pekka Salonen, stamp and your DISTRICT SIX—THE MUSICAL the State Orchestra ofthe F E s I I VA I One of apanheid’s most bitterly resented acts USSR. the Royal

name and address. Got it? was the bulldozing by the South African Philharmonic Orchestra. 14 AUG u 5T. 5 SEPTEM BER 1988

The list 8 A II July 1988 5