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3/4 Shore. Leith. Tel: 031 S; T 5080


3 Week Cabaret Season Programmes change nightly FliA'l‘l'RlNG: Terry Neasoii. .laek Milroy. Mary Lee. 1.izl.ochhead. Donna MePhail. John Bowie. The Whistlehinkies. Forbes Masson. and many. many more.

Also Gong Nights on Fridays at I I .05 pm

TRON THEATRE, 63 Trongate, Glasgow Tel: 041 552 4267

at 7.30 (Q Saturdays at 5pm. Parties of20 or more 10“} reduction. The Kings' embarks on its summer variety show. with a different special guest each week. Week beginning 25 July it's Frankie Vaughan in the company of Ray Alan and Lord ('harles. Week beginning 1 August it's Bruce Forsyth. See Guestlist.

I MANDELA THEATRE Gateway lixchaiige. 2 --1 Abbeymount. 661 0982. (ate and bar 1 facilities during performances. f I NETHERDDW ARTS CENTRE 43 High Street. 556 957‘). Box ()fficc “lain—4.30pm. 7- 9pm pertevgs. (life. [1)] . [I‘ll Street Theatre ()utside on the Royal Mile every day 6 23 July (excluding Sunday) from 12 noon. An lidinburgh legendon legs: (’aptain Porteous. captain ofthe : Tidinburgh ( iuard. brags about his deeds i and misdeeds to the unsuspecting pttblic. I Rough lor Theatre I arid Rough for Theatre ll Wed 20 Sat 23July. 1pm. £1 .50(£l ). ()sygeii Theatre in a double-bill of Samuel Beckett at his briefest and most enigmatic. Dance Along With Mr Boom Wed lo. Sat 23 .luly. 10.30am (Sat also 2.30pm ). £2 (£1.50) Mi Boom brings hispopulat one-man band show to the Netherbow. For 3yt's o Join Mr Boom‘s Band Tues 1‘)» hi :2 July. 2.30 4pm. £1 .50 per workshop. lntormal musical workshops with Mr Boom for-i ts’ year olds. Sundance Wed 27-Sat 30July. 1pm. £1.50 1 (£1 ). The final production in ( )xygeii i House‘s season of lunchtime play s is Meir ' 7. Ribalow ‘s play about famousoutlayys and their motives for doing what they do i 1 i

I PLEASANCE THEATRE 60Tite Pleasancc. The Heart of Midlothian Wed 13 Sat 33

.11in . “7.30pm. £4 (£2.50). 'l'ickctsayailabic iii advance from Netherbow A t'ts(‘entrc. lligii Street. 031 5569579. ()ld'l‘owti Theatre in a new adaptation by playw right 1)ona|d ('ampbell of Sir Walter Scott's nos cl. tclltiig the tale of the courageous Jeannie Deans. w ho journeys to l .ondoti in search of a royal pardon for her w rotigly gaoled sister.

I ROYAL LYCEUM (iritidiay Street. 22‘) 0697. Box Office Mon: Sat 10am 6pm. 10am Spmoti pert. ey gs. Bar. Rest ('ale. [1)]. ('l‘hcatreSay er (‘oiicession (‘ards cost £1 . last all year. give £1 off thetull price each time you come for you and a friend a\ ailablc to ()APs. l’B-itls. Students. Disabled arid YTS scheme) Tickets for 1.yceum productions are also available at the Ticket (‘entre. Waverley Bridge; branches of AT May's travel and the ()ueen'sllall. (‘lerk Street.

Mary Rose Fri 23 July-Sat 6 Atig. 7.45pm. £2.50~£7. TheatreSay ct holders £1 off. Sat that 6 Aiig3. 15pm (all tickets £3). FRI-.F. Preview Thurs 21July.J.M.Barric's beguiling. mystical play about the girl who vanished on a Scottish island. Sec Panel. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 1 lamiltoii Place. 226 5425. Box ( )llicc .\l011~5111 9.30am -5.30pm. Bar. (life. [1)]. [ii].

.\'o theatre perlormances until the Fditiburgh Festival.

.. 1.12 : .‘ . Liz Lochhead. who appears at the Tron's Five Past Eight Shows. See Cabaret.

ZDTlie List 22 July 4 August l‘iSS

I TRAVERSE THEATRE 1 12 West Bow. (irassmarket. 226 2633. Box Office Tue—Sat 10am—8pm. Sun 6—10pm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also available from the Ticket (‘entre. 22 Market Street.

The Conquest of the South Pole Sat to Sat 30July. 7.30pm. (Show on Sundays. (‘losed on Mondays). £4.50 (£2.50). Sundays all tickets £2.50. The British premiere of a play by Fast German writer Manfred Kargc. who wrote Man to Man. highly successfully produced by the Traverse last year. Here four young. unemployed men become involved in a strange game playing out an expedition to the South Pole. See review.

The Rain Gathering 27 July— to August. 7.45pm. (Show on Sundays. (‘losedon Mondays). £4.50(£2.50). Premiere ofa play by Jeremy Raison telling a moving loy e story . The play was developed partly through the auspices of the National Theatre's studio. and the author describes the process in our Backlist Feature.


I This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlytor periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number for each company, however. should you require more information. Unless otherwise specified. the number after each venue listed isthe telephone numbertor ticket enquiriestor that particular evening (please note. this is notalways the venue number).

I Waiting on One Wildcat in Anne Downie's new play about bingo. Sec Review. 041 0540000.

(ran/turd (Ii/it’llln’. (i/asgoii‘ ifntll 3(1J uly'. 0-11 95-10000. ('am/ibe/ltomt (llltixl rran Tues 2 Thurs 4 Aug.

I Where the Green Grass Grows Riot Act continue to tour their show. telling ofthe effectson a family living in slumsin Glasgow in the late sixties. ofbeing forcibly moved to a new housing scheme. The show is touring Glasgow community venues. For fuller details of timesof performances please contact Kenny of Riot Act. at (‘Iydebank L'B40 Centre on 0419521599.

(ioi'an Tues 26 July (afternoon ); Rue/211111 Tues 26 July (evening); ('asilenit'lk Thurs 28July. Tour continues.



I Five Past Eight Show Tron Theatre. Trongate. Glasgow. 041 552 4267. 8.05pm. £3 (£1 ) members. £4 non-members. The Tron‘s new season of ‘Five Past Eight Shows‘ continues with its nightly line tip ofold and new faces. Singer Terry Neason is top of the bill tonight. together with a face new to us. Irish stand-up comic Sean11ughes.adouble-act called the Flat Chested Floozics. and Clea & McLeod. singers in the company ofa double bass.

I Gong Night Tron Theatre.Trongate. Glasgow. 041 552 4267. 11.05pm. Prices? Once in the mood from the Five Past Eight Show. you can hang around for the altogthcr more ruthless Gong Show. in which hapless comedians try to hold their own against an audience armed with the power of the gong ie. able to gong offany performer after a few moments. Hugely popular when first introduced at the Tron. these shows dismayingly illustrate how little we have progressed. as audiences. since the days of the Christians and the lions. . .

I Arnold Brown and Maria Callous Gilded Balloon. (‘owgate. Edinburgh. 9pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Perrier Award winner 1987. the wry Arnold Brown. in two evenings (tonight and tomorrow) of cabaret together with Maria Callous.

I Cabaret Evening Kinooziers Club. 72

Clyde Street. Glasgow. 041 333 0387. 8.30pm. £3.50. The infamous Bingllitler is on a strong cabaret line-up at Kinooziers this evening. that also includesThe Alexander Sisters. one of whom is reputedly a blood relation of Bing‘s. But who believes rumours. They appear in the company of the McCluskey Brothers.


I Five Past Eight Show Tron Theatre. Trongate. Glasgow. For times and prices see above. Friday 22. Tonight'sline-up includes Rodney. the Sex Machine a noxiously funny new character from Forbes Masson of Victor and Barry fame; The Alexander Sisters. who do for heather and tartan what Spitting Image do for politicians; two lady singers in the company of a double-bass. (‘leo and McLeod. and the Zydeco (‘eilidh Band. I Terry Neason Ross Theatre. Princes Street Gardens. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). The very popular singer. well known to Wildcat and Glasgow cabaret audiences. in a concert of her own.

I Arnold Brown and Maria Callous Gilded Balloon. Cowgate. Edinburgh. 9pm. £3.50 (£2.50). See above. Friday 22nd.

I Metropolitan Oyster Bar. Assembly Street. Leith. Edinburgh. 11pm. A new Glasgow cabaret group who send up life as represented in (‘osmopo/t'ran.


I Five Past EightShovITron'I‘heatre. . Trongate. Glasgow. For times and prices i see above. Friday 22. An evening ofthe Five Past Eight Show done in the traditional manner with Mary Lee amd Jack Milroy. one of the stars of the original show. 9


I Five Past Eight Show Tron Theatre. Trongate. Glasgow. For times and prices see above. Friday 22. A strong line-up tonight from Liz Lochhead. well-known playwright. poet and comedian ; Johnnie Wackhead. a former Merry Mac and also. in his daytime guise ofJohn McKay. author of the wonderfully funny Dead Dad Dog; playwright Anne Downie takinga brave step into comic monologues; Donna McPhail. an ex-Millie and (flea & McLeod. female vocalists.


I Five Past Eight Show Tron Theatre. Trongate. Glasgow. For times and prices see above. Friday 22. The original unrepeatable comedian. John Dowie. is on the bill tonight. together with The Banaiity Boys. who do a 10-minute version of Frankenstein; Karen Hunter on the fiddle; Johnny Wackhead (see 5 yesterday) and the a-capella quintet Tom the Man and the Angry Reactions.


I Five Past Eight Show Tron Theatre. . Trongate. Glasgow. For times and prices see above. Friday 22. Tonight's show

,5” 7e; .1- '

Sean Hughes. acclaimed young Irish comedian. at the Tron. Five Past Eight Show. See Listings.