their club. Blackmarket.

I Disco Viva lllfyllpnr 3am. Ll helore llpm; £2 alter. House music. With 1).] (ieot‘ge Mac.

I Henry Afrikas llipm 3.3Mam. £1 heiore llpni; £3.5llalterx “lls’ music and y ideos. I Hollywood Studios llt._‘~l ipm 3am. t3.

I Knightsbridge SW1 l lpm 3.30am. ‘Rete .\'oire' lli-.\'R(inight

I Mardi Gras 1 lpm .‘xfillain L3. House music night.

I Mayfair l lptn 3am Ll ()y er ZSsiuglit disco.

I One Hundred Club at l lolly \yood Studios. 9pm 3am Ll \eyy cluh promising liottse. lunk. soul and rare grooy e like most others really?

I Palomino Club‘lpin 3am L2. l)isco sounds.

I Panama Jax l lpm .‘yani. LII l’uh( ‘luh x\ neyy lllgllt ys ltlt ‘L‘\ttllc" go-godancer» Lager 95p. spirits \y ttli nn\et s "Sp and tree sandyyiches too

I Ratfles lll._‘~ll 2am. L25“. \lotounand chart stilllltlsysitll l).l. Roddy Steyyart Vodka .‘illp. lager St in

I Raw at 'l’in l’an .-\lley Ill..‘~ttpm late.

I Reggae Club at the l‘llllL‘tltlll Suite. Rooltops. lll..‘\llptn 3am L35” lfilune only.

I Stand Up Glasgow at \ladlstilis.

ltl..‘~tlpin late. H l £3). .'\lflllll§.! lor theng narnesin I'K comedy I‘m/tn \IL’III/Jl e etc“

ISlreetbeatat (‘leopatt'as llpni lfillani L3 ( El .5“ vs ith ticket l. l)a\ id \Valtet's ‘streetheat‘ cltih: mi\ed dance music.

I Sub Club ill..‘\tlpiit .‘~,_‘~lt;iiit. Sult('luh gets ill on the liye hands' market see Rock listings lordetails.

IWarehouse 1 1pm .‘~..‘~ik:m Ljfiiimtli ticket; L3 \yitliout. .ltist l-tinkin‘. and persuasionist The Man yy lll he appear trig


I American House at l'llc' Island.

ll..‘\tlpni 2.30am, L l .5“ l "lip lielore

1 1445mm. l).ls pick the liesl hour the limitless yariety ol .-\merican house music. To the untrained eat it all sounds uncannily the same.

IThe Amphitheatre lupin 3am. L3. 1 lall price before llpni. l)isco inferno lights up I.otliian Road. ill a trial ltlll lot' the neckend I Cale StJames Spin midnight. l‘ree. Sotil and funk night in this cotnloi tahle yentie. I Cinderellas Rockertellas v.31 ipm .‘mm. £1 .5“ lielore llprn: L2 allei'. Rock 'n' roll years vs ith corresponding drink prices starts at (nip \yith (ilix' music till I lpni tlten 7(lp yy ith 7lls‘ sounds and trout l:..“ll;iltt till the eiid ot the ex entng. Sllx‘ music \s ith .s‘tlp drinks. [\l)||\l]

I Edgars I 'nder l.\s_ n. IS lll.15piii. Ll. IEdgars lflpm .‘~;itit,t;1..-\lltlitriks tonight arid Sunday are (nip.

I FAD at the .\ltistc Roy ‘lpn'. late. L I , .»\ "(ls‘ disco and soul cltilil :\ chance to hear some of the old Ronco and K- lelelassics again,

IThe HangoverClub at Shady l .tkllL‘S. llpm 3am. USU: Ll hetorc midnight. Mainly tan-orientatedclub

IThe Independence Club at I-msiwui-y Park 73llpm 2am. tree 1).] Double l)\yith lrtdie ( 'liart sounds. ('heapdi inks

Spin midnight.

INico‘s lllpm late. LC. \ico's "l'itecluli yyithin a cluli'. In the old Dillingeis lniilding. aiming tor a happier atmosphere

I Rokko's Spin 3am. l't'ee t l lamiy l lotti's S‘ 1 1pm). See Mon.

I Singles Club at leith .-\ssentlily Rooms. Rpm late. liree ‘:\n intimateatmosphere

. conduciy e to meeting lteyy people.‘ .\'ot

too many clubs of this nature in toys n so this “in probably flourish. \le-iiihet'slnp ay ailahle on the ey ening.

IThe Slammerui Buster Bi'oyyns.

l lpnt - 3.30am. l- tee admission tickets can he found around and about. Scratch. tap and mix to suit the crowd. l’icknig upa good crowd. titaking lot a special night out.



IThe Alhambra _‘~i WaterlooSir-eerlll y‘thll.

I Bennets ‘lll ( ilasslol'd Stteet. 553 infil. I Cleopatras Belmont I am. Kelytnln‘tdge. 33-1l15oli

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. 333W 1 3,

I Disco Viva 15 l 'nion Street. 22] ZJZo. I Follies to} Pitt Street. 332 “332 "522. I Fury Murrysw» \l.i\yy ell ,s‘tieei._‘3l ‘51 l.

I HenryAfrikas l“ 15 York Slreet.3_‘l

til l l.

I Hollywood Studios it thou n Street. 34s (ihllti

I Joe Paparazzi iii i Saitcliieliall Street. .‘~.‘~l 3| l l.

I Kinooziers Club I‘ll iggait Centre. ( ’lyde Street.


l l

I Knightsbridge SW1 ~1M‘arlton Plank—Cl) ?


I Madisons «lo \Vest ( ieotge Street. 33] HRS

I Mardi Gras "31)unlop Street. Ill Fol}. I Mayfair Sauchiehall Street. 333 3872. I Palomino ClUb 5 l \\ est Regent Street. 333033,“.

I Panama Jax ( 'ttstoin l louse ()uay . Ill usoS.

I Pzazzjl Royal I:\cliange Square. 331 5333.

I Raffles l5 lienaldei Street. l’ai'tiek (toss. 334 5331.

I Rooftops U3 Satiehtehall Street. 33:

55h} suit“.

I Savoy Say oy (cutie. Sauchiehall Street.


I Sub Club 23 Jamaica Street. Z-lslniio. ITin Pan Alley 3U \litcliell ,s‘treet._‘ll >3"5_

I Venue ~lT-l .SatlelllL‘lLlll SllL'el . 3.“: .‘STI I Warehouse SS l)ttnlop Street. 23] 3M}. I ZiCO'S qua lngt ant Street. SFINNS

I 46 West «iii \\ cs1 ( iL'til‘ge Street. 3.”



IThe Amphitheatre 3t lolltiatt Roach?” "halt

I Barbados Suite lll ( 'oastets ( 'omplex I Bermuda Triangle in ( 'oasters ( ‘omplex I Buster Browns 35 3" Market Street. Sin .1331

I Cafe St James :5 st .l‘ilttes ( entire. 55" :Ml.

I Calton Studios In ( altoti Road. Sin Tlltrly

ICinderellas Rockertellaswsi Stephen Street. SSitlthltt.

I Coasters Complex 3 \Vest lollct'oss. 33s

I Edgars Witt Rose Street \ot'tlil ane,

I Finsbury Park .‘~ isoutli St Andi-ext Sll'ec‘t. 55h llljll.

I Fire Island ll“ [’1 inces Street. lily-loot l I Leith Assembly Rooms.1,:('t»ii\tittititiii Slt'c‘c‘l.

I Liberty‘s 'l he l’lay house. ( iieenside l’lace. SSSRSH".

I MBGISORS ( ilL‘L'll\lLlC l’lilt'c‘. .SSHT. I The Mission Victoria Street. 335 fiSfi‘), I MUSiC Box Victoria Street. lel- 1 "US

I NiCO'SZS King'sStalilesRoad. SIS-354“.

I Outer Limits in (‘oasteis ( 'oinplex.

I Rokko‘s _‘.‘~ l.othiaii Road

IShady LadlBSLoyygale.

I Venue ( ".ilion Road. 55“ RH?

IWilkie HOUSB('o\sg;tte.

I Zenatec 5o l'ottntatnlnidge. SCOT—33.


I Art is listed by city first then byvenue. running in alphabetical order. Please send details to Alice Bain not later than todays before publication date.


I ANNAN GALLERY in i \Vcst ( amphell Street. Ill SUV \ .\lon l~ii‘)am 5pm; Sat‘)..‘~llani l:.“lllttll.

Summer Exhibition l ‘ntil end Aug, .-\ tour ol Scotlatid iii oils. \y .ttei'colottrsand

(ilasgoys International laxhihition is reconstructed as the centrepiece l'or this centenary celebration display.

Stephen Wiltshire I'ntil 28 Aug. \\'iltsltire is a yottiig hoy \\ ho sullers lromatilism. hut \y lio has struggled through that disease to communicate \\ ith his acutely observed architectural drayyings.

I BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART 2th Bath Street. EMS-113. .‘ylon l-‘ri lilam- SpittzSat lllant lpnt.

SummerExhibilion \Vot‘ks liy \Valton. layery . l-etgusson and others. Also contemporary paintings by l-‘ot‘rest. Seotlllel‘. llotid etc.

I BLYTHSWOOD GALLERY ltil West (ieorge Street. 23h 553‘). Mon ~l‘ri

lllain SwillpnizSat lllam lpin.

Mixed Exhibition I "run end August. (ilasgou School. Scottish ( 'olouristsand contemporary artists.

I THE BURRELL COLLECTIONl’ollokshayy .s Road. 04‘) “15 l . .\lon Sat lllani 5pm; Stilt 3 5pm. Rest. |l)|

FlowerPots l ‘ntil ,‘sil ( )ct. Not for your geraniuins. these are \et'y special('hinese pots deeotated \\ ith lloyset's and plants. ltenis lroni the l lth right up to the l‘lth century.

Hanging Gardens of Central Asia 1 ’ntil ZR Septeiiiliety .\'ot so much gardens as 18th and l‘)th century emln‘oidered bedspreads

pastels Slion lllt! at the same time are neyy continental scenes liy (ieorge .'\}_!llllill

I ART GALLERY 8i MUSEUM. KELVlNGRGVE 35‘303‘). \lon Sat lllain SpiriLStni

1 5pm. (ale |l)| Voluntary gtiidcsai'e

ay ailalile lice ol chat ge to conduct par ties oi indiy iduals round the main galleries. ("ontacl the cnqtnry desk

Flowers and Gardens t ‘nul Septemliei' Horticultural tlt‘\\c'l tugs time \st‘l'l\\til1 paperandoils lioni thepetnianent collection. including \iackititosli. l’eploe and Mac l .iggtiit

Mr Wood‘s Fossils l 'ntil ,‘l :\tlf_'tl\l. The story ol Stan \\ ood's indelatigalile httiit to let iet otit tossils including those of the not Ids earliest complete land amphibians

ARight Royal Reception t 'niil ZliSeplc the

loyal reception room tor the lSSS

-_-____-.- H -- ._____-____ _____e__-_-__.__1

l l

l l l l


Smith Gallery‘ Stirling

They got Steven Campbell to open if. they've got four artists to paint for it and ' they‘re looking loryou to be at it. All

this month. the Smith Gallery in

Stirling is hosting an Artstravaganza

with exhibitions. events and performance forall.

Firstthe exhibitions—fourartists working in and around Stirling have been brought together to show and tell. The powerful colour of Lys Hansen‘s female figures lead the group ofthree youngerartists— Karen Strang, a painter who has redirected her focus from Glasgow to Stirling, Gillian Farmer who was influenced by Lys Hansen as a student of the Eighties and Peter Russell whose interest in the central region lies in the industry of the area. Butwithout reducing theirvalue. the exhibitions in many ways supply a backdrop and hinge for the other activities taking place at the Smith talks and workshops taken by the artists. screenings of contemporary video work. discussions ranging from the Glasgow Garden Festival to the future of New Lanark.

With the opening of a new cafe as an added attraction, the month of August is a lively one for the Smith. Contact the gallery on 0786 71917tordetails of programme. (Alice Bain)

Ilielist 5 - ll August 1988 3T