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IVegetarian 8&8 near

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I Edinburgh studio space minted by 'l e\iilc l)c‘\lg1llk‘l l’arntei Iioin .luly to()clohertpoxxibly longcii l’iclci'alyly

('eiitial l eitli. l’leaxe l’lronell.‘~l


I Male student (22) xeekxxmglt-

or double accommiidation in lxdinluirgh liom September Rclcrencu.iyailalilc. l’lionc Barry ll~ll 3333-1hll.

I F0! rent. room in tlat tl

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month. lnilral "-montli lcaxc Mom Is! Sept. l’hone Sill}le alter 0pm and yycckcndx Sea \icyy. I‘dmlyuigli

I Single Room in spacious central flat. Available 1st August for one month. Contact ()31 225 2850 afteropm.


I Budding actorxeekx

employment in theatre in order

ollice tlllllL'\. Interest in l‘lllltlllljJ\.tiltl people ('all m l.‘~;i l)uiid.i\St lelll.‘\155"5_‘33

I Experienced baby sitterwanted l .‘cyenmgx tor liycly l\.il\\ l’lioncll3l Nil I30“.

I Children‘s theatre company seeks: ltl' i Company memlycr. lil-Lulminrxtratoi

tper loi inance .ilyililty t. .’\utumn lt‘lll (‘ \ ..|‘lirili\..\~ .\ l‘ Sarah ( 'ook. .‘~~I.i .\lor rungxule l’aik. l-dinlurigli l‘ I l lH‘l l.v\ lifyl -l-1"‘)ll.‘»l


I Glasgow Simon Community needs \Ullllltccl\. ( )ltei your time and Ir icndxlup to long tcr or homeless people. ( me or tyyo

hard practice and ‘Reading lhrough' lor lun. (il;i\goy\ area

l§o\ \o. "I .-\\l

I Guitarist (22). technically .iyeiagc. many \aried mlluenccs.creatiyc. seeks pop rock l‘ulitl Ht” other llilt\lt‘l.tll\ loi rehearsing

\y r itmg. gigging. l'i'ee most nights till 3395433.


I Deleted/imported/rare soundtracks stage lllll\lL“.tl\ personaliticwon ll’ ('l) cassette ('ontaet Britain‘s leading \j‘k‘L‘litlhl. '( ’ur‘tain I 'p‘ (‘cntuiy llousc. l’icrrcpont Street. Bath BA! ll.I'.. phone

“:25 .‘Ulyb .‘.

.\'oonan. 'l'el ll.‘~l 554836. ITherapeutic massage

.-\ poyyei'lul treatment loi aches and pains. stress and \ll'itlll\.

m the priyacy ol youi'oyy it home. l’lione Ray Major on [IS—‘5 SIR-Vi.

I Contemporary Stained Glass lrom Blue SUD Slalltctl ( il;i\\ Studio. Design. Ctilhtlllcllt‘ll and lll\I;Ill;ttiUIl. liaditional

\ty lex .ind lc\lttl atioii yyoi‘k also earrrcdoul. 'l cl: “II o}: "ITS.



I Professional Female to share large comiortahle llat yyith lyyo otlicrx. l’iilliik\lIlL'ltl\. ( ilaxgoyy (in n room Non-smoker

pielei red Lllll monthly HJI -l_“i 3H“. .iltei opm

I Single room .n .iilahlt- Ill \\ ell appointed I lay market llal yyitli garden lor plUtL‘\\ person. Ll ITpcm l’lionc Elm-'33.

I Single Room in spacious .\l.irclimonl llat. Non-smoker. Ll lllpcm .~\yailalile lst .-\llull\l. l’lionell31Illioiql.

Anita Brookner and Tare going on holiday together to St Andrews. A couple ofyears back I went with George Eliot to Raasay but it was not a barrel oflaughs; there‘s still a bookmark in my disintegrating Penguin copy of Daniel Deronda at page 289. in the middle of the chapter called ‘Maidens Choosing‘. signposting where we parted company. After that though I could see why Sorley MacLean writes such sublime poetry. What else is there to do on Raasay? Once you‘ve walked round the island, skimmed pebbles on the sea. sniffed the rhododendrons (Chambers 20th Century. p. 1 l 10) and ducked to avoid the Harrier jump jets, it’s time to hang your head against a drystane dyke.

In those days Raasay was dry, though not meteorologically. At dusk I could hear the phut-phut of outboard motors chugging drouthy islanders over the sea to Skye and a nip in the Sligachan Inn. I never heard them coming back. Among anchored tourists this was known as the ‘other' Clearance.

We were down, Georgie and I, for a two week stretch but after three days I began to resent everything about the place. The village shop, grandiloquently known as MacLennan’s Stores, catered for all

to sery c apprenticeship. Acting. assistant stage manager. anything considered. Reply to Ian Hughes. lc I lt)\\L'lillj_'\ ('ourt.(‘lydelyank(ihl l.lI-.


I Attractive amateurmodels wanted. lemale. \oe\pci iencc

' required. send photo and details to BU\ \o Tl SV 1.

I Edinburgh New Town Conservation Committee. .l unior Receptionist Secretary . general

daysayyeck l’lionc(‘lur\ l yttoirllJl .‘.‘: .i-Llh.

boots 5

Looking lora mate. .t loo. some“ here to \lay . an audience. a mar kct place. a soap-tun" ( ict

m toircli \y tlli IllttllMtilthit people In ( ilasgoyy and litlmlyuigh lyy takingoula classrlrcdadin l/ii'l.iyi.

lilhlicl. :\Ll\ct'li\c it in

I Competantpianistitnaile- eightile good sight-reader i. looking lor‘ instrumentalist ol similar calibre. Interested in

returns prepared for a



Alan Taylor turns over a new leaf to embark on a holiday romance but first he has to say goodbye to the goldfish.

needs as long as they were potato crisps or yoghurt. Mince had to be ordered from the mainland two days before it was required. If you suddenly developed a passion for shepherd’s pie you had to bide your time. I bided a lot of time on Raasay. Day old newspapers were available from MacLennan‘s but if you wanted one you had to be at the shop at eleven, on the dot. I was two minutes late one day, delayed while searching for a lost metaphor, and they were sold out. ‘I told you to come at eleven‘, said a cheery soul in a floral nylon overall which must have been designed to repel the randiest Viking. ‘Raasay‘, wrote Doctor Johnson with deadpan

accuracy, ‘has little that can detain a traveller.’

I‘m hoping for a better time with Anita in St Andrews. I've managed to get hold of her entire oeuvre with the sole exception of Hotel du Lac which I seem to remember Mr Osbert Steadin Bedwards saying should have been despatched au dessous du lac. But I hear she does not go down well among the French which is about as high a compliment as you can pay to any author. I shall seek it out and let you know.

Listen to me! You’d think the way I’m talking that all I’ve got to do is wrestle with a deckchair, squeeze into Bermuda shorts and sip from a large one. This time tomorrow we’ll

I Italian wind—cheater and black a All nearly neyy ('ost Lott-and f5“. Accept Hiland L3H Please phone “3| 3293080. I Don‘t hide your light under a

the lit 'Y ck SI-.I.l.\ection.

I Are you self employed? Accountants‘ lees too much? llay c your accounts and tax

coinpetitiye fee by Mark


For further intormation telephOne 031-667 9588

SoOnSOIed by Trinity Car Rentals i031 ) 334 0574

I Piano Tuner/Restorer. Victorian and old pianos restored and tuned to standard concert pitch. l‘ree iippi‘;tl\ill and estimate. (ilztxgoyy area. I’lione l)ayell41 334170”.

I Beauty therapy. (ilitsgtiyy ladies. l-acials. make-up. yyaxing. massage. remedial

be on our way and here I am with nothing packed (except Anita, of course) thrashing words into a machine at an hour known only to milkmen and dog-walkers.

I had intended to get this out of the way last night but as I was heading homewards I was dragged into Staggs to mourn the death of a goldfish. Which one no one is absolutely sure. It could be Charlie, Dorothy, Toast or Jam; it‘s difficult to distinguish which is which. In the afternoon, unbeknown to me, la belle dame had called in Tam the Aquarist to ask if it was natural for fish to float upside down on the surface. Without even seeing the poor creature Tam pronounced it beyond resuscitation and ordered it to be flushed away. I took a glass of Murphie’s courage and when I got home found Toast/Jam/Charlie/ Dorothy lying in state in the bowl normally reserved for jellies. Various folk remedies had been employed to bring him or her back from beyond, including a liberal dowsing with Famous Grouse. Apparently it stimulates the heart. To no avail. ‘What shall we do?’ asked la belle dame, as if tossing up between preserving in aspic or stuffing it. I took the bowl to the toilet and set whoever it was on its last great voyage.

58 The List 22 July 4 August 1988