i—Momingsjdc R();td_ 4.17 14843.3()pm. - appearance. Competent. but no more. —t

Free. Residency. I The Rhinestones l.;l ’i’anlere. l5 Fox TU 2 Street. 9pm. Free. Sounds like they should

~ be a country band but that is probably unlikely. Who knows " (ioalong and find I

(till. I Third Party Bar Luxembourg. 197 Pin 2 I Nailan Halt Bar. Woodlands Road.

9pm. Free. Residency.

Street. 10pm. Free. Potentially a good Edinburgh

band. but having seen them a few times they seem to have a problem reaching

C‘m-‘ibtehtty high let'et‘ t’tl‘ettt’thmhcc' ' I Tam White Negoeiunts. 1.0tttlilliStTL‘Ct, I Nightlile is listed as a diary lirst by day(in Some would say the best ‘alternative‘ However. their last Bar Luxembourg i 335 (.313 opm h“. Rmidcnc} _ 5“. “Cd this section each ("the two pamear days 0' nigm in Glasgo'w. shim Mscxtrcrm‘i) good- _ : ' ~ ~ ; 37. thelonnightare treated as one). then by city IWarehouse llpm—3.3t)am. £3. Beatbox. '30” had'th-“t ‘th't't‘ '5 t “"W‘tt- . lEat The Peach Lord Darnley . West Port. and then by venue. Special Club nightsare £2 with ticket' £3 without Blend oiHouse 9pm. Hoe. Vt here do they get the names .’ l 3394341. “(pm “a, pm, listed underttteir club nametoltowed by and (‘ommereia‘l Soul We.” "‘C "'9" "‘“t. "‘°’,‘f”"“““’_”‘ . ISlap Happy Mllle Box. Victoriastrcet. theirvenuc- Asenarate venuelistiollowsthe llicu'c lupin-iii!“ iii Chart bated disco Frilkti‘rkt-fitilatttt;things. then again. 33o tins, t),3lipm_ hm. l diarylistings. with addresses and phone sounds. . i i i i may C, ( oesn . . . ; numbers. N8 In orderto be as - :)Botilbg Wlshan l 1;th Baer \\ tiotlllands ' U 4 . possible. only those discos abiezieleziitliii’rsm Edmburgh t at. m. -ree. oes e manl ever ' - e - - haw hnpduw 1) ; Glasgow | their prlcesand days are listed tn the diary. I the Amphitheatre 1()pm_4am_1-hc . , ' . : The venueltst may be consulted iormore Friday NightS ‘ctaeular £1 50 Half Edmburgh I willie and the Hand Jive Halt liar, ( ntghtlile locations- but check with venue. price befurc 1 1me [A] IND]. ' . ; \N'ootllttnds Road. 9pm. i'ree. No Please send iniormation ten davsbetore IAWOL' t th - t)" l. s d' ~ £1 50 IThe Beautilul Stilt Music Box. Victoria comment. publication. L " Ii 3 ' a ton to it»: . Streets 33” t7tl8~ ()l’m- t‘iiee “"51 t I The Collectors La '1 antere. 15 Fox lit-.Y: |S| students and utlestsonit; mid“?! .n‘lmond' bdnds‘ dlwaysagow promisingindie-popeontbo. \tllhureilt . Street. 9pm l‘l'ee. IND] litiLlL‘lillii\1 |.\"l‘| nott-iilners; .asgtejatgfin; 1] p 50-h If presencein irontperson t)t)tili;t.\\ht) i Ed. b h [Almumm W'thhum)"wrmmmuh“ .Hd . k” d'dpniidmt; -. . . a kntm-swhatshe‘s doing.:tlldbrlngstlie ; F 5:35;. 8;" td 315mm cm.“ A. theft “ht.” the ftmlt‘ ' _ I Very Very Venue. ( 'itlion Road. 557 R I over zitmtfsplitettre at . Ktttg ween" Ttme’stues \egttetttnt‘- i 3H7}. \Vot'tlm lille pop liltik L'loup. \\ ho Und 'r-il8 d' 7 30—11. V ' Lt’tht‘t" Strut 235 63”” Ui‘m‘ Mu“ should be \el\ good indeed in now it 9 ) til'tr with]??? "TI t ' 'pl'n- Au‘v I Witty Luoaflt "m1." Mun Mnmt'tg‘tttc the} it e etlt dow it on tile tlnst lililiiltliL‘ttL‘ . The “hunt,” 3t watettt’“ Streettzzt pItgate‘ St Jamestcsl‘ilrbyficgilt) oln Fri and Rm‘tt- “7 t‘th't; eh?” he“ guitar solos. . 3260- twin-midnight. Free. ReStdeht DJ Sat 8pm—2am £1 members: £2 RCS.'dC'lc-V' 5“ lucs "6'. i I Billy Jones I .ortl Darnlet . West Port. with the tateSt Shunt“ non-members Membershi‘ £2 IND] I Light Lord pantie}; Vt est Port. 22‘) 339434 1' mp,” Hue SHIN," 3L IThe Batcave at Henry Afrikas. [NT] H i p t 4341- “’Pm- t'icc- l The Peristalsis Brothers \egoelants. “Pm-33mm £3~ Pft’t'ing Very POPlllar I Chapllns at Finsburv Park’s Night Club. 3 l [.othlzlll Street. 225 (r313. 9pm. free. See 5" t‘m tetd' hardly surpttSthgv have You 11.30pm—6am. Dance into the early : Stilt 34. hetteed their Shhtte advetttSthg campaign! hours. Free everv week with membership I LOS Supremos ( 'illlll) Man's. I Bennet‘ t tpm‘3-303m- £2- Mathty Gay ' i u I , , _ , I , Morningsltle Road. 44“ last. s sopm. with iii-NRO music. _ IJewel‘Scheme i'lxx. ho Miller Street. I “CU chdcm." I Ctoopatra;1()_3()am_2.3()pm.£3,Disco ‘0an “9° Mitt-m m unfmr m tlldgc I I The Brothers i’reser‘tatloll Hall. Victoria St’tthds- but I certainly could not get over I S”ch 33h 3M“ ()Nmm hqu I Cotton Club 1 1pm—3.3()am. £3. Special

enthusiastic about their KClViligl'tn e

I Rmidcncg drinks promotion night each Friday. OFFICIAL 10.30pm—3am. £2.50 with ticket. Upfront

. House. Soul and Hip Hop. The second hall is in some way s I Disco Viva 10.30pm—3am. £3.50. The saler, in others more adventurous. The Disco Viva house disco in full swing. High Tunnel ol Love Express reaches lull energy funk and chart sounds with D speed with brilliant renditions oi She’s WWMW 01- , The One, Cadillac Ranch and Glory grim"? ,‘fjj-fithWfH‘g‘W- ‘35” . Days, proving this part at the show to be .’ Faun' ,5” . T10 50‘3"“: 'Ntfii‘S n much more olaband ettort " ms pm- ' dm3 )5 ' ‘Funk 0" Fridays at Furys'. with Radio Compiled Weekly trom the returns or over He Still takes Chances in the wake 0t Clyde DJ Segun who adds a touch ofjazz. 100 scams), DJs and sates (mm speciaflst tablet“ Stones about spriMSteefl'S I "it" "0“ eat“ at the Veneer 10pm ii" retail outlets by First Class radio and club personal lile, You Can Look But You’d tate- £350 t-‘Ve mum and d'SC‘R promotion and supplied lortnightly to The Better Not Touch and the stunning new I Notlwood Studio: loom-3am. £3.50. List. Compiled 18 July 1988 (this chartan song coward When |t comes to Love are Oil/ff 21 “fuse d'SCOi with “V0 aCiSCVCTY excludes records in the National Top Thirty). both incredibly sexual, et at the same 0 er wee ' . . "me tongue in cheek an: very." on Ion” Pahannt “Pm-3'30- 13- ‘ttard Oh (1)The LovelLost Seventh Avenue parody The between song sendaps 0' Fridays. A suggestive name ii i ever heard ‘wghnnun, ° one? 2(2) It You Love Somebod Barbara D i st US TV evangelists (‘Do you want I Knightsbridge SW1 1 l t r r ~ y i u' pm—3.3Uam. Over 5 , 1 . sexual consummation?) hit the target, 21 night at the newest club in Glasgow. 3:1431Tit2"0nly Way Is Up V'A77 Big Life and I'm On Fire provides a respite INDI INTI I _ 4(3) Love Is The Gun Blue MereedesMCA where tears are welling up in the eyes at I ""tm't‘ ttt-4t’Pm‘3am' £2 W'th "Ck" 5(6) Best 0' My Love Dec Lewis Mercury many people around the stadium. (hetete m'dhtght)- After 3’ tay‘ett 5(20) Reach Out Romi and JazzArishmu flightigms of the entire Show came Madtsehs are baek 'h the gtt’twe- 7(8) Pop Muzik All Systems (io Unique B R ; during Dancing m The Dark where I Maviair 1 lpm-3am- £350. 0vcr25$ 8(22) Doctors Orders Lisa carter EM] UCE SPRINGSTEEN s - night “W’- 9(-) The Locomotion Kylie Minogue PWI. pringsteen demolishes the barrier . . (out) p on. tea w oostoelt Mix 'l‘l(‘ r‘c' Bramall Lane, Shellleld. 9 July 1988. between audience and artist. and _ if“??? “".3"Pf‘“3'3”‘*¥" 1.3 w'th 11(9) it”; Wanna: Flint Sylvester) Springsteen is or course in the rare Because the Night, which is band and :cp::5;.:otc]$ 1,"p";,‘_’§:$°;';’"5:::°”‘ Domino ' position Di having nothing to prove in songwriter at their highest peak. Later sounds, I ' . 12(13) Helpless/Signal Your Intention Kim the live context: he could easily turn up on comes Hungry Heart, and I I Panama Jax 1(l.45pm-3.3tlam. £3.50. Weston Nightmare he"! Play his usual 3 hours, taking the remember hearing that song tor the that Soul and mixed chart music with resident 13H The "aid" ' To! Brnthcr Beyond EM/ everyone would be happy. Luxembourg. and the acoutsic version Dam“- 15t“) 5mm“ 3"“ 0t." 7"”‘50’.’ T?"

It Is perhaps the mark at a great, as oi Born to Run, which makes that line ‘I ' mu ‘0'30pm‘3‘30am‘ {4' Mixed 1gt;9{:"ktlas:‘"°o5°veaba:$raYV'rgm - opposed to good, artist that he has want to die with you Wendy on the 5:32:13“ 10 3W3, £3 D. _ _ . Whaler/1'2?!” 1:. at ° °" bum" chosen not to do this, as at least the that streets tonight in an everlasting kiss‘ with DJ Ro'ddv 5:385 “mounds ie(21) supertly Guy S-Express R King set embraces the spirit at the Tunnel at even more melodramatic, even more I Reggae Club at the Function Suite. 19(7) 33'” t" The "M 0' t0" Sht’oting Love album: sparce, introspective and overthe top. Rooftops. 10pm—3am. £3. party Him" the signs at an older, more experienced Bounding oil with a soul segment that I Singles Club Vamps Floor at Disco Viva. 20H Hustle 'i‘hc i‘unkywurm Hm writer. takes in Raise Your Hand, Sweet Soul - 9-30Pm-Zam- Admissiun by membership 2.1%) “that "V We can 8""9 M“

The llrst set is the experimental part: Music and Twist and Shoot, The E Street “’mact Venue t‘" de‘atts- lh‘m‘h'“ ’0 .. Sprlngsteen and the E-Street Band Band prove they are equally adept in :6?“ a": ‘tpm‘3‘3t’am' £315“ it '5“ £23176?" "8' the Rain S'dcwa'k perhaps boing slitihtly oil the tracks in that field an achievement tew can lay ~ “5‘ m' ""5"" Th“ “’"ccm’t‘ "'gh‘ ‘" i -6“ We -- 2 - - the darkness at their Tunnel at Love, Claim to. A complete periormance in “3:3,[iijfig’flfin’téf’hi f ,r s Gonna ease The ( dml ( dim Without 8'8! setting completely lost. "97V respect. (Juiut Williamson) Britains Brylcream boy to the Sub Club. 24H 0" The 393°" Pete 0mm“ M"?

lemme” 0'" - I Texas Fever at 46 West. 10.30pm—3am. 25”" Blew Vt’gt’t-

35'l'he list 2i July 4 August I‘m—2S