’There is only one way to save your life: sacrifice your reputation.’

’If you want to have fresh ideas, change them as often as your shirts.’

’The world is divided into two categories: failures and unknowns.’

’Good taste, is as tiring as good company.’

On paper Francis I’icabia was


National Galleries of Scotland

wickedly witty, in paint he was restless, stylish and shameless. Thirty five years after his at the Royal Scottish Academy death, one of the most Princes St . Edinburgh - 3f) luly provocative voices in modem to 4 September - also on show

art shouts louder than ever. THE MAL; lL‘ MIRROR

I__-_- 35 The List 5 ll Augtrst IUSS

Satie. Debussy and Franck (phone 556 8921 for details). Talks Free. 19 Aug at lpm—Simon Wilson (Tate Gallery) on Dada and Surrealism; 2() Aug at lpm—Simon Wilson on Francis Bacon; 22 Aug at 6pm— David (iascoyne (poet and surrealist) on Picabia; 26 Aug at lpm—Robert Rosenblum (New York University) on late l’icabia; 2‘) Augat 6pm-[ilizabeth (‘owling ( Iidinburgh University) on Surrealist painting and poetry. I ST ANNE'S COMMUNITY CENTRE 6 South Gray‘s Close. High Street. Mon-Sat [tram—7.30pm. Exhibition l5 Aug—2 Sept. Paintings in all mediums. I SCOTTISH AGRICULTURAL MUSEUM Inglrston (near lidinbur'gh Airport). 225 7'554torinformation. .\Ion l’r'i 10am—5pm. Man and Beast [Intil 36 Sept. The relationship between animals and their human keepers is examined in an exhibition ofphotographs and old farming equipment. I SCOTTISH ARTISTS 6' Howard Street. 556 6337. .‘vlon—Sat lern—Aprn; Sun 2- 4pm. Donald Bani Noni McCrone t4 .Aug. I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE Ht) (‘anongatc. 5568136. .\fon- Sat Itlam~5.3(lpm. Next exhibition will be in Augtrst. I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY U4 (ieorge Street. 225 5955. Mon—Fri Orrin-5.30pm; Sat 9.3(lam~ 1 pm. Mardi Barrie. RSW [Tritil 6 Arrg. Recent paintings evoking gardens and landscapes. Using a palette knife. she brings an almost abstract rhythm to their shape and colour. Recent Aquisitions Limit 6 Aug. Stock paintings by Scottish artists like (‘adelL Iiardlcy and Redpath. Sec (‘ity Art ('entre for more of the same. The Metal Vessel l'ntil 6 Aug. A rare opportunity to look at what is happening in the field ofrnetalwork in Britain. Work by fifteen craftsmen includes silverw ot‘k. enamelling and patinatcd metalwork. Most pieces have been made specifically for this exhibition. I SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM Lady Victoria ('olliery. Newtongrange. .‘vtidlothian. 663 751‘). Tue-Fri “lam—4.30pm; Sat l.y Sun noon 5pm. Devoted to the history of mining in .\lidlothian. built on a mining site. A Century of Coal A new photographic exhibition all about coal. one ofScotIand's most important industries. I SCOTTISH STONE AND BRASS RUBBING CENTRE Trinity Apse. (‘halmers (’lose. High Street. lidinburgh. lllarn~6pm Mon-Sat. .lust reopened in its new home. the Trinity Apse the survivingremnant ofa 15th century collegiate church. The (‘entre's collection of replicas arc rnorrlded from ancient I’ictish stones. rare Scottish (irasses and Medieval church brasses. materials for rubbings supplied by the centre. I STEP GALLERY Howe Street. 556 I613. .\fonuliri 10am-6pm. Sat ltlam 4pm Mixed Paintings from to Aug. Artists Peter Bour'ne and I.esley Main. I STILLS GALLERY “5 High Street. 55" 1140. Tue Sun 1 l~ 6pm. Brian Griffin Work 6 A ug- 17 Sept. Admission 7Ilp(~1(lp). Brian (iriffin is best known for ltis work in advertising photography and magazines and his unusual views of the portrait. This major exhibition draws on 15 years work but concentrates on the period after I973 and (iriffin's portrait of the corporate life of Britain business men. entrepreneursand managers. It also includes recent work made on the building site of the Broadgate office development w here the worker becomes both hero and slay e. I TALBOT RICE GALLERY ( )ld ( ‘ollegc. l'niversity' of lidinburgb. 667 till I ext 43tl6‘..\1on Sat. ltlam- 5pm; Sun 2pm 5pm. Hew Lorimer— Sculpture t 'ntil to Sept. A respected Scottish artist. the son of

' architect Robert l.orinter. His work is

mainly figurative with strong. simple lines reminiscent of art nouveatr and times past. Hew lives and works in a private wingat Kellie ('astle where his family have taken holidays all his life. Hill of'l‘ar'y it. in the same district in Fife and not many miles away . was built by his father at the turnol the century and like Kellie. is now owned by the National Trust and open to the public.

Artist-in-Residence closing date 13 Sept. Applications are invited for the 1988 S" artist-in-residence at lidinburgh l7niversity . a post offered for the past three years and held by John .\laclean. (‘ortr‘ad Atkinson and Art in Ruins. Details can be obtained from the Personnel ( )tficc. 63 South Hr tdge. lidinbtrrgh l‘lll H S ()trote reference no. “1H2.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 I lamrlton l’lace.2265425. .\fon Sat ltlam 5pm. Edinburgh: OurViews tour In 13 Aug. l-‘ree. lixhibition of photographic work from women of various ethnic backgrounds.

Landscapes by MacLean and Scott 15 Aug 3 Sept. Two young lidinburgh photographers perstte the landscape of Scotland.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 20b l)undas Street. 5566366. .\Ion I‘r‘i l lam 6pm; Sat 16.36am 4pm.

Mixed Exhibition S 2" Aug. Recent paintings by l'.thel Walker. silver and gold jewellery by Tony Newber'y andsilvet'and enamel jewellery by .ludity l’hrbbs.

I 359 GALLERY 20‘) ( 'ow gate. 225 5H1}. .\lon Sat IIISU 5.56pm.

Tenth Anniversary Exhibition t‘nril iScpt

In its ten y'ear'sol showing the workof Scottish artists. 56‘) has grown from a

low -beamed. stone-walled. drnky gallery in the Royal Mile to a large at t centre down the road in the ( 'ow gate w rth two galleries. artists. studios. edncatrorr facilrtics and an adrornrng theatre. Andrew Brown. the lotrndrng director. is still in charge and the name 36‘) t taken from the gallery 's first address. a \ cry .\ew York thing to do) Is now w ell-established asa promoter of young up-and-eornrng talent. This exhibition shows the work ol .‘stlof those artists who hay e show it w itlr the gallery in the ten year s since its inception. .Itrne Redterrr. l.y s l lanscn.

Douglas Thomson and Joyce ( ’arr ns are some of the names w hrch stand out in the list.

Studio FloorGallery‘I’luee ar'trstsworkrng at 36‘) show recent paintrrrgs Rose l'r'arn. Rob McCarthy and Robert .\laelaurrn. ITRON KIRK l ligh Street. 66‘ till I Department of Anatomy for info

Death Masks and Life Masks of the Famous andlntamoust‘nrilttsepr .lolrn tx‘ears. Samuel Johnson and Srr Walter Scott are some ot the faces in this macabre but intriguing exhibition.

. l5 l in“ c Street. 555 I276. .\lon l-r'i Illant 6pm; Sat

lllam 4pm: Sundays by .rpporntrrrent Fiona Sutherland t "mil 3 Sept. .\ Seottrsh Sculptnrcr.

GALLERY l’atttotltall. Hamilton l’lace ( near 'I heatrc \\ or kslropr .\lon Sat2 6pm.

\\'.-\SI’S have struck on a fast rnoy rng exhibition programme \lttt\ylll:.' the work of artrsts wor'krng in the strrdros abov e the gallery.

Week Ones I5 Aug. |rrn( oekbur n. Keith (irant. Brian frost and ( iet r y .\Ic( iowan. WINE EMPORIUM "Devonl’lrrec.3»16111‘ .\lon Sat Illam 6pm. Snrr l lanr 5pm Vintage '88 6 Arrg .1 Sept. ( )yer AIHScottrsh artists have prodrrced new work lot this exhibition which otters a rust prr/e ot L‘W (given by lotnsde Vernier ('avat .\rtrsts include Kate l)ownre. Rerrrhard Behrcns. (i\\ y netlr leech and .loset‘ltl rte ,