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II)I\III Rtrlll III l\() III :I“s:.~‘:


Three Studio Artists

(ith .lulv 3rd September

\londa) —Sattir(la} Ifi.30am—5.3flpm

Admission l’ree

Sponsored by the Scottish Arts ( ‘mmeil






8-I3AUG I mwa i mzmi I 73>—i I ._< I 7100 3;) (T . 0 7e Ogiw I O—IEC : E 73 : 3, Z Z I



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Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 2pm-5pm. Admission £1.50 Concessions £1.00 Also showing at the Talbot Rice: HEW LORIMER, Sculpture


220 ththTue—Fri 12.30—5.30pm: Sat III.3IIam-5.3flpm.

Relic 6-23 Attg. Members ofthe (‘ollective (iallerv were asked to send vvork through the post on the theme ‘Relic‘. At least 40 have replied vvith evervthingfromdinasaurstoshellsof'fthe beach.

I THE DESIGNER GALLERY I l IILISIIL‘s (‘lose ( round corner from 36‘) ( killer's) (‘ovv gate. 225 277-1.

Next door to.‘\(w‘)(ialler_v. thisprivate gallerv is attached to a framing shop. Sculpture. paintings and watercolours I: Aug IIISept. Sculpture bv Vincent Butler R.S.A. and Zoe Barker Moss.

vv atercolours b_v l’eter (iraham and photograph} bv John llafvv ell and Brian Milligan.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. Mon- Sun 10am -5pm.

Territory— New Work by Matthew Inglis Atig I3~ Sept 3. An exhibition of nevv vvork produced during his recent residencv at the (‘ravvford Art Centre. St Andrevv s. Bizarre combinationsofevervdav obiects. everv thing from stuffed birds. ra_v guns. foam-rubber. to_v trees. gloves. vv aders. vvhip. Bible and oil paint arnalgarnate into images replete \v ith iconoclastic irreverence and socialeomment.

I ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION 22 Atholl ('rescent. 22‘) I528. .\Ion ~Sat IfIam 5pm. Scottish Art 1988 5 Aug 3 Sept. Recent vvork b} a number of artists including (ieorge Devlin. Vincent Butler. Margaret Malcolm and (‘harles .\Ic()ueen_

I EILMHOUSE I.ofbian Road. 22SttSS2. .‘vlon Sat noon I Ipm: Sun 6th llprn. I.icensed test.

I FINE ART SOCIETY I2 ( ireaf King Street. 5560305. .\Ion Sat lflam bpm.

Geoffery Roper t ‘ntII Aug. An Iidinburgh-based artist.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 225 it"“(v Tue 7 Hi I lamv (\pm; Sat IIIam lprn.

Beachest'ntil 1" Aug. Recent vvatercolours in light. summer} mood bv ('Iiarlie \Iackesv

I FREEMASON'S HALL 9h ( ieorgc Street. 22o525" 9. .\Ion Sat‘)am (rpm.

200 DI the 888! The l’r‘inge I’oster has been plucked from a children's competition for the past nine vc‘ttr's. It's become a fr'adlfinn. :\ selection of 200 from [his sears entr_v of 2. IRS vv ill be shovv it here. I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘) Market Street. 225 23S}. Tue-Sat Illam » 5.50pm; Sun ldflpm 5.30pm. I.icensedcafe.

Jack Goldsfein b Aug 25 Sept. (‘anadian artist .laek (ioldstein looks to the light of the sk} for inspiration. There is plent} oi contrast in ('anada - summer skiesare vast and blue. electric storms are not uncommon and snovv} skies are hem) and dark.

I GALERIE MIRAGES The Lane. 4(ta Raeburn l’laee. Stockbridge. 3l5 2603. .\Ion -Sat 10am ~5pm; Sun 2- 5pm. (‘Iosed \\'etlric‘stlzi}s.

Maskerade “v Aug “(1 Sept. Masks Iron] around the vvorld. the glitter and eolourol \‘eniee. ritual from Bali and .Iav a and tribal from Africa.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. Sfiosu: 1. Mon Sat IfIam- 5pszun 2 5pm.[l)](‘afe. The gztllerv'sitistlv renovv lied cafe is open Mon Sat

III._‘st)am 4.30pm(lunchesnoon 2.30pm). Sun 2.3(L 4.30pm. Well vvorth timingvour visit accordinglv The Eardfey Archive l'ntil 3 Sept. Lover exhibitionofsmall vvorks bv thismaior' talent of2iith centur_v Scottish art. marking the 25th anniversarv of her death. Includes poignant details such as a ('hristmas card Izardlev made at the ageof onlv nine as vv e“ as man} of her arresting and thoughtful sketches. A book on Izar‘dlev vs ill be published as part of the Scottish Masters series. price £2.95. Portraits OI Painters Ln!” 2 ()ct. Seven of the voting bloods of the contemporarv Scottish art scene are painted b_v Alexander .\loffat. Ken (‘urrie stands vv uh


Diego Rivera at his side and Stephen Barclay cuts a dashing figure as the voting aviator.

Lucian Freud: Paintings 1947-1987 I 'ntil It» Oct. £1 50p. Freud's realitv can be shocking. A naked vvoman sleeps on the old couch in I’reud‘s studio her breasts bursting vv ith vveight and etched with veins. IIer leg falls open there are no secret folds or teasing mvsteries. Ilerbodv has been formed vv ith the excruciating honest} most people reserv e for private contemplation. A most beautiful exhibition of paintings (part ofthe lla_vvvard (iaIlerv . London shovs ). Don't miss it.

Six Paintings by Francis Bacon Throughout the summer. This room of masterful Bacons enters into vvonder'fullv appropriate comparisons vv ith the work of Freud next door. The tvvo paintersare friends as vv ch as contemporaries ~- in the Freud catalogue _vou vv ill see an earl}

dravv ing bv It‘reud of the voting Bacon. Dav light plavs on Freud vvhiIe Bacon's room has the blinds dovv n the stage for


sensitivitv b} the(i.\lA.

I GATEWAY GALLERY 2—4 Abbe} mount. on] 0082. szhibitions .‘vlon—Sat

Iliam ~5pm.

.\'ext exhibition:

Matt McCurdy I5 Aug- -.‘~ Sept. A voting (ilasgovv artist alreadv shovving in London

and Berlin contributesto thelast

exhibition to be mounted at the (iatevsav Due to lack of funds. the gallerv plansto close ear|_v September.

I GLADSTONE'S LAND Lavs nmarket. 22(v

; 5S5oor 226 5922. Mon-Sat “Iain-4.30pm: Sun 2 4.30pm.

1 Work from Gladstone's Land I'ntil 5 Aug.

The volunteers vvorking for the National

Trust at this I Iiin Street propertv. shovv

; their skills and talents at handvvork. A real mixture vv ith much for sale.


Iliam- 5pm.

Landscapes of Highland Britain s 24 Aug. \Vatei'colottrs and dravvings of the Scottish Highlands. Northern Iingland and

i Snovvdonia. ('offee served throughout the exhibition.

I HANOVER FINE ART III-I I lanov er Street. 225 2-15fi..\lon l-‘ri IIIam 5.30pm; Sat Iliamulpm.

Summer Mixed Exhibition I'ntil mid Aug. .‘tfl Scottish artists. some old. some nevv.

\Voodcarv ings b} Alan l.aIdler. ceramics

bv .Iov 'l'a_vlor. IevseIIcrv va .lohn Wilson.

I HART STREET GALLERY I‘) I Iart Street. 550700‘). Mon» Sat Itiam bpm.

(ierieral selection of paintings and prints bv contemporarv artists. Framing service available.


Street. 556 (i585. .\lon~l“ri ‘)am--J..‘~tipm.

The Scots in Australia t'ntil end ()ct. See

also National I.ibrar_v. Feast to Festival t'nt1133 Sept. The history

ofentertainment isplunderedvvith

material from the Scottiin Record

archiv es and the lidinburgh l‘estival Societv In medieval times. r'eligiousand secular festivals vvere enjov ed b_v commoners in Scotland vv title the ro_v aIs vs ere entertained by organised performances. The popularitv of theatre grevs in the 17th century in Scotland vvith music becoming a la mode during Victorian times. (‘inema vv as the 20th centurv 's great breakthrough. reaching its

height in the 40's and 50's. What happened I

next is happening novv. A good exhibition to vvhet your appetite for the l-estival.

I ITALIAN INSTITUTE S2 Nicolson Street. 22(t3I-‘5 .\Ion l’t'i IIlam 5pm

The Foreign Wanderer in the Kingdom ofthe TWO Sicilies l 1 Aug 4 Sept. An appropriately fine and specialist exhibition for the Italian Institute‘slarge nevv premises. Rare books. paintingsand engravings from the 18th and Wth centuries. illustrating the impressionsof foreign travellers to Southern Italy.

I IXIA «Ha (ieorge Street. information 225

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