series on the rudiments ofcooking.

I Wipe Out (Scottish) 9—10pm. Yet another new thriller series. lan McElhinney stars with Catherine Neilson as a home office enquirey looks into the disappearance of a prison psychologist following a prison riot.

I First Tuesday (Scottish)

10.35—1 1.50pm. Two reports from Yorkshire Television’s documentary show. The first tells the story ofa generation of Germans. some ofwhom have had to face up to the realisation that their parents were Nazi Warcriminals. The second examines the ironic position of West Berlin which now finds itself attempting to deport Palastinians seeking asylum.

I Late Great Britons ( BBCI) 1 1—1 1 .30pm. The programme in which young historians reassess figures ofBritish history. reaches Darwin.


I Heirlooms (Scottish) 2.30—3pm. Return of the antiques programme with an edition concentratingon furniture.

I Women Working (C4) 6.30—7pm. First in four films made by (‘laire Pollak givinga personal account of women at work dttring this century. This programme is about women in service.

I 0Under Sail ( BB(‘l ) 7.20—7.40The television cameras go aboard the Lorn Leader.

I The Palestinians (C4)9—1()pm. Important new history of the Palestinians“ claim to the land that is now Israel. The series follows (‘4‘s earlier documentary. Pillerof Fire. which was about the Jewish state.

IVietnam (BBC1)9.3t)—t 1pm. Final episode of the story of an Australian famin at war.

tfi - . I_ f . 5.5, _.' - I “5'- ; i is" " '

\k' :1 Stacy Keach. starring as Hemingway in the new series about the writer. C4. 3rd.


I Hemingway (C4) tiH 1.40pm. Stacy Keach stars as the great twentieth century American writer whose personal life was as dramatic as his books. The series. shot all around the world. begins with the first of his four marriages. and is set in the ParisofGertrude Stein's ‘I.ost Generation‘. where Hemingway mixes with Scott Fitzgerald and Ezra Pound.


I The Fastest Men on Earth (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. Portrait of ('huriots ofFire hero. Ilarold Abrahams who one Olympic Gold in 1924.

ITrue Stories (C4) 1(1—1 I.4(lpm. True stories from around the world told by filmmakers drawing on narrative traditions. Born Again is a portrait ofthe community life of a Massachusetts fundamentalist chuch.

I Esther(BB(‘2)10.45—11.15pm.[isther Rantzen talks to Dudley Moore.


The first night of the Proms is Friday 22 when R3 begins its nightly coverage of this year’s sixty nine concerts with a simultaneous broadcast with BBC2 at 7.30pm. Proms ‘88 -The First Night opens with Verdi‘s Requiem live from the Albert Hall. Coverage ofthe concerts continues nightly over the next eight weeks at 7.30pm, and on Monday 31 at 10.30am The Week at the Proms picks out the highlights for those who can’t see Henry Wood for the trees. A long way from Land of Hope and Glory is Music of the Royal Courts. the first broadcast of music from the courts of Africa and the Orient. recorded at last year’s BBC/South Bank festival. The first programme (R3 Monday 25 9.45pm) features music from the Tibetan court.

Ex MP. Matthew Parris chairs a new discussion programme starting on R4 at 9.05am on Monday 25. Modest Proposals is the summer replacement for Start the Week and promises rather more serious discussion than the usual Monday morning fare. on issues such as the enterprise culture and provincialism and the arts. The regular panel includes Paul Barker. ex-editor of New Society and Jeff Nuttall. author ofBomb Culture.

Radio 2 begins a new film series. Cinema Two. at 6.02pm on Saturday 23. Presenter Charles Nove puts new films. and the directors and actors of the moment under the scrutiny ofthe programme‘s reviewers and commentators and promises hot news and gossip from the celluloid world. That most cinematic of writers. Raymond Chandler was born a hundred years ago this week and his birthday is celebrated on R4 with a dip into the wry. beguiling world of Philip Marlowe. Farewell My Lovely, which finds Marlowe following a trail ofcorpses leading to Moose Malloy. is broadcast at 7.45pm on Sat 23.

On Radio Scotland, Arnold Kemp, editor of the Glasgow Herald looks back to his father Robert, playwright and assistant editor ofThe Scotsman. and forward to the future of the newspaper industry in Portrait: The Journallsf’s Editor on Sunday 24. Aspiring Renaissance man. Anthony Burgess should make an interesting case study in in the Psychiatrist’s Chair on R4 Wednesday 27 at 9.05pm. .

Nearer home .Tuesday Review on Radio Scotland at 6.30pm on Aug 2. reviews the world premiere at the Traverse ofThe Rain Gathering by Jeremy Raison (see Backlist feature). and takes a look at the arts scene in Dumfries and Galloway. It’s No the Archie Macpherson Show. but it is Radio Scotland‘s wacky young magazine programme and it will broadcast the effects of aphrodisiacs on the presenters. and music from the promising Glasgow band. The River Detectives. Radio Scotland 7.02pm August 4.

I Kids aims to provide into about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow for children and young people. Please send details not later than to days before pubncauon.


Activities and Fun

I EAST KILBRIDE LIBRARIES Rainbow Four Reading Parade t'ntil 20 Aug. A summer-long book special for children to encourage reading asan interesting pursuit! Teddy bears are the theme helping to promote the idea under the slogan 'Hears Borrow Books'. (‘hildren are assured of a friendly welcome. a diary to fill in and lots of help with titles to choose from. There is alsoa picture colouring-in competition. ('ontact one of the following venues for details: (‘entral Library. Alexandra Arcade: St Leonards. Neighbourhood ('entre1Greenhills. District (‘entre1open Mon. Tues. Thurs and Fri 9.45am—7.45pm. Wed and Sat 9.45am—5pm; ('alderw'ood. (‘alderwood Sq; Sirathay en. Glasgow Road;

Thurs and Fri 2--7.45pm. Tues. Wed and Sat9.45am- lpm.2—5pm.

I GLASGOW GARDEN FESTIVAL Princes Dock. 429 8855 Ifntil 26 September. Open every day. Ilium—one hour before dusk. £5 adults. £4 students. OAPs. L'B40s. £2.50 kids aged 5 lo years. free for the under 5s. Once inside. all events are free. lrresitible for children of all ages. See day-by-day activities. the Glasgow Garden Festival diary.

I GLASGOW PLAYSCHEMES RESOURCE UNIT 14(1\\‘allace Street. 4297577. Hundreds of playschemes (2511 in Glasgow and not) in Strathcly'de region) are now on offer until 12 Aug. Run by volunteersthey organise heaps of activities. including games. sports. day trips. puppetry.circus skills. visits to the theatre. face painting and arts and crafts. Most are geared to

5~ 12 year olds (though some specialise in events for teenagers or under 5s) and they run Mon-Fri 10am -noon and 2-~4pm. (‘hildren can join at any time as thelcngth of programmes varies. Fees are minimal ~— betweenapproximately lilpandil. (‘ontact .\ls McGrath on above no. for further details.

I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Pollokshields. 427 2725.

Booking is now open for the free Haggs programme of special summer activities. Workshops run every day except Sundays

and places get snapped up very fast. so booking ahead is essetitial. Only two activities per child. At the time of goingto press places are still available for the following (suitable age range giy en in brackets):

Fri 22 10. 15am (iloye Puppets((>—9). Buttermaking (4— 7); 2.15pm Lavender Bags (6—9). Archery (S— 12);

Sat 23 10. l 5am \r'ictorian Iintertainments (o 9). Mar/ipan Fruits (4 7);2.15pm Wheaten Scones (5—8). Dressing L 'p 17-12)

Mon 25 Fans (S— 12); 2. 15pm Potato Prints (4-7)

Tue 26 10.15am FingerPuppets(5—h’). Abernetby Biscuits its-9); 2. 15pm

\Vestw-ootl. \N'cstwood Square; open Mon.

(‘roquet (7——l2). Sweets (4 7)

Wed 27 Street Games (7- 12 ). Pancakes (5-8): Shortbread ((#1). Tile Making (7—12)

Thurs 28 Painting and Prmtingl4 7). Dressing 17p (7- l2); Archery (S 12). Herb Bags((v-9)

Fri 29 10. 15am Archery (S 12). Buttermaking (4- 7): Masks ( 5- h“). 'l ussie Mussic (6-9)

Sat 30 Boxes (S 121. Nature 1 rail ( \\ ellies d; cagottles if wet (47); Gingerbread ((>~-‘)).Sziriip1ers(is' 121

M001 August Bannocks (5 S);2.15pm Pressed Flower Pictures i 2- l2)

TuesZ 10. 15am Victorian Iintertatnmcnts (7-- 1(1); Storytime Drawingi4 "1

Wed 3 Abernetby Biscuits (o 9). Fans (8—12); Potato Prints (4 7' ). Finger Puppets(5--S’)

Thurs4 10.15am Dressing I'plT‘ 12). Pancakes(5~8);ButtermakingH l. Lavender Bags (0 9)

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY I '1in etsily Avenueinext to Glasgow l'niycrsity Library) 3304221. thteation ( )ilicet est 4213.

Holiday SessionsforChildren l l2.-\ttgtts1. 10am -noon (primary age group). 2 4pm (secondary age group). Free ()neactiy ity session per child. Please book.

Activities are centred round the Macintosh Flower Draw mg exhibition with brief talks. a \ N! to the display anda chance to draw the plants and flow crs III the exhibition.

I SCOTTISH BALLET 2ol West Princes Street. 331 2931

Junior Contemporary Class ( )pen classes organised by Steps Out of Scottish Ballet will re-startdurtngtheweckot ISAugust.

Exhibitions I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews 1 )riye.

Pollokshields. 427 2725. Mon Sat 10am-5pm. Sun 2 5pm.

Digging for History L'ntil 2S August Archaeology for children. There isa reconstructed dig to explain how and w hat archaeologists unearth. plus our! sheets and an archaeologist on site w ho w ill be holding a number of bookable talks. Also included is a politely named ‘lucky -dip'

f dustbin. full of contemporary throw-away artefacts. like newspapers. crockery and

fast-food cartons which will tell lutute archaeologists .so much about our ow n

society. ; I MUSEUM or TRANSPORT Kely 111 1 tall

(entrance from Bunhouse Road 1 35" 392‘)

Mon-Sat 10 -5pm. Sttn 2 5pm.

: The trams. trains and cars w hich make up the collection have been on the moye and

are now on show again in their new home. opposite the Art Gallery and Museum. Kelvingrove.


I on Rose Street. 332 0535 The Art oiAnimation

Snoopy Come Home (t')(t'S.-\. 1972).in

mins and Race ioryour Life Charlie Brown

(I7)(LISA. 197“) 7n mitts. 25 July . 2pm,

Kidsfl . ll). adults £1.80. Moreeartoon

fun from the loveable American

characters. So be sure you hay e your


popcorn handy -- or shottld that be peanuts'.’

The list 22.1uly ~l.'\11f_'11\l l9.\'.\41