Collections. and this exhibition tsin recognition ol that ayyard Art and Botany I’uIilic lecture Series. lecture ‘l'heatre. Iluntartan Art ( iallery. Wednesdays _‘ 3pm iitittl I" August. LI 5“ at door . tlllsclres Iincjttrliestothc Visitors't entrc. l‘tuyersity ot ( ilasgoyy (ill lcl: 37415-131 I HUNTERIAN MUSEUM l he I‘uiy erstty ol (ilaseoyy . 53‘} \S55 \Ioti I'll ‘l..‘~ll;trii 5pm; Sat 9 illani lpm lmcc named \ltrsetim ol the Year. Money Plantst nut 31 ()ct I’latitsolall sorts depicted on ancient and ticshly minted coins Coracle, Kayak and Canoe t nut 31 Sept I-\aniplesol yety early \yateicratt ttoiiia Iiouy aiit liut pie steam. unengineered age I IMAGES GALLERY 71 I Iy lttllatltl Roatl. 53455ll \lon lit" Filaiii 5 .‘llpm. \o e\hlliitron at present liut general stock includes lSth .md l‘ltli century Japanese yyoodlilocls prints and I‘ltli and leth century etchings. \yatercoloutsaridoils. IJ.D. KELLY GALLERY I IS Douglas Street .\toti III III 30am 2pm and: SH 5 .‘lepm; Sat lttani I .‘llpni Hannah Frank 31 l July 1.: Aug. Sculpture I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 3”} Bath Street III tyti25 \lon I’l'l Illatii 5pm; Sat llIam lpm Flowers torthe Festival 'l litoughout summer .'\IIL‘\IIII‘ltlUltt)t I‘lthandlllth century lloyyel paintings I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. MiltigaHe. ‘l5ti235l Iue I'll I laiii 5pm and " llpm. Sat and Sun 3 5pm ('losed \Itllltlays Joan Eardley ( )n the I5th atiniyctsary ol this exceptional Scottish at tist's death. It is not surprising; that many gallei'tesaiouiid the country are eclelirattne her talctit (irttsol I aidley \ytill\ Iiy hersislei haye I‘L'L‘ll made to y at iotis collections throughout the year and the l.illte are the latest toslioyy then he“ additions 'I lie gilted tlt.t\\llt_i_'\ and skeleliesatc accompanied Iiy .i numlier ol paintings leiit Iiy pt I\ ate collections I MAIN FINEART I lie Sttidto ( iallety . Iii (iilisou Street. ‘x‘i-ISS5S lttc Sat Illani 5pm. Sun 2 5pm \\ oils Iiy lesley Matti triitil tiiltl»stiriiriict I MCGAVIGANS t ( itaphicsand Stationery l. 24 Royal 1' \chanee Square. 321~ttill Lighthouse Studio Exhibition 1 mil 2.1 July An e\litliitton ol “oil. by tlitee artists Brian (Kurtis. .loseph \ey iii. .Ioscpli Day te. all e\-students ol (ilasogyy School ol All We L‘\IIlI‘ltit)ll has been organised by \VASI’S iii one ot their lirst ‘gcttineait out and about yentutes I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT lx'ely tti I lall llzntrancc lroni Ilunhoitse Road yy itli parkingtacilttiesi .\lon Sat III 5pm;Sun 3—5pm. I he neyy ly opened 'l't‘ansport .\ltiseum yy itli its lond collection ol cars. trams arid tr ains no“ hack on slimy. Glasgow Philatelic Society Exhibition t not I" All; Dilletent stampdisplaysdutitie June. July and August Strathclyde Police and Road Satety Road Show l mu 3*: August. ( hi the road yytth the coristaliulary Display atidlilms. I 905 GALLERY I: t )tago Street. 339.11%. .\loii Sat Illatii tipllt. Eastto West I 'ntil 2S .Iuly Richard l)cmarco is tamous tor his journeys. his \y ild .ttid \yondet tul trips oy er Scotland arid abroad with groupsot indiy iduals prepared to keep tip and hear is tth his monumental energy A l)etiiarco journey. l'or all its highs and loyys. is anexpet tence designed to shake out smug arid intolerent Coliyselis trom creatry e minds, And does. The man yy ho otten rel'ers to himscll in the 3rd person has a store ot enthusiasm and energy is hich is legendary . hut Detiiarco also has a pt'iy ate side one \\ Iiich eslieyys the elamottr ol~ gangs and groups and calls on a personal \ iston. With this \ iston iri mind Demarco drayy s the people and 'I‘iuildings around Iiim \y itli a compulsion to record and analyse the \ isual impact ol his surroundings. I le has had many


Lucian Freud, Gallery oi Modern Art, Edinburgh

At the Gallery of Modern Art, an artist is showing in broad daylight. The blinds are up and his paintings cluster round the windows to avoid the glare on glass of the sun. The walls lacing the windows are entirely empty. Rarely in a major exhibition at paintings is there so much space in which to think (consider the brand new visual clutter ol the National Gallery on the Mound).

This subtly sensitive but highly individual and deliberate hang was not surprisingly carried out by the artist himsell. Practicality blends with intense thought. In his painting, he goes lurther. Out at the llesh oozes the mind. Familiarity portrays strangeness. Gentle but without sentimentality, Freud's portraits climb right into the skin at his subjects, leaving them exposed tor all to see. Freud disturbs inner light and darkness vulnerable to daylight and critical eyes.

Freud's reality can be shocking. A portrait at his mother lays her on her back with her hands upturned like a baby. Her mouth and eyes are distant with age and sad. A naked woman sleeps on the old couch in Freud's studio (the setting tor most of his portraits) her breasts bursting with weight and etched with veins. Her leg lalls open there are no secret lolds or leasing mysteries. Her body has been iormed with the excruciating honesty most people reserve tor private contemplation.

Freud’s realismpenetrates to that end. The rythym at his brush tollows the rythym oi the human body, the

muscles, flesh and bones. There is no underdrawing. There is no llashy colour to distract. Freud sculpts his paint as directly as he contronts his subjects, all at whom are triends or relations, people who can trust him with their eyes closed and their clothes oil.

In this exhibition several early paintings made in the turtles, show a

young Freud laying down his

v~ 82M

knowledge. The sable brush, sensuous down to the last line detail of the halt-moon on his tirst wile's nails, makes illustration into lite. Exchanging sable tor hog-hair, Freud bristles into his mature technique -there are strokes at his triend Francis Bacon, angles at Egon Shiele, tones ot Stanley Spencer— like these artists, Freud is a major ligure in the art oi the twentieth

century. (Alice Bain)

e\liilittiotis tn Scotlatid and aliioad. hut this is his lust in ( ilasgoyy tor sortietuiie l)eniarco shares July at the tlti's( iallciy mm a eroupot artistsand destgiietslroni the Ystrad Gallery just leectitly opened in (iillord. I'tll niturc iii ash. elrii arid cherry Iiy Rtiss ( ‘ampliell and Donald \lacsyyeeii. ceramic sculpture Iiy 'l'aiiy a Slattcry and gold andsilyei liy Andreys Draper are just some ot the yyorks on display

I PEOPLE'S PALACE MUSEUM (ilasgtiyy (ireen. 554N223. .\lon Sat lilani 5pm. Sttri I 5pm (ilasgoyy ‘s museumol “tithing ltlc \oyy iii its‘IIlth year .tlie museum is currently undergoingesseiittal repairs and lc‘ltlll‘lSIIItlL‘lIl Much is ill last throughout the year.

Football in Art I Iirouehout .luly I'.\Itll‘ltltill ot lootliall in at t. not the art ot tootliall. Stained Glass Gallery A new pet mancrit gallery ot secular and ieltgtousstauied glass. aclsiioyy cheitie ( ilasgoyy ‘s impresst c history iii the held.

I POLLOK HOUSE IIWI I’ollokshayys Road. MFZHZW .\ton Sat Illani 5pm Still

I 5pm. \eighlioui to the Iiurt’ell (‘olleettotL this lSth century house contains the Stir Illt}: .\la\yy ell ( ~olleetion ol Spanish paintings and period turnishings,

I PROVANO'S LOROSHIP .‘~ ( 'astle Street. 553SSI‘). .\lon Sat Illam 5pm;Sun

3 5pm.

Images ot Glasgow t‘nttl .‘~I .Iuly . Small exhibition ol prints ol (ilasgtiyy See (‘lasstcal Music listings tot detailsot music eyerits iii thrsyenue.

I THE SCOTTISH DESIGN CENTRE '72 St \‘mcent Street. III till I .\loii Sat 9.3mm 5pm.

Design tor Print I 'ntil :7 .'\tlt:tl\t. ( iraplitcs

ey eiytlirng troni L'SlitI‘IISIllltt: corporate identity to reyiyttiga llagguigtniage. Just look \\ hat they 'yc done to [he (iuurtlmn. I IIISSIIU“ talu‘stfi ct‘ ISIIL‘\RIIIIPIC\UI “or k designed and printed iii Britain and looks at the impact ot iieyy technology on printingdesien.

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ay r Street (adjacent to Springhurrt Ratlyyay Station). 55‘14tl5 .\ton I'll III..‘lealti 5pm. Sun

3 5pm.

APlace to Stay 1 ’ntil Sm SS ()nc ol the largest L'\Itll‘ltlttll\ ey er mounted on the sttlitect oi housing iii Scotland. The exhibition traces the tianstormatton iii Springliui ti hour a small \ rllage and industrial suliurli \y here property yyas priyately oyyned. to today 'stoyyn dominated by courictl toyyer liloeks. home tot 5ll’ r ot the residents.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 35llSatichieltall Street. 352 “521 Tue Sat Illam 5.30pm. Sun: 5 .‘illpm.

Ken Currie I 'ntil 3S August ()ne ol (ilasgoyy 'syoutig paiiitetssimyisticyy

“or k I’essiiiiisttc scenes ol the otherstde ot ('ultut'e ( ‘ity. Apart trom the I ltstory .\tttral at the People's Palace yy hrcli isa permanent lt\turc. tlits is ( 'urrie‘s first majorsoloshoyy inSeotland,

Our Lives l 'titil 3S Aug. l’oemsand drayyings by young people in Strathcly'de. Sean Hudson l'ntrl ZS August. \‘orcesl‘rom the Spanish ( ~iy'il \Var. Photographs eyoking the courage and humanity oi

I sixteen Scottiin \ eterans ol the Spanish

('tytl War. A (‘rayytortl(‘etttre. St Andreyysexhibition. ; I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 13 (‘hisholm

I Street. 552 4813. Mon-Sat noon—6pm.

and pr itit desiin lia\ e to Iieeoiiic the Isey to

Photographic Works I ma Stiluly I’hotogtaphsliy I)a\c .>\I|eti.('|i\e .lachntk and ( ier ltrie Salcntiri

I WASPS 3h King Street. 55Ill5li4

.\1on I'l‘l lilaiii 5pm. A tieyy shop. eshilittron space and resource centre \y itli intoi'niation on milk liy all \\ ASI’S artists. Slide Ithraty and intoitnatron aliout hoyy to commission \york.


IBACKROOM GALLERY 13! l‘lItIl‘II Sllccl. 55tiS‘C‘I .\lon Sat‘Iarii 5pm

I lie Ilaekrooiir ( taller \ is lookiuz' lot artists. tn pat tieulat tIL'Slt'llet s. \y ho are interested iii llSlllL' the hack room as studio .ttid \c‘IIllt‘.‘ space (outael \IchIJt‘I I)ui trait on the alioy e phone llllllll‘el lot tIL‘IitlIS

I BLUE PARROT 1‘) St Stephen \Ilt‘c l ‘5‘ tltr‘stl,

Watercolours by Kathryn Williamson Attractiyc and popular c .IIL made nu er still Iiy its practice ol Il.tll‘.'lll_‘.! \ Il.lll‘_'ill‘.‘. shoyys \\ illtanison is a Ioeal .t! list “or kill: rti l)alkcttli

I BOURNE FINE ART l l)itndas Street 55 ' «Itl5ll \lon I'll Illarii tij‘lll

Scottish painting: hour the WW and jllth

I BURBERRY SCOTCH HOUSE I hudl loot . .W-IlI’ttiieesSttecl.55"135" \ton Sat 9am 5.3llpm. lhurs‘lam hpm The Scottish Cralts Collection! \tenaea ' tttitil end Sept (‘ontemporar \ Scottish cialtyyot Ix llIL‘Illtlllltl icyyellery .cetaiiues. glass, te\ti|es. wood and stlyeistiitthine. organised by the Scottish l)e\ elopment Agency I CALTON GALLERY Ill Royal I etlaec. 55h ltlltl. Mon l~rr Illaiii hpni.Sat


The List ZZJttly' -4 August I‘ISS 45