FRIDAY 22 Glasgow

I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blacklt‘iars. Bell Street. Merchant ( All_\. 553 5934 l‘.\L‘lllll_L'. Resident bandyyith singer and guest soloists.


I Fat Sluilfalc BtarrilL bl l'redcriek Street. 335 5344. ‘lpm midnight.

I Alex Shaw Trio ( tippers. ( 'ockbtirn Street. 335 1441. 12y einng.

I Spirits 0i Rhythm Basin Street. llayniarkel Terrace. 337 llltlo. 11y ening. 'l‘rad band

SATURDAY 23 Glasgow

I Duncan Whyte‘s Jazz Band Studio ( )ne. (irosy enot' llolel. Byres Road. .-\tternoon.

I George Penman‘s Jazzmen llalslattd. st Vincent Street Atternoon.

I Whisky Priests Blacklrlars. Bell Street. Merchant ( ~ity . 553 5934. 11y citing


IAlex Shaw Trio l’lattorm l.Rtitland Street. 335 3435i tinchtttne

I Peristalsis Brothers ( ~ale Brat ritz. til l-‘rederick Street. 3355344

9pm midnight

I Alex Shaw Trio toppers. (‘ockburn Street. 335 1441 ltyening.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons l’t'csel‘y .iimn Hall. Victoria Street. 33‘» .‘iSlo. 3 4pm. I Doctor MacJazz Basin Street. llay'markel ‘l'cirace. 337' llltlo. liyL‘lilllg. 'l‘rad band.

SUNDAY 24 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Jazz l’aisley :\i'ts('cntre. Neyy'Strcet. SR“. 111111. 12.3le 3.30pm. Bar. l-‘ree. Ron Findlay Trio.

I Frank Bolan Quintet the Bar. 'l‘ron Theatre. l’arnie Street. 553 43ti7. £1.51) (£11. 1.311 5pm 'l‘ron'syyeekly lit/l

I Dave Wilson And The Uptown Shultlers Bonhams Wine Bar. By res Road. 357' 3434. l unchtime.

I llarpin and Bart Blacklriars. Bell Street. Merchant ( ‘ity . 553 5934. 12y ening. l’iano. bass.


I New Squadronnaires Ross 'l‘heatie. Princes Street (iardelts. 3pm. £311.31. Harry Bence leads this big band dedicated to the music ol Basie.(ilcnn Miller. 1 larry James and Artie Shays. l~eatnreslhc Sqtiadcats y oeal harmony . two girls and lwoguy's.

I ltaqui Negoeiants. BristoSqtiare. 11am—3pm. Brunch improvisations on a classical flamenco guitar style.

I Ronnie Rae Trio Platform 1. Rutland Street. 335 3433. Lunchtime.



I Lanny Morgan with the Sandy TaylorTrio (ilasgoyy' Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street 8pm. £4.51) 115 l. l‘amed altosax with piano trio.

Glasgow's Riverside Club closes torthe ; Goodman and Glenn Miller among their holiday period, opening up again later ; own numbers. Saxophone player and

in August. This temporarily halts the most popular of its regular events, the Saturday afternoon big band bash. Crowded with enthusiasts, and not all over-40’s, it shows the continuing love of the sound, textures and repertoire ol the classic big band era.

All is not lost however. Over in Edinburgh, Saturday alternoon 24th, in Princes Street Gardens underthe huge canopy, Harry Bence directs his New Squadronaires Dance Orchestra, see photo, in a programme at Harry James, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Benny


I East Coast Jazz Band Blot-l .igtmn. .-\ngle Park Terrace. 551 ‘1‘133 layening. ‘lpm midnight. Resident ‘l rad band

I Suave Maxies Bistro. Nicholson Street (\(Ptls45. ('lar'inct. sax and guitar

TUESDAY 26 Glasgow I BODUY Wishart l lalt Bar. Woodlands

Road. 333 13111. liy'ening Leading saxophonist's tau and lusion band.


I Swing '88 Malt Shoy cl. (‘ockburn Street. 335 M43. lzyening. 'I‘yy'oguitat‘s. llol ( ~Itib sound yy ith reeds.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band .‘s'm aar l lotlsc llotcl. Maylield ( iat'dcns. (m7 3S3S l‘yening.

I West End Jazz Band Basin Street. llaymarket 'l‘errace. 337‘ 11106. layening. 'l’rad.

WEDNESDAY 27 Glasgow

I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo ( ilitsgtiyy' Society ()l Mttsicians. Berkeley Street. 331 (i1 13. S311prn. 511p. Bar.


I Tam White Negociants. Bristo Square. 12y ening. ('lassy blues and soulsingcr.

I Alex Shaw Trio ( ‘oppers. ( ‘oekburn Street. 335 1441. liycning.

I Charlie McNair's Band l’resery ation Hall.\‘ictoriaStreel.3303816.liy'ening.


I Black and Blue Blacklriars. Bell Street. Merchant (‘ityu 553 5934. Evening.


I Bill Kyle‘s Jazz Pool l.'.»\ttachc. basement of Rutland Hotel. West l‘nd. Princes Street. 9pm. Free. l'sually piano keyboards. bass. Bill Kyle on drums. guitar. and brass and or reeds. Modern. bop. sortie mainstream. blues.



. clarinettistBence camethroughthe

3 Winstone and Ted Heath's bands belore


S F‘v . ..

post war British scene in Joe Loss, Eric 1

lorming his own and taking the route to economic survival, namelythe 0E2, sharing the duties with Basie.

As you might have seen on a recent late night ITV broadcast, the Squadron has a smallersubset ol a Dixieland hand drawn from the players and a polished vocal quartet that includes the two girl, er, I mean women. singers among the two score musicians. Some things have changed since the 50's.

I Alter Eight Mince ( )ddi‘ellims. l-‘or‘resl Road. 11y ening.

I Edinburgh Jazz Quartet( tippers. (‘ockburnStreet.3351441.l€\ening. I Graham Blamyre Jazzers Basin Street. llaymarket ‘l‘errace. 35“ llltlo. lisening. I Templehall Stompers temple l lotel. lisplallade. .liippa. (ih‘) 43(i4, liy etttng. had and dixie residents.

I Texas Breaklast ( ale liiuri-iu. (ll Frederick Street. 335 5344.

‘)pm midnight.

FRIDAY 29 Glasgow

I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blackl’riars. Bell Street. Merchant ( 'ity. 553 5934. Evening. Resident band yyith singer and guest soloists.


I FalStultt'ai'eRonni/.61l-rederiek Street. 335 5344. 9pm midnight. I Alex Shaw Trio ( ‘oppers. ( ‘ockburn

Street. 335 1441 l‘.\L‘lllllg. I Spirits 0i Rhythm Basin Street.

llay'market Terrace. 337 llioh. Evening. 'l'he 'l‘rad y entie.

SATURDAY 30 Glasgow I Bo Weevil Blitc‘ls‘ll'itlt's. Bell Street. Merchant (‘ity . 553 5934 l‘.\L‘11lllg. Blues


I George Penman's Jazzmen llatslantl. St Vincent Street. Alternoon. l-‘aniotisss est

coast traddie.

I Dave McLellan Ouintet ( 'tirlers. By res

Road. .-\tlcritoort residency.

I Duncan Whyte‘s Jazz Band Studio ( )nc. (irosy enor llotel. By res Road, .-\llernoon.

I Ron Moore. Rikki Fernandez l... 'l‘.i\ ertta.

9 landsdoyyneCrescent. 33" "'ll'". S lle. I Resident Quartet ( ilasguys SoL‘lely ()t

j Miisictans. Berkeley Street. 33] til 13.

~ 8.311 11.311pm. 5le. Bar.

: Edinburgh

' I Peristalsis Brothers ( Kile Biat't'il/ . oi l‘r‘cderick Street. 33.5 .5344. 9pm midnight.

I Alex Shaw Trio l’latlorm l.Rtilland

Street. 335 3435. lunchtime.

I Alex Shaw Trio ( ‘oppe rs. ( ‘ockbtirn


I Toto And The Jazz Bostons l’rescry ation

llall. Victoria Street. 33(i3h'1ti. 3 4pm. I Doctor MacJazz Basin Street. llayniarket. 337 lllhh. liyening. 'l’rad

' yentte.

SUNDAY 31 Glasgow

I Harpin and Barr Blacklriars. Bell Stt‘eel. Merchant ('ity . 553 5934. Inserting. Piano 1 and bass. i I Paisley Arts Jazz l’aisley' :\rts(‘entie.

Neys Slreetfih‘? llllll. I330 3..‘\llpni. Bar. l-ree. Sophie Bancroft Trio. l‘ine young f lidinburgh based y ocaltst. - IFranlt Bolan Quintet‘l‘he Barfl‘ron 5 Theatre. Home Street. 553 430711.511 (£1 l. 1.3tl 5pm. 'l‘ron‘syyeekly tau


I Mike Hart's Society Syncopators Mount Royal Hotel. Princes Street. 335 "lol. : 1 3pm.

I Itaqui Negociants. BristoSqiiar'e, 11am 3pm. Brunch improy isationson a classical llamcnco guitar sty lc.

I Ronnie Rae Trio l’lallorm 1. Rutland Street. 335 3433. Lunchtime.

I That Swing Thang (ale Biarritz. (i1 l-‘rederick Street. 335 5344.

9pm midnight.

MONDAY 1 Glasgow I Dave Wilson And The Uptown Shuttlers

llobsons. 533 Sauchiehall Street.




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