Centre. Nevv Street. 1l.3llam—3.3flpni. Free. Authentic marching hand. tlovs it over for ( ilasgovs Street l-‘est. marches from Art (iallery at 111.31 lam and playsthe streets to the .-\i‘ls centre.

I Americans In London Paisley .-\rtseetitt'e. Nevv Street. 88“ 111111. 8pm. Rags'lo Riches('onipany present a period piece set vvhcn l)i\ieland ja/z vv as setting l.ondon alight. Appearances hy Bis Biederhecke. l’ats \Valler. (ieorge (icrshvvin and Irving Berlin 3

I Ron Moore. Rikki Fernandez l .a lav et'na. l.ansdovvne ( ‘iescenl. 33‘) "138.

f).3flpm midnight. l‘ree Miisic iii the hat. I Duncan Whyte's Jazz Band Studio ( )ne. (irosvenor 1 lotel. By res Road. Afternoon.

I George Penman'sJazzmen l ialsland. St Vincent Street. .’\ftcrnoon.


IAlex Shaw Trio Platform l.Rutland Street. 335 3433. lunchtime.

I Peristalsis Brothers (are Biarritz. (it l’rederick Street. 335 5344.

‘)pm -midnight.

I Alex Shaw Trio ( ‘oppcrs. ( ~ockhtirn Street. 335 1441 . livening.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 33o 38111. 3 4pm. I Doctor MacJazz Basin Street. llaymarkct Terrace. 33" lflflo. livening. 'I'rad hand.

SUNDAY 7 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Jazz Paisley Arts ( ‘entie. New Street. 88." mm. 13.311 3.3flpm. Bar. lirec. Assured \ ocals from Melanie 0' Reilly accompanied hy guitarist Frances Cowan.

I Poetry To Song Reversal Blaekii-iars. Bell Street. Merchant (‘ity . 553 5934.1ivening. Piano and Poems.

I Dave Wilson And The Uptown Shufflers Bonhams Wine Bar. By res Road. 357 3434.1.unchtime

I Frank Bolan Quintet the Bar. 'l'ron 'l'heatre. Parnie Street. 553 43M. 1; l .51! (£1). 1.3(1-5pm. 'l‘ron's vseekly jazz scene.


I Rootsie Tootsie Coppers. ( ~ockhurn Street. 335 1441. l-ivening. Blties Rock. I Live Swing Jazz ( 'afe Biat‘t‘itI. (it 1"t'c‘tlet'ick Street. 335 5344.

()pm— iiiidtiight. Phone for details.

I ltaqui Negociants. BristoSquare. 11am- 3pm. Brunch improvisations on a classical fizttttettc‘o guitar sty le.

I Ronnie Rae Trio Platform l.Rutland Street. 335 3433. Lunchtime.


I Suave Maxies Bistro. Nicholson Street (m7 (1845. Clarinet. sax and guitar.

I East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park ’lerraee. 331 0933. livening. 9pm—midnight. Resident trad hand.

TUESDAY 9 Glasgow

I Bobby Wishart 1 tall Bar. Woodlands Road. 333 I311). livening. leading saxophonist's jazz. arid fusion hand.


I Swing '88 Matt Shovel. ('ockhurn Street. 335 (3843. livening. ’l‘vvoguitars. Hot (‘ltih sound vs ith reeds.

I Live Blues Band (‘oppe rs. ('ockhurn Street. 335 1441. Iivcning. (‘heck for details.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band \av am 1 louse llotel. May field (iardens. oh“ 3838. livening.

I West End Jazz Band Basin Street. llaymarkct Terrace. 337 lfltlh. livening.


JDE STRUMMER Ten years have passed since punk rock senta shiverthroughthe music industry. Now there are hints that it may be coming back to haunt or enrich the British music industry.

One of the more prominent signs is the return of The Clash, or bits oi it, to the charts. Coinciding with Mick Jones‘ new Big Audio Dynamite album and tour. and the re-releases of ‘l Fought The Law‘ and ‘London Calling‘, the ex-Clash singerJoe Strummer is reviving his profile in the form of Rock Against The Rich, at the Glasgow Barrowland on Sunday 7 and Edinburgh Coasters on Thursdayll.

Many people see this tour as a political crusade led by Strummer against yuppies, yummies and dinkies. I put this to him when l tracked him down to his local on Portobello Road. ‘Basically, what I’m trying to achieve is just getting up and having a look round'. While his music still makes social comments. ‘we‘re notsinging love songs too much‘. He would, though, hesitate to call his songs specifically political, even ‘White Riot‘.

‘The difference between this tour and any other is that we‘re lashing something together. It‘s not like we‘ve been secretly away for months preparing a big, new extravaganza and then we‘re going to burst into Smash Hits with two-page adverts. We haven‘t got a manager. the record company don‘t know what we‘re doing. we don‘t know ourlight man, oursound man.

our monitor man.‘ This rough and ready preparation of the tour reveals something that is reflected in Joe‘s reluctance to be seen as a political prophet. He is desperately trying to avoid being a ‘star‘.

An extension of this is his rejection of the idea of punk rock being anything otherthan various groups singing about what they saw as the faults in society. ‘I don‘tthink itwas ever coherent enough to make a statement. It just tried to sweep everything before it. Ithink it was quite successful in that we had a great time for a few years. What more can we really expect for our movements? We‘re all looking forthe greatsolution, but a bunch of loonies high on speed aren‘t the people to supply it.’

There were, however, benefits that came from punk. socially as well as musically. ‘l thinkwe might have done a little. Forexample, in ‘78 you could find Skins Against The Nazis, which was a particularly important thing to see.‘ He feels that young punks will not like his tour. ‘Although we‘re giving it a good bashing, | don'tthinkwe‘re wearing the right costumes for them to enjoy it. We can play pretty good, but we're not dressed up to the nines.‘

This reluctance to be seen as a leader. a pop idol orto wear black bin-liners and mirror shades is something that is fundamental in Joe Strummer‘s life. ‘You see, I‘m frightened of all that. We see and hear far too much of Tina Turner, Whitney Houston and mega-stars. I‘d hate to bore people like that. to always be in theirface. I‘m trying to run awayfrom all that.‘

As Joe himself is the first to point out, he is much more normal human being than megastar. For one thing he lacks the prime requisite needed to achieve the heights of Michael Jackson, Elton John, et al: money. Every pennyJoe Strummer has is invested in the Rock Against the Rich tour. If the success of his singles isa reliable indicatorofhis popularity then he is making a very risky gamble. Rock Against The Rich promises to be two of the best concerts in Scotland this year. It could be our last chance to see a singer with an ego smaller than his stage set.

(Stewart Kirkpatrick)

WEDNESDAY 10 Glasgow

I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo ( ilasgtm Society()f Mtisicians. Berkeley Street. 331 (i1 13. 8.3Hpm. 511p. Bar.


I Charlie McNair's Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 336 381i». livening.

THURSDAY 11 Glasgow

I Jeanette Burns Trio Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant (‘ity. 553 5934. livening.


I Bill Kyle'sJazz Pool l.'.-\llache. hasement of Rutland l lotel. West 15nd. Princes Street. 9pm. lirec. A group from a large pool of yotingish musicians. ttsually piano keyhoards. hass. Bill Ky le on drums. guitar. and hrass arid or reeds.

Modern. hop. some mainstream. hlties. I Fat Stutteafe Biarritz. ()1 Frederick Street. 335 5344. thn—midnight.

I Edinburgh Jazz Quartet ( ‘oppei-s. (‘oekhurn Street. 335 I441. livening.

I Graham Blamyre Jazzers Basin Street. llaymarket Terrace. 337 1006. livening. I Templehall Stompers 'l'emple l lotel. lisplanade. .loppa. oo‘) 43o4. Evening. 'l‘rad arid dixie residents.



I The Almighty Rooftops. ()3 Sauchie hall Street. 333 5883. lfl.3llpm. The second Rooftops appearance for the latest hand an ex-Nevv Model .-\rmyguitarist.

_._._-.- _-_--_ “-5 Apparently attracting much record company interest (vvlio isn't these days'.’). , and occupying a vaguely similar territory to the Cult. The Mission. etc. etc.

I Beyond the Edge l.a 'l'atiiere. 151%“ Street. 331 4844. 0pm. Free. Attracting

some local attention hecause they have

heen chucked otit of their rehearsal space iii Nevston Mearns \\ hich just goesto

for nevss these days. .-\|soattraeting record 2 company interest . . I Huw Lloyd Langton .-\_vt- Pavilion. Ayr.

l sliovs liovv desperate the local papersare ! l 8pm. Part of a British tour forthe i

ex-l lavykvvind guitarist to promote his hand's forthcoming alhtiiii. 'l'ime Space |

and l.[.(i. (‘an you vsait'.’


l I 1000 Violins and The Cretins Venue. : ('alton Road. 55731133. lndicstalvvarts l supported hy hotiiegrovv it Ramones i impersonators. \v ho are vvorth the price of admission hy themselves. An eye for detail. and almost as good as the real . thing. I Makossa Preservation l lall. Victoria Street. 3303810. [I attei")..‘sf)pm. l-‘ine local reggae hand. I After Eight Mince Music Box. Victoria Street. 3311 17118. Ll atterUpm. Jazz-funk I The Rootsie Tootsie Band \egociants. l.othian Street. 335(1313. 9pm. Free. Rockin' hlues. I The Brothers l.ord l)arnley. West Port. 33‘) 4341. lflpm. l’ree.



IThe Hummingbirds 1 tall Bar. loll \Voodlands Road. 333 1311). 0pm. Free. ('ertainly worth going along. the lltimminghirds' demos suggest that they are one of the hest janeg pop hands around at the moment. While on the suhjeet ofex‘s. they of course feature Brian 'l‘olland. ex-1)el Aniitri. And no dotiht. they are attracting record company interest too.

I Billy Forbes l.a 'l'aniere. l5 l’ox Street. 331 4844. 3pm. liree.

I Rough and Ready l.a 'l‘aniere. l5 Fox Street. 331 4844. 9pm. liree. Billy l-‘orhes‘ is a La ‘l‘aniere residency. Rough and Ready are regulars. htit not residents.


I Concert ForA Nuclear Free Scotland .‘vleadovvhank Stadium. 11am 8pm.

£1 1.5a. Aswad. Deacon Blue. The Voice Of The Beehive. The Soup Dragons. The Mighty Lemon Drops and Aztec Camera. Also appearing: comedy duo 'l'he Vicious Boys (from l-‘ringe to (‘4's Superhovv I ) andguest I).ls (‘olin Sommervillc and Billy Sloan. with the possihility of one major name still to he added. ('Nl)‘s open-air fund-raising venture is an attempt to make tip forthe non-appearance of ( ilastonhury this year. One hopes that they'll have hetter luck than the vvashedmut and under-attended l’ife Aid. Note that Aztec Camera. though one of the higgest attractions on offer. insist on going on first. and then turn to our Voice ()f’llie Beehive interview at the from of the issue.

I Huw Lloyd Langton \‘entie. (‘altmi Road. 557 31173. This must he the l lavvkvvind's guitarist's third visit to'l‘he Venue. and he usually gets a good turnout for gigs with his own hand as vvell the dinosatirgrotip that'shishread and hutter.

I Tokyo Music Box. Victoria Street. 230 171181;] after 9pm. llM. hy anyehanee‘.’ I Bon Ton Boulez Preservation l lall. Victoria Street. 336 3816. £l after‘).3flpm. I Elephant Noise Negoeiants. l.othian Street. 335 6313. 9pm. Free.

I The Heaters l.ord Darnley. \Vesl Port. 3394341. lflpm l-ree. Blues-rock.



I Joe Strummer and the Latino Rockabilly

The List 5— l 1 August 1988 21