Glasgow/1041552 4267. ll.tl5pm.Oncein the mood from the Five Past Eight Show. you can hang around for the altogther more ruthless (iong Show. See above. Friday 22nd.

I Cabaret Evening Kinooziers Club. 72. (‘lyde Street. (ilasgow. (Ml 3330387 8.30pm Tonight‘s cabaret line-up includes Cleo 8r McLeod. female vocalists. and the wonderfully exuberunt caiun band. Dcaflleights

:FfEatures the skifer band Wray (iunn and the Rockets (who do. amongst other

things. a mean version ofShour); comic duo The Flat (‘hested Floozies; Anne Dow nie (see Tuesday); Johnny Wackhead (see Tuesday ): clowning duo The Desperate Men and folk group The



I Five Past Eight Show Tron Theatre. 'l‘rongate. (ilasgow. For times and prices see above. Friday 22. The wonderfully lugubrioust)sear Melennan is on the bill tonight along with Johnny \\ ackhead ( See I uesday ); I’orbes Masson lll his new guise ot Rodney. the Sex Machine. Dorothy l’aul. know u as a comic actress; Marlene

I Five Past Eight Show Tron Theatre.

I rongatc. (ilasgow. I’or times and prices see above. Friday 22. Stuart IIepburn IS Mr Happy tonight. along with The Alesander Sisters ( See Saturday 23); Marlene ( See Friday 29); ( )scal'

McI .ennan (See Friday 2*) ); a-capella group Tom the Man and the Angry Reactions and Anne Downie (See Tues


(Anne Marie Timoney . who bears an uncanny resemblance to Dietrich ); Karen Hunter on the fiddle and The Marachino ('herries.

I Gong Night Tron Theatre.'l'rongatc.

u a; .-;-3\. ,g-x‘ \‘u. . .ir“ "' .y' V. ' ' -- 4.7- TI'A“‘* 5‘1 " ..--.~:\~:,(:'

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'j‘; 1;}5'VVVF - a

-.v i " ‘rsr‘yn‘f. v

all I. i .

J M BARRIE MARY ROSE 22 JULY-6 AUGUST Mon—Sat 7.45 pm Tickets from £2.50

Matinee 6 August 3. l5 pm (all seats £3)

FREE PREVIEW 21 July 7.45 pm



July 16—30, 7.30pm THE CONQUEST OF THE SOUTH POLE by Manfred Karge

from July 27 7.45pm THE RAIN GATHERING by Jeremy Raison


YEAR‘ v vm mum

Tickets HBO/€2.50 (U840 NUS OAP) ALL tickets £2.50 Sundays Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

-r.' s ~" -'.4.-


The City of Edinburgh District Council in association with the City of Munich and Edinburgh Arts Promotion presents LONDON MUNICH PUPPE’I‘ PLAYERS WITH THE SCOTTISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Music by IGOR STRAVIN SKY in


Assembly Rooms. George Street. Edinburgh

Tuesday 20—Saturday 30 July 7.30pm

Tickets £4.50 (£2.50 conc.) Tuesday 26th July—2 for price of 1 Available from Usher Hall (228 l‘lSS) & Queens Hall (668 2019)

Generous party concessions available Suitable for ages 7-70 +

Only Scottish dates on International Tour including Japan. lsraeL Germany. USA and London



‘We have a very good working relationship with the parks department'. explains Greg Smith. the Lyceum's new head at design. as we pick our way around the large piles ol branches that will shortly be making theirstage debut in J.M.Barrie‘s ‘Mary Rosefi

The play tells the uncanny story at a young woman who vanishes lrom a Scottish island. then reappears twenty live years later. mysteriously unaged. ln Smith‘s design at the Lyceum huge curtains ol gauze. overrun with mossy greenery will alternately become opaque and transparent as the action shitts trom the iamin home to the eerily atmospheric island.

smith lound himsell thwarted in his original plan to build an Inigo Jones style artilicial pool on stage by too low a budget. Having worked at the national theatres in London and in Cairo. he finds presentlinancial

l l

restraints irksome. ‘lt’s very lrustrating

being poor relations'.

Not that he takes a bleak view of design in Scotland. He was himsell taught by Phillip Prowse. designer and director at the Citizens‘ Theatre in Glasgow. ‘People in Scotland just don‘t realize how lucky they are to have the Citz.’ He doesn‘t. however, welcome any comparisons between the two theatres. ‘What works lorthe Citz. works lorthe Citz. ltwould be silly to

think that we could do the same thing in 1


t5. 2 Edinburgh.‘

What he has achieved at the Lyceum is considerable acclaim with designs lor shows as diverse as Brecht's ‘Mother Courage' and ‘Beauty and the Beast‘. (although he pointedly complains that neglectlul drama critics only mention the designer‘s name when they wish to heap abuse on the set).

Smith trankly enjoys the scope that laerie tales and the supernatural afford the theatrical designer. Grinning. he repeats in sell-justification the old maxim. ‘Theatre is the most magical place in the world because there aren't any rules.‘(Helen Davidson).


I Five Past Eight Show Tron Theatre. 'l'rongate. (ilasgow. For times and prices see above. Friday 22. The final eveningof the the Past lzight Show season includes Peggy Lee favourites from singer Irene I‘ulloch; I‘orbes Masson as Rodney. the Sex Machine; ()scar McLennan; Dorothy Paul; comic duo Dom and Jerry; Marlene and folk group. The Whistlebinkies.



I THEATRE ROYAL I lope Street. Box ()flicell-ll 33] I234.

Dance Theatre at Harlem Mon lS-Sai 2t) Aug. "7.30pm. Matinee Sat 20 at 2.3(lpm. LIFO—£18.50. Theatre Royal's hat-trick of firsts culminates in the first visit to Scotland by this internationally renowned all—black ballet company. With I’irebird. Four 'I'emperaments and Phoenix Rising in the programmes. this company will undoubtedly pull l'cstr\ .ll :Hcrsmer lru 'm I drnburgli


I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Street (229 1071 for info).

Classes with Tracy Hawkes

Wednesday Ballet 6. 15—7.3(lpm. Adults general - beginners welcome.

Monday Jazz 6.30—7.45pm. Adtilt intermediate.

SatJazz 12.45—2pm. Adult general. beginners welcome.

All classes £2.25 (£2). Reduction for block booking.



Theatre. Dance (‘ityy Peel Lane.

Newcastle NIiI JDW. 25 .luly» () Aug.

A summer school which promises to be worth the cost. including tuition byJacky


Lansleylnew director of Iinglish Dance Theatre). Rosemary Butcher (one of Britain‘s leading New Dance choreographers). Laurie Booth (known internationally for his work in movement theatre) and Rose Iinglish (a performance artist who has worked from both epic and personal perspectives). £120 (£85) not

itii’tlltitttt’iltl‘l‘lcrr I DANCE UMBRELLA—10TH ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL London 16 Oct 1‘) Nov. Advance warning tomake time to see at least some of Dance l'mbrella. Britain‘s largest and longest-running contemporary dance festival. Dance in one. twos and groups is held in dance venues around the city showing the best in new dance in Britain and abroad. Performers include Iittemporary Dance Theatre. DVX Physical Theatre. La La La. Bruce Maclean and David W ard. and Second Stride.



22 I lie l.is122.luly J .\ugust l‘l\\