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MONEY! laughed The Royal Bank of Scotland Bank


"Giz it!" I roared, my wallet grinning bravely in the sunlight.

"Unnaturally, we don't charge interest on pre-arranged overdrafts of up to two hundred quid!" he wafiled, professionally.

"YOINKS!" l blurted, my knitwear tightening.

"And you can use over 4000 cash machines throughout the land," he bragged, sliding a wad towards me. "Open an account and I'll give you these three fivers*. Then you can scoop your loot wherever you want!"

Quickly, I slid him a quid. My quid.

He promised me a cheque book and a cheque card. PLUS! A Cashline card.

"Now sign here," he grinned.


¥K 7.8

The Royal Bank of Scotland

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