Streetbiz starts this lortnight Glasgow's month long festival of free open-air performances. presented by Glasgow District Council and Strathclyde Regional Council. in association with Cultural Cooperation. Alternative Arts and the Zap Club. The first week. the emphasis is on international performers. and it you keep your eyes peeled you should be able to seea marvellous array of colourful headdresses and costumes. Performances are detailed below— though they may be subject to slight alteration. There will be two special concert parties of the international acts in The Briggait on Friday 5 a Saturday 6August (9am-1pm) and a Weekend Festival involving all the artists at the Winter Garden. Peoples Palace on Saturday 6 and Sunday7 (12.30—5pm)— details will be carried in the next issue of The List.

ll you lancy appearing yourself. you could try entering tor an open busking competition. to be held in Buchanan Street on Saturday 13 August. Prizes will be

awarded. lor details please contact Streetbiz. Room 105. City Chambers. Glasgow.


I 8pm: Armagh thmers Paisley Arts

(critic. Paisley.


I 11am: Swedru Brass Band Paisley Arts Centre. Paisley. From (ihana. thisbrass band incorporates masqtterades and stiltwalkers as well as music.

I 12—2pm Banda Democratica Pedralba and Skiflle Bunch and Chosen Few and Golden Star Hunters Princes Square and Buchanan Street. Banda Democratica come from the Valencia area of Spain and should change most people's idea of what a brass band is about; The Skiflle Bunch from Trinidad play the steel hand music which accompanies street processions av’. are

’l rinidad (‘arnival champions. 'I' re Chosen Few is a (all grotrp from New Orleans.

I 12 noon a. 1pm: Tuk Band and 12.30 8. 1.30pm: Armagh Bhymers Princes Stall. liast Kilbrt‘de. 'I he ’I uk Band from Barbados include a sltltwalker. yet owe their origins to Scottish marching bands.

'I he Armagh Rhy mers are a groupof singers. dancers. ptrppeteers and comedians. vs ho tell traditional stories using historical costumes and props.

I 12.45. 2 8t 13.3me: Sirohi and 2 8: 2.45m“: Swedru (ilasgow (iarden Festival Sirohi. from Rajasthan. India. illustrate how popular music and entertainment combine; Swedru are from (ihana.


I 11am4pm: Banda Democratica Pedralba and Swedru and Chosen Few and Golden Star Hunters (‘Iydebank Bandstand.

Queens Square. See above.- 11am: Skiftle ,

Bunch Paisley Arts Centre. Paisley. See above.

I 12-2pm Sirohi and Tuk Band and Sklffle Bunch Princes Square and Buchanan Street. See above.

I 12.30. 2 a 3.15pm: Armagh thmers

(larder: F- stival Site. See above.


While street theatre and otherroving entertainments happen anywhere and everywhere on the Garden Festival site. most of the events. trom performance artto fashion shows. happen in the special events areas or in the restaurants and cafes. It is sate to assume that there is always something going on. Highlights and special events are listed below. but are just i taste ol the total happenings. All details are correct at time of going to press. but subjectto change.


I Palestinian Cultural Corner Strathclyde L'niversity Pavilion gives a wee space to Palestinian students who will display their homeland's dance. painting and other arts. There is also an information desk.

( 10am» noon. 2—4pm. 21—28 July)

I Putting the Sun in its Place One hundred performers aged between twelve and nineteen. musicians from the Scottish ('hamber Orchestra and a thirty foot high pyrotechnic sculpture: Scottish Youth Theatre's astronomical journey promises to be. well. astronomical. lixploring mankind's changing view of his place in the universe. the performers will map the movement of the heavens and celebrate the developing understandingofour world. through music. dance and drama. The first half begins at 7pm at the Sports Arena; the second half is at 8pm at the (‘anting Basin. (July 28—31 ).

I Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts 'l'raditional Tibetan arts and crafts will be demonstrated at the Garden Festival during the lnstitutc‘s first visit to Britain. Ritualistic. religious and folk dances are performed in elaborate costumes to the music of Tibetan instruments by the group. who live in exile in India. Their demonstrations of Tibetan weaving and butter sculpture promise to amaze. In Tibet. the btttter sculptures can be from a few inches tip to ten feet high. They are dyed and then paraded round the village. kept in the temple for a year. then cut up and drunk in tea. Stop licking your lips: most of the sculptures for the Garden Festival will be made of plasticene. (July 3U—Atlg 7)

I Tall Ships Muster Tai Koo. Duet . Sir Francis Drake and The (ireater Manchester ('hallenge will sail into the (iarden Festival's marina on July 31). Four 72 foot yachts. they are stopping over to change their crews. who are young people learning sailing skills and se|f~reliance at the hands of the Ocean W The (‘rarden Festival is giving floor space to much ofthis international explosion ofstreet

.otAscw cum FESTIVAL

I performers and buskers. Street Bands from Europe. America. Africa and Asia; trapeze artists. escapologists arid poets will all be roaming wild and tree around the site.(tromAt1g2).


The lollowing events are on every day during thetwo weeks of this issue‘s coverage.

I Street Theatre All day . cy cry day . street theatre. buskers. musicians. portrait artists. Punch and Judy shows.

I Daily Parade Performing artists of all shapes and sizes. 2pm. The l ligh Street. I WASPS Diana I land demonstrates the hand-dyeingofsilk (until July 27):then Michael Bowditch. furniture-maker is in residence (July 2S Aug 3) at the \VASI’S

studio in the ('raft ('entre.

I Scottish Potters Demonstrations of various styles and methods of potting at the (’raft Centre.

I Woodcarving Rocking horses. marquetry and upholstery demos at the (‘raft Centre.

I Brass Bands ()vertoun Bandstand. Ill.3()am. 12.30pm. 3.30pm. 5.30pm. I Pipe Band Displays Map of Scotland 11.15am. 3.45pm.

I Fashion Shows l l .31)am and 3pm. Nardiui‘s Restaurant in the Rotunda. I Sports Demonstrations with spectator participation. lllam.l.31lpm.5pm. Sports Arena.

I Sheepdog Trials ('1 ue and 'l Itu only) noon and ~1pm. Sports Arena.

I Jazz Sunday s Spin-5pm in the Rotttnda. I Botanic Gardens Exhibition Your botanical and hot ttcultur aI questions answered by statl ol the Royal Botanic Gardens. lidinburgh. Rotunda.

I Down on the Farm Feed lambs and calv es and watch cows being milked. Noon. 1pm. "pm. Scottish Farm.


I Horse 01 the Year Show I‘hirtyutyvo pantomime horses compete for prizes.

I Two and Two Make Sax Horny sottndsat the ( )ycttotln Bandstand. noon 1.15pm. IJimmy Mack Regular RadioScotIand chat from the Beechgtov e studio.

that 3pm,


I Scottish Pansy and Viola Show Festival Pavilion. until July IS

I Saturday Club Andy (‘ameron brings his unique style of broadcasting tothe (iarden Festival. Beechgroye.

INN) I I.15am.

I University of the Phillippines Concert

. Chorus I2.3llpmfidllprnfijirpm The

i .‘ytound. The first of sey eral groups w ho


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