success and the then (i.l..(‘. asked her to expand the idea. Not long after this Alternative Arts was horn and were soon organising street performances in (‘ovent (iarden everv single da_v ol‘ the vear.

Dianne l lamniond. Alternative Art‘s representative in (ilasgow. is looking forward to hringing some of their most popular acts to the citv: ‘Although we are well estahlished in London. I see no reason wh_v the idea should not take off (list as easilv in (ilasgow. Alternative Arts are looking to expand the whole time and we will he setting up shop in (‘arnahv Street on August IS and later iii Kingston on Thames. Hopefully it Street Bil is a success we can return again in thl and then we might well develop (ilasgow's verv own organised Street 'l‘heatre'

()ver a million people visit (‘ovent (iarden everv Saturdav and the ‘Street Biz' organisers must he hoping that Alternative Arts can bring their magic touch to (ilasgow. Who knows. perhaps one dav Buchanan Street will he famous all

over the world. (Nicholas (iillard)

“\ON'NOOO “0... W0.


I Garden Festival (Map ol Scotland) .‘s'ntm ct lpm. 'l‘uk Band from Barhados ('l‘he 'l‘uk Band from Barhados include a stilt walker. vet owe their origins to Scottish marching hands.

I Buchanan Street and Princess Square Noon-lpm. Banda Democratica Pedralha. Sirohi l'rom Rajasthan and Armagh thmers. Banda l)emocratica come lrom the Valencia area of Spain and should change most people's idea of what a hrass hand is ahout: Siirohi lrom Rajasthan. India. illustrate how popular music and entertainment comhine; the Armagh thmers are a group ol'singe rs. dancers. puppetcers. and comedians. who tell traditional stories rising historical costumes and props.

I Motherwell Shopping Centre 2pm. Swedru l'rom (ihana. this hrass hand incorporates masquerades and stiltwalkers as well as music.

I Easterhouse/Blairtumnock Gala Day 2pm. ('hosen ch ck (ioldcn Star Hunters. (‘hoscn Few is a jazz group from New Orleans.

I Cumbernauld Town Centre 4pm. Armagh thmcrs. For details see ahov e.

I Cumbernauld Theatre Car Park (Listian Armagh thmcrs.

I Briggait. Clyde Street ()pm- lam. Briggait (‘oncert Partv. Free partv: Frce tickets from Blue Note (ale. Hosted hv Ra_v(iun and the Rockets. Bands appearing. Banda Democratical Pedralha. Skit'lle Btrnch and Sirohi. The Rockets provide a rockahillv riot. The Skiifle Bunch from ’l'rinidad play the steel hand music which accompanies street processions and are 'I'rinidad ('arnival Champions. For details otlhe other hands see ahove.


I Paisley Arts Centre 10.30am. (‘hosen Few & (iolden Star Hunters. ( Procession from the Paisley .‘vttiseum. down New Street to the Arts ( 'entre) For dctailssee ahove.

I Peoples Palace & WinterGardens 12.3ll-Spm. A selection of all the hands appearing this week will he pla_ving throughout the dav.

I Briggait, Clyde Street ‘lprn— lam. Briggait (‘oncert Part_v. Free partv in the Briggait. Hosted once again h_v Rav (iun and the Rockets. Bands appearing tonight are Swedru from (ihana. (‘hosen Few and the (iolden Star I lunters and the 'l‘uk Band from Barhados. For details see Fr May 5.


I Princess Square 1—2pm. Swedru and Chosen Few and the (iolden Star Hunters. For details see Fridav 5.

I Peoples Palace 8. Winter Gardens 12.3(l—5pm. A selection of all the hands appearing this week will he plaving throughout the day.


I Buchanan Street 1.30pm. Frantic Antics (circus show). 2pm. Sensihle Footwear (feminist caharet); 2.30pm. Rohhie Barnett (rahhit on stilts); 3pm.1iddie

lzzard (escapology); 3.30pm. Les Cousins (French clowns): 4pm. Bridgit Bard

(poet )1 4.30pm. Sean (iandini (jugglcr). I Argyle Street 1.30pm. Rohhie Barnett (rahhit on stilts); 2pm. Rin Tin Tin (circus show); 2.30pm. Bridgit Bard (poet);3pm. Frantic Antics (circus show ); 3.30pm, Will (iaines (street hoot‘er); 4pm. liddic luard (escapologist); 4.30pm. Sensihle Footwear (feminist caharet).

I Princes Square l .3llpm. Will (iaines (street hooler); 3.30pm. l.es(‘ousins (French clowns).

I The Briggait 1.30pm. Scan (iandini (juggler): 3.3(lpm. Rin Tin Tin (circus

shim ).


I Buchanan Street Noon. Frantic Antics; lpm. Sensihle Footwear; 1.30pm. Rohhie Barnett: 3pm. Will (iaines; 2.30pm. Rin Tin Tin: 3pm. Sean (iandini; 3.30pm. Bridgit Bard; 4.30pm. liddic luard.

I Argyle Street Noon. liddie lzzard; 12.3(lpm. Rohhie Barnett; 1.30pm. Bridgit Bard; 2pm. Sensihle Footwear: 2.30pm. Frantic Antics; 3pm. I.es (‘ousinsz 3.30pm. Will (iaines;-1pm. Rin Tin Tin.

I Princess Square 12.3tipm. Scan (iandini; 1.30pm. Frantic Antics

I The Briggait 12.3(lpm. l.es('ousins; 1.30pm. liddic lzzard; For details see Tuesday 9.


I Buchanan Street Noon. Brown Paper Bag Bros (comedy); 12.30pm. Rohhie Barnett: lpm.Sean(iandini;1.30pm. Bridgit Bard12pm. Iiddie lzzzircl13.3(lprii. Will ( iaincs; 3pm. Sensihle Footwear: 3.30pm. Les Cousins; 4pm. Rin 'I‘in'l'in; 4.30pm. The Howlers (street music).

I Argyle Street 1 1.30pm. Rin 'I‘in'l‘in: noon. The Howlers; 12.30pm. liddic luard: lpm. Les Cousins; l.3(lpm. Rohhie Barnett: 2pm. Frantic Antics; 2.30pm. Brown Paper Bag Pros: 3.30pm. Sean (iandini; 4pm. Bridgit Bard; 4.30pm. Sensihle Footwear.

I Princess Square t2.3tlpm. Will (iaines:

NEW WORK Aug 16 ~ Sept 3 New work from Britain. the USSR.

Yugoslavia, South Africa, Japan. France and Germany.

1.30pm. Rin Tin Tin.

I The Briggait 12.30pm. Frantic A ntics; 1 .30pm. The Howlers. For details see i 'l‘uesdav 9.


I I Buchanan Street Noon. Frantic Antics; l2.3(lpm. Brown Paper Bag Pros; lpm.

Rohhie Barnett; 1.30pm. The l lowlers;

2pm. Sean (iandini; 2.30pm. Rin Tin Tin;

1 3pm. Sensihle Footwear; «lpm. Bridgit


I Argyle Street 11.30pm. Rohhie Barnett:

12.30pm. Rin Tin Tin; l._‘sllprn. Frantic

Antics; 2pm. Bridgit Bard; 3.30pm. liddie

luard; 3pm. Brown Paper Bag Bros;

3.30pm. Sean (iandini; 4._‘sllprn.'l"lie


I Princess Square 12.30pm. liddie l/zard:

l.3()pm. Brown Paper Bag Bros.

I The Briggait13.30pm.Sean(iandini;

1.30pm. Sensihle l-‘ootwcar: For details

see 'I‘uesdav k).


Thurs 1 l-—-Sat 13Aug. 8pm. BSD/£2.50 Glasgow pre-Festiva/ presentation The World Premiere of


A " 17V (1

Astirring adventure in Papua New Guinea Conceived and performed by Simon Thorne and Phillip Mackenzie. Written in collaboration with Chris Broadribb. Directed by Steve Shill ‘Man Act. . . truly formidable '—

City Limits Wm M com lSSlOll

supported by funds from Glasgow District Council's Festivals Budget Man Act also acknowledge financial assistance from the Arts Council of Great Britain.

See Man Act at the Edinburgh Festival‘(Venue 20. Theatre Workshop)




'Edinburgh's theatrical

powerhouse ' THE GUARDIAN

The List 5 l I August 198817