i ! l


I Live from the Proms i lint ‘3 I TNT-915p”). l.l\ c an ct'agc til the III sl night ofthe 94m Proms. kicking off with a Radio Three simulcast of

Verdi 'sRequiem.

I Reagan on Reagan ((‘4 ) .s'. 154mm. Final part of(iodlrey llodgson‘s portrait of Ronald Reagan.

I Omnibus: Whale Nation ( BBt'l)

l().3lL-l 1.20pm. A moving programme. based on lleathcote Williams‘ poem written in tribute to the whale. Roy llutchins. who reads the poem aloud at the lidinburgh Festival at the 'l‘raversc this year. reads the poem here too.

IThe Club (BBCZ) l l . lllpm —l2.45pm. 1980 film written by David Williamson (writer of the recently released ’I‘ruve/ling North ) about an Australian footballer whose success brings problems.

I Coming Home ((4) lilo-2.40am. The film about the debilitating effects ofthe Vietnam war on civilians and soldiers. starring Jane Fonda. that just missedout on the Oscar for best film in W79 iothe more allegorical examination of the war. The Deer Hunter. Nevertheless. Fonda as a conservative wife of a marine captain who forms a relationship with a paraplegic war victim (.lon \‘oight ) which changes her outlook. picked upialong with Yoight ) the Oscars for best actress and Voight won the Oscar for best actor.


IGrandstand(BB(‘i)10.55am FIISpm. England try to make a fresh start in the Fourth (‘ornhill Test.

I Scottish Amateur Athletics Championship (Scottish) SUSS-lilpm. (‘overage of the ScotRaiI National (‘liampionship which comes for the first time from the ( 'i'own Point Sports (’entre in (ilasgow . Tom McKean and Yvonne Murray will be among the athletes to watch.

I Horizon: The Greenhouse Ettecl ( BB(‘2) 7—7.5(lpm. Latest account of the (ilobal

I The Kate Robbins Show (Scottish) 7—7.3(lpm. New series with impressionist Kate Robbins.

I Michael Barrymore's Saturday Night Out (BBCI ) 7.5(L~8.4()pm. Nightmare entertainment from Jersey.

I Parkinson One to One (Scottish) ‘).5()—1(I.35pm. Richard Harris is the final celebrity to get the kid glove treatment from Michael Parkinson.

I An Oiticer and a Gentleman ( Scottish) 10.35—12.55pm. Toned down TV version of the raunchy action movie starring Richard (iere as the flight cadet determined to make the grade.


I International Athletics (Scottish) 2.30-4.3(Ipm. Report on the IS ( )lympic Trials (and a chance to compare their system with the curious British one and coverage of the charity event. the (ireat North Run taking place in Tyneside.

I Classmates (Scottish) 7.45—s. 15pm. Proofthat you are not the only one to fantasise about Sarah Kennedy as a school mistress. New series in which

40 (life-list «IT-Aiigiist'l‘iISS



l Lindsay Anderson leads Movie Masterclass. C4. 24th.

celebrities are confronted by theirold school chums.

I Movie Masterclass (L'JI‘). IS~ it).3tipm. Third and final masterclass giv en by a top filmiii.tl.ei. l iiidsay Andersondissects

.l- ‘lll‘t l oi il's classic vs cste; It. My lhrr/inc Clementine. in front of an audience of students of film. As before. the film itself. starring Henry Fonda and Victor Mature. follows.

I Nancy Walte(Scottish) 8.15—9.5(lpm. Latest mini sci ies

drama to be set against the backdrop i

of the Second World War. Based on a true story. Nancy (played by Noni llazelhurst) is an Australian

I The ITV Play— Mohicans ( Scottish)

10.05 —I lilfipm. [.eeds punk rockers find themselves out of their depth w hen one of their escapades goes wrong.


I Rough Guide to Europe ( But ‘3)

(will 7.35pm. The young person's travel show hits trendy city. Milan.

I Byline ( BB(‘l )‘).3ll lll. lllpm. New series of five personal documentaries. The Iirst is by former foreign correspondent of The Observer. Robert ('hess'hyre who asks whether tourism is ruining the individual culturesof countries such as Turkey.

I Superman(BB(‘1) 11.3iiam—noon. Reruns of the fifties series featuring the super hero. (ieorge Reeves (no relation) plays (‘lark Kent. alias Superman.

I The Abominable Dr Phihes (Scottish) 13.3“ 2.2llam. lintertaininghorror movie with Vincent Price as the horribly disfigured musical genius taking revenge on the surgical team who failed to save his wife after a car accident. Made in 1‘)" l.


I Wheel at Fortune (Scottish) 8.30 .upm. Nicky (‘ampbell and Angela likaette with Scottish 'l‘elevision's new game show-

sec (iuestlist.

I Late Great Britons ( B BC] )

11—1 1 .3tlpm. ('hurchill‘s biographer. Martin (iilbert. reveals hidden sides to the great wartime prime-minister.

-lllll\ IIIRIIS


I Timevvalch (BBCZ) 8. tinm. Is the Shroud of Turin an image of(‘hrist‘.’ Carbon dating. last year authorised by The Pope. could prove that it isn‘t. . .

I Disappearing World (Scottish) w- lllpm. Portrait of the lifestyle ofThe Wodaabe. an African nomadic tribe who fight to exist in the drought hit Sahel. and to preserve their own customs. The Wodaabe. for instance. perceive beauty as the province of the men. and it isthe men in the tribe who wear the make-up. I Strange Interlude ((‘4 ) ‘)-~ltl. 35pm. Final part of the adaptation of liugene ()‘Neill's' play with (ilenda Jackson as Nina Leeds.

I Screenplay: Burning Ambition ( BBO) 9.35 Altilfipm. New work for television from the theatre company best known for their madcap touring comedies ~ they were Perrier Award winners in 1985 and 1986 at the lidinhurgh Festival. ln Burning Ambition Simon McBumey and Marcello Magni appear as a hapless duo who lose their jobs as tour guides and decide to set up their ovvtt company. offering guided tours of the M25.


I The Fastest Men On Earth ( Scottish) 8.3lH)pm. New series documenting the men who have. in their time. been the fastest on liarth —- beginning iii 18% with Tom Burke.

I Three Painters ( BBCZ) Slit-9pm. Turner is the third painter whose work is discussed iii the last of this series.

I Goya ((33) 9- lllpm. Six part dramatisatioii by Spanish television ofthe life of the painter. ( ioya.

I Suspicious Circumstances (Scottish) l(l_35~l l.ll5pm. Second programme in the series about the forensic techniques used by crime lighters.

I Esther Interviews ( BBCI)

ll.(l5—-l l .35pm. listher Rant/en returns to a topic of great topical concern with which she has been colossolly associated as a campaigner. and talks to American paediatrician. l)r l lenrique ( 'antwell. about child abuse.


I International Athletics (Scottish) 8-9pm. (‘ovcrageofthe Miller Lite lA(‘ International at Meadowbank in lidinburgh. See (iuestlist.

I 999— Police International (Scottish)

I)» l(lpm. Latest in an increasingly popular genre. fly on the wall reports from the emergency sercices. adds an international dimension. Nick Ross (who else) follows from his base in New Scotland Yard as ITV cameras report live from around the world on city policing. More reportson

Saturday and Sunday.

I Playing For Real (BBC 1)

9.30— 10.20pm. New comedy drama from BBC Scotland - see feature.


I Batman- The Movie (C4) Ii).3(lam—lZ.3(Ipm. The tongue in check tone of the TV series was faithfully matched in the film version. which still starred Adam West and Burt Ward. Made in 1966.

I Raj Kapoor (BBCZ) 5.55—6.45pm. Documentary account of the life and work of the Indian filmmaker.

I The Golden Gate MurdersiScottish)

9- l lpm Susannah York and David Janssen attempting to prove that the death of a priest (he fell off’l‘hc (ioldcn (iate Bridge ) is murder. Made for television film made in 1979

I 999- Police Intemationat (Scottish) llpm—midnight. Part two of Nick Ross' report on the workings of International police forces.


I The RKD Story ( B BC‘Z) 7.45—8.45pm. Starting a re-run of the award winning story of the famous Hollywood studio which rose to greatness with the era ofthe talkies.

I Master of the Game (BBCI ) 7.45—tu.t)5. ('an you stand another mini series'.’ This is a repeat showing of the 1984 US’GB co-production adapted from the novel by Sidney Sheldon. lan (‘harleson and Dyan (‘annon star in this three part tale of South African gold mines.

I 999 - Police lntemational (Scottish) SIS—9.15pm. Final programme (see Friday).

I John Gielgud. An Actor‘s Lite (C4)

9. 15— If). 15pm. Portrait ofthe great classical actor.

I The ITV Play (Scottish) 10—1 lpm. (ientry a thriller starring Roger Daltrey (who showed he could do this sort ofthing in Mel/(cur) by Quatermuss creator Nigel Kneale.

I Ten Rillington Place (Scottish) l.25-—3.25pm. lixcellent account ofthe (‘hristie murder case set in a lowlife London. with fine performances from Richard Attenborough. Judy (iceson and John Hurt. Made in 197].


I Armada ( BB( ‘2) 8. Iii—9pm. The story of the Armada is told throughout this week. Look out for the show's exclusive. A letter in which Philip H reveals histrue feelings about losing the battle (sick asa parrot. I'd have thought).

I Power in the Land (Scottish) 8.3tl—9pm. Documentary by Yorkshire Television on the evolving economy of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. where gradually the traditional way of life is disappearing. I Private Benjamin (Scottish) 9—1 1 .35pm (with a break for News a! Ten ). (ioldie

l lawn in the hit comedy about aJewish heiress who enlists in the L'S army. Made in 1980.

I Byline (BB(’1 ) 9.30— It). lllpm. Second in this series of ‘personal' documentaries. Sunday Times journalist Marjorie Wallace looks at some of the issues surrounding psychiatric care. lts followed up at l 1.10 by a discussion chaired by Nick Ross.

I Eleventh Hour: Redundant Women (C4) IIISIL 11.55pm. Documentary which rejects the popularly held assumption that redundancy has a lesser effect on woman’s lives than on the lives of men. It should make an interesting introduction to Wednesday's new series. li’mnen Working.


I Teach Your Children to Cook ( Scottish) 2.307 3pm. Fay Marschler with a new