Evening. Light. entertaining mainstream

jazz. Edinburgh

I East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park Terrace. 331 9922. Evening. 9pm—midnight. Resident Trad band.

I Peristalsis Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. Evening.

TUESDAY 2 Glasgow

I Bobby Wishart Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. Evening. Leading Scottish saxman. resident band.


I Swing '88 Malt Shovel. Cockburn Street. 225 6843. Evening. Four piece Django with reeds.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Navaar House Hotel. Mayfield Gardens. 667 2828. Evening.

I West End Jazz Band Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening. Trad.


I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo Glasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 6112. 8.30pm. 50p. Bar.


I Tam White Negociants. Bristo Square. Evening. Blues and soul growler.

I Alex Shaw Trio Coppers. Cockburn Street. 225 1441. Evening.

I Shore Jazz Shore Bar. The Shore. Leith. Evening. Acoustic swing.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street. llaymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening. The trad venue.

I Charlie McNaIr’s Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. Evening.

THURSDAY 4 Edinburgh

I BIli Kyle's Jazz Pool L‘Attache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West End. Princes Street. 9pm. Free. (‘avern with tables. good crowd. Piano/keyboards. bass. Bill Kyle on drums. guitar. and brass and/or reeds. Mainly modern. bop. some mainstream. blues.

I Edinburgh Jazz Quartet Coppers. Cockburn Street. 225 1441. Evening.

I Graham Blamyre Jazz Masters Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening.

I Peristalsis Brothers Negociants. Bristo Square. Evening.

I Templehall Stampers Temple Hotel. Esplanade. Joppa. 669 4264. Evening. Trad and dixie residents.

I Texas Breakfast (.‘afe Biarritz. 61 Frederick Street. 225 5244. 9pm—midnight.





Telephone: 05 1-225 5487




I Billy Jones The Inn. Lambhill. 9pm. Free. Regular on the Edinburgh gig circuit makes a much rarer Glasgow appearance in one of the city‘s musical outposts.

I Big George and the Business LaTaniere. 15 Fox Street. 221 4844. 9pm. Free. The legendary Big George continues to delight Glaswegian audiences with his guitar playing. mixing blues standards with some of his own compositions. like Rosie‘s llome.


I Amayenge Ross Theatre. Princes Street Gardens. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Fifteen-piece Zambian group who‘ve notched tip a string of hits in their home country. Not just a musical feast either: the spectacle includes dancers and acrobats. Be warned: Zambian music is something that's going to get a lot of pushing in the months ahead.

I Bushmen Don't Suit venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. Music fans impressed by Hugh Masekela's collaborations with Patti Simon. or his spot at the Mandela bash. should make a point ofgoing along tosee three of his band touring under their own steam. with various collaborators.

I Strategy Lord Darnley. West Port. 22‘)


Every new Irish band In the eighties has had to put up with comparisons with UZ and/or Van Morrison, so It comes as something oi a relief to find Melody Maker comparing them with another lrlsh export, when they were described as ‘the best thing to come out at Dublin since Arthur Guinness' home brew.’

It is a partly valid assertion as In Tua Nua along with Hothouse Flowers have both been successful in combining traditional Irish music with modern rock textures. It Is interesting to note that both bands were also given their first break by U2’s Mother Records.

In the case at In Tua Nua this took the Iorm of their debut single, Coming Thru’, which was released in 1984.

In their home country rapid progress was made: in 1983 they were winners of the ‘Most Promising New Band’ section oi the Hot Press poll, and In 1984 they appeared at the Slane Festival supporting Bob Dylan, while lead singer, Leslie Dowdall Iatered returned to the stage to guest with the man himsell.

The signing to a major label was Inevitable, and In Tua Nua joined Island where they released two singles, Take My Hand and an In advised cover of Jellerson Alrplane’s Somebody to Love, and an EP ‘Blue Eyes Agaln' belore the

4341. 10pm. Free. Just this side theavy metal. Think it‘s pretty hack stuffmyself. but they seem to be building up a following by gigging steadily.

I Texas Breakfast Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after9.30pm. Jazzy/bluesy amalgam. great sax-playing. I Pulse Beat Plus Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.

I The Prowlers Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. £1 after 9pm.



I Ozzy Osbourne Barrowlands. Gallowgate. 7.30pm. Rescheduled show from last month. and definitely a night out forTom Russell listeners. who are still bemoaning the lack of what they see as good bands at this year’s Reading Festival. (lggy. The Ramones. Hothouse Flowers. Deacon Blue. John lliatt. Smithereens. etc.) They'd stiU rather see some third rate amateur drama’tics. No accounting for taste and no accounting for the kind of people who will go to Ozzy concerts. Not a patch on Motorhead the yardstick for all heavy metal.

I Big Parade Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Accomplished local band. Worth seeing.

I Billy Forbes La Taniere. 15 Fox Street. 3pm. Free. NOTthe former Dolphin. as we were told before. . .


I Makossa Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. £1 after 9pm. Reactivated Edinburgh reggae band. doing a number

deal was terminated. in Tua Nua eventually found their way on to Virgin, tor whom they have subsequently released two albums.

The Iirst, Vaudeville, was a solid ioundation lor luture greatness, with Dowdall’s classy vocals iindlng an always Interesting musical backdrop, sometimes dominated by Martin Clancy’s guitar, at others by the violin or uilleann pipes. Two singles, Heaven Can Wait and Seven In To The Sea were released with little response despite the band’s exposure on the Simple Minds’ tour, and when they appeared at the Dublin Sell Ald concert along with Van Morrison, UZ and kindred spirits, Clannad.

This year has seen the release of their second album, The Long Acre, which is an altogether more confident allair, bolstered by the great production at Don Dixon (REM, Smithereens, etc). The band have also changed personnel, now comprising of Leslie Dowadall (vocals), Paul Byme (drums), Martin Clancy (guitar), Jack Dublin (guitar), Brian D'Brialn (uilleann pipes, whistle, sax), Matt Spalding (bass) 3. Lovely Previn (violin).

The first single from the album, All I Wanted reached the top 75 - their Iirst

single to do so In this country. The follow up, Don’t Fear Me Now, is perhaps not the obvious choice when placed alongside Woman on Fire,

Wheel of Evil and Some Things Never Change from the album, but hopefully it will help open more ears to the band. The date at the Edinburgh Venue (28th) Is only their second time In Scotland, the first being two dates opening tor Simple Minds at Ibrox In 1985. A smaller scale but hopelully just as good. (John Williamson)

of well placed gigs in the Festival.

I Strategy Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after 9.30pm. See Fri

I The Charge. Blind Budgies on Alcohol. Bulb Cormorant. Texas Breakfast and The B-Movies Lord Darnlcy. West Port.229 4341. 2pm—2am. £1. All-dayextravaganza in aid of Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers. Feel free to drop in at any time ofthc day. I This Is It Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.

St Andrews

I File Aid (‘raigtoun (‘ountry Park. Wain-midnight. 'l'wo-day ticket £15 (£10 cones). Saturday ticket £12 (£8 cones). Sce feature for the background on the British offering on Live liarth Day. the two-day concert also going under the name ‘David Bellamy's Festis al For The Future'. Marillion headline the first day. and the afternoon on the main stage kicks offwith Joe Strumnicr. followed by Michelle Shocked. ()sibisa. Robin Williamson. Jesse Rae. The Sugarcubes. Phil .Vlaiizanera. .lack Bruce and Run Rig. with several spaces still to fill. Not just music. but entertainment for the whole family. along with exhibitions and demonstrations of schemes to alleviate famine in the third world. More tomorrow.

SUNDAY 24 Glasgow

I Goodbye Mr MacKeznie Mayfair.470 Sauchiehall Street. 332 3872. 9pm. Tobe confirmed. Part of a mini tour scheduled to co-incide with the release oftheir (’apitol Records debut. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie. This was previously scheduled for the llith so check that it has not been put back again.

I This Is It and The Dream Coyotes I lenry Afrikas. York Street. 10pm. Twogood bands in their own way This Is it area slick pop outfit on demo evidence. While the Dream ('oy otes work better in the live context than on tape. wearing their REM influences on their sleeves.

I Burden Blues Breakers La Taniere. 15 Fox Street. 9pm. Free. L'sual Sunday night slot: described as nice. gentle music for listening to in the background.


I Sidewinder and Cobra Soundcheck Rock (Tub. Venue. ('alton Road. 5573073. 7.30pm. £1.50. Weekly heavy rock ’metal club. featuring mainly local acts and becoming quite an institution.

I Billy Jones Schoone rs. .‘ylusselburgh. lidlnlttll'glt's premier solo

singer songwriter. acoustic rock'n'roll.

I E.S.P. Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 17118. Afternoon. Free.

I Bluelinger Music Box. Victoria Street. 220170811atter‘lpm.Rockin' rhythm'n'blues.

I The Peristalsis Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after 0pm. Long-lasting swinging localoutfit. I The Last Detail lord Darnlcy. West Port. 22‘) 4341. 10pm.

I Honest John Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.

St Andrews

I File Aid ('raigtoun (‘ountry Park. See feature. 'l‘oday's star attractions. on stage one. in order of appearance (hopefully): ('aptain Sensible. all star ‘supcrgroup‘. Blues‘rfl'rouble. The lncurable Tam White Band. 'BluesJam‘ with members of Love and Money among others. Mary (‘oughlan. The Davey Spillane Band, John Martyn. Rick Wakeman. with Steve llackett 111 there somewhere too. Again. there are places still to fill. andthe possibility ofsorne biggish names.

MONDAY 25 Glasgow

I Machine Gun l.a Taniere. 15Fox Street.

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