THE PAISLEY PATTERN After 500 years of history, Paisley has decided the Arts are a Good Thing. And that includesjazz. In early September there is even a week long Jazz Festival, and torthe moment there is the weekly Sunday lunchtime concerts at the Arts Centre. Butthis coming weekend, 6th and 7th, lovers of Trad and Mainstream Jazz have three shows to go to. The music kicks of in true New Orleans style, when a big marching band from the Louisiana city promenades on Saturday morning from Paisley Museum to the Arts Centre, then gives a long free concert over lunchtime. The same venue in the evening presents singer Dorothy Maddison and pianist

Helen Craytord in a costumed show that

moves from London at the impact of Dixieland through to the great song and jazz piano composers of the 305 and 405. Included is Fats Walter’s London Suite.

Then Sunday lunch can be taken, again at the Arts Centre, while Edinburgh based but Irish born vocalist Melanie D‘Reilly, see photo, confidently runs through some of her repertoire of classic jazz songs, supported in all their moods by the highly evolved guitar style of Frances Cowan. (Norman Chalmers)

I North Sea Gas Platform I. Rutland Street. Iiy'ening. Resident ptib folk band. I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 39%. Iiy'eningtill l.3tlam. I.ate bar with informal songs and musie.

I Muckle Ado Seoteh And Rye. Sll( jun-m. 'IV Bridge. 335 MM. Iiyening.



I Naifan Blaeklriars. Bell Street. Merehant ('ity . 553 5934. Afternoon. Instrumental session.

I Kells Seott's ('orner. Derby Street. 334 489]. Iiy'ening. Saturday resideney.

Irish Seotssingalong band. Popular.

I Ian Bruce ()y'erdraught Bar. 13S Broornielays’. 33I S3S’o. Izyening.

Y Iintertaining singer guitarist.


ITravelAgents Shore Bat.l.eitit. l 3pm.

Selfsty'Ied ethnie and yyesternband.

I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 3‘)7o. Iiyeningtill I.3Ilam. I.ate bar. folk basement.

I Denny Swanson Seoteh Anti Ry e. SH


(ieorge IV Bridge. 335 MS]. Iiy'ening.

SUNDAY 7 Glasgow

I Humpr Family Atltoll Amts. 134 Rertfield Street. 333 5365. Iiy'ening. I-‘ree.

I Spoof(‘ountry arid Western. l I Zut! La Chute Wintersgills. ( ireat

Western Road. Iiy'ening. ()Id timey'. American and eajun.


I Glenelg Sessions Yottngs l loteI. Learnington 'I‘erraee. ()pm—midnigltt. I-‘ree. ‘I'onight the Elevators. Iiy'erysanted

toplay stormy eIeetrie bluesandearlyroek .

and roll btit thottght you yyere past it‘.’ Be heartened. this buneh of life pensioners hay e pulled it off. so tospeak.

I Uddingston Strathclyde Pipe Band Ross 'I‘heatre. Prinees Street (iardens. 3pm. I~'t'ee.

I Seannachietitcctt 'I'ree. (tmgate.

Iiy ening. Seottish songs arid zippy instrumentals from resident band.

I Jim Knight/Colin Damage/Robin Laing Iinsign Izysart. laysnmarket. Iiy'ening. 'I'Iitee singerguitaiists.

I Larry and Friends .-\rttiqttat'y. St Stephen Street. Iiyentng. (iuitar based folksy blues and syying.

' I North Sea Gas Rutland l Iotel. Rutland

Street. 33‘) 3il43. 0pm. Singalong.



I lrish Session Stage Door Bar. (iorbals Street. 43‘IW33. Iiyening.


I Nobody's Business Bannermans Bar. (‘oyy gate. Iiy ening. (itiitar based eeltie

I‘Illcs. Iero'I'he(ireen'lt'ee.(‘oyy'gate

Izyening. Bar till lam. Instrumental


I Happy Daze .\IaIt Shoy el. (‘oekburn

Street. 335 0543. Iiyening. Pubguitartolk duo.

I Fiddlers Arms ( irassmarket. Iiyening. Seottish muste session. Bar elosesat I lpm. I Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557' 397i» Ityening. Song session ysith (iiII on the banjo.

I Dougie MCO Seoteh .-\nd Rye. 5il(ieorge I\' Bridge. 335 lost. Iiyening.

TUESDAY 9 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts I:le Paisley :\rts(‘entre. \eys Street. SS7 Illltl. Spmfl‘onight. guitarist and line singer and eomieTich Frier.


I Sauerland Accordion Orchestra Ross 'I’heatre. Prinees Street (iardens. 1pm. I‘ree.

I Barrie Band Bannermans Bar. (‘oyygate. 556 335-1. Iiyening. 'I‘he Barrie Band. I’iddle. flute. mandoeello and yoeaIs. .\Iainly Irish.

I Chris Thompson St James ( )yster Bar. (‘alton Road. opposite St James ( ‘entre. Iiy'ening. Roekabilly blues.

I Mirua I'lnsign Iiys art. I.ayy nmarket. top of the I Iigh Street. Iiyening. Acoustie eeltie musie.

I Blue Blazer Bread Street. Ixyening. (iuitarist singers. .Iim Knight.(iraham .\1e(iirk. Sheila .‘yleWhirter and Alan Johnston.

I Kenny Grier Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 55" 3976. (iuitarist singer. I.ate bar.

I Colin Ramage Seoteh And Rye. 5t! (ieorge I\' Bridge. 335 1081. Evening.

WEDNESDAY 10 Glasgow

I Blackfriars Folk Club Blaekfriars Bar. Bell Street. Merehant (‘ityg 553 593-1. Spin. £1. Singers Night in the basement elttb. Booked guest eyery tys‘oyy‘eeks.

I Naifan I Ialt Bar. Woodlands Road. 333 I31“. Iiy'ening. Instrumental musieon fiddle and aeeordion.


I Mabsant Iidinburgh I'olk Club.


()sbourne IIoteI. York Plaee. 5565577. Spin. £3.3f)(£l .5tl). Popularand ys'ell-trayelled Welsh band. See panel.

I Happy Daze Malt Shoy‘el. (‘oekburn Street. 335 (tS-13. Iiy'ening. Pub guitar folk duo.

I The Clansmen 'I‘he Iingine Room. ()ueensferry Street Lane. 335 3143.

I North Sea Gas Platform l.RutIand Street. Iiy‘ening. Resident pub folk band. I Guizer Seoteh And Rye. 5fl(ieorge IV Bridge. 335 1681. Iiyening.

JAZZ rigs

, Glasgow

I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blaeklriars. Bell Street. .‘slereliant City. 553 593-1. Iiyeniitg. Residentdrummer's band yy ith singer and guests.


I Texas Breakfast ( ‘ttte Iltttf't'iI/Jtl l'IL‘LIL‘IIL‘I’s Street. 3.3.5 .5344. ‘lpm midnight. I Alex Shaw Trio Coppers. ( ‘oekbtirn Street. 335 1-1-1] IiyL‘llllig. I Rhythm littsllt .SIIL‘L‘I. i IIaytiiarket 'I‘erraee. 33” With, I setting. 'I’rad band.



I Mabsant Star I‘oIk (‘Iub. ( ilasgoys Soeiety' ()f Musieians. Berkeley Street. Spin. L I .5“. Welsh band. See panel.


I World Champion Pipe Band I.eith Assembly Rooms. 7.30pm. u». ’I‘iekets from the Piper‘s (‘ay'e. Duke Street. I.eith. I.ast Year's (irade ()ne yyinners. ('anada's famous 78th Fraser Highlanders. I Green Tree (‘oys'gate. Iiy'ening. I-‘oIk seene session. I.ate bar.

I Larry and Friends Antiquary . St Stephen Street. Iiy‘ening. (itiitar based folksy blues aitd sys ing.

I Colin Bamage/Bobin Laing Iinsigti Iiyy'art. I.ays'nmarket. Iiyening.

I Graham McGirk Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 3970. Iiyening till l..‘~ilam.

IJim Knight Seoteh And‘Ry‘e. 5ll(ieorge '

l\' Bridge. 225 Inst. Iiyening. ; I New Orleans Jazz Band I’uislgy Am


On Wednesday 10 money playing selected gigs over the at Edinburgh's next few months to record a master Music Boxthere is tape olsomeoltheirinlectious

a rare chance to African/funk crossovers with a view to


Bananas, having suffered various line-up changes with other members detecting to groups like That Swing Thang and DC. Ellis, currently stands as a ten-piece, with guitarist Iain Mackechnie (pictured, centre) the only original member. The final members (Jon and Karina, ex-Pigtunkers) were added only a few weeks ago, and the size of the completed group means that Bananas will not be playing the pub circuit every week. Duite apart from the logistics, as lain explains, ‘bandsthat do thattend to fall into the trap of practising the same setall the time‘. The only two previous Bananas performances have been in last year's Mayfest and the year before that in Princes Street Gardens, and this line-up only dates back as far as spring. ‘The main problem,’ he continues, ‘is getting people who aren't busy doing other things. Apart from when Tam White‘s Dexters were at their peak, there haven‘t been many bands this size in Edinburgh but it‘ll sound reallv goodf during the Festival), but keep watching Bananas hope to make enough the listings for more. (Mab)

see one ofthe releasingasingle. I hottestbands There has already beenalairbitol currently together- interest in Bananas expressed since

the formation of the original group in 1984. Their first demo was aired not only by Forth, Clyde and Borders radio but also by Capital Radio DJ, African and jazz enthusiast and now ‘Late Shift' presenterCharlie Gillett. Since then, Capital, and many otherstations, have cut back ontheirnon-playlistairtime, but interest inthe styles ofmusic Bananas freely adapt has grown, and the group findthemselves naturally gravitating towards traditional song structures and short. accessible melody lines. They can and do improvise on a groove as well, and when the brass section pick up hand percussion andjoin in, things really cook. The influence ofthe new members has edged Bananas in an even more danceable direction, so a live situation is probably the best way to take them in, though the most recent demo is excellent itself. So far, another Music Box date has been added (August 19 at the Marquee club, the name under which the venue is going

ZO'I‘he List 5 I I August 1988