I The Bishop's Wile ( Scottish 1

1.30 3.3(lpm. (iarv (‘ooper is supetbas the angel Dudley coming dovs n to earth to helpout a young Bishop. Dav id Niven. Made in [947.

I Book Choice ((‘4 1 755— Spm. .>\uberon Waugh. editor of The Literary Review rev'ievvsthe nevs novel by Keith Waterhouse. ()urSong.

I Three Days of the Condort Scottish 1

S~ lllpm. szeiting espionage thriller vs ttli Robert Redford :is a tnati vs lio's seen to much on the run from the ( ‘l:\. and vs ith Faye Dittiavsay as the vsomen vs ho befriends him. TV version of the Ill—'5 movie directed by Sydney Pollack.

I Playing For Real (1111(‘1 111.311 11131111111. (‘ontinuiiig the story of otievsoman's attempt to be accepted iii the rough. tough world of Subbtiteo. l’atricia Kerrigan stars in BB(‘ Scotland's nevs drama series.

I The Incredibly Strange Film Show ( ( 111 10.30- ll..‘~llpm. .lotiatliati Ross‘s nevs six part examination of lovs budget cinema his private passion. I’rogramiiie one featuresaii iiiterv ievs vvitli John Waters. directorofllutrspmv.

I International Athletics (Scottish 1

Ill.35--l 1 .35pm. 'l'he Kodak 'I'SB Olympic 'l'rials-A crucial athletics meetttigt'or Britain's()lympic hopefuls.

I (Scottish) 13.3Il—25llpitt. .\It1sl remarked-on aspect of Blake Izdvs ards‘ satire on the movie business. vs as his success iii persuading Julie Andrevs s to bare her breasts. Features a host of co-s‘tars and the last film appearance of William Ilolden. .‘vlade iii 1981.

I Providence ((‘41 12.311-2.3(1atn.8n;1oiitt Gielgud stars vvith Dirk Bogarde. Dav id Warner. Iilaine Stritch and Denis l.avs'son in Alan Resnais' first linglish language film. Written by the late Davis Mercer l a

season of whose plays has been play ingon

I Craig Ferguson makes his appearance in Glasgow. By the Way (CA. Tuesdays).




BBCZ) it features (iielgud as a dying novelist planning one last novel intovs hich his real family is inexorably intertvs'ined vsith fiction.


I Party Girl ( BB( ‘3) 2.45» 4.30pm. Robert ‘l'a_v lor. (‘yd ( ‘liarisse and Ice .l. (‘obb in 1958 Nicholas Ray film set in thegangland . (‘hicagool the 'l'hirties. Seen by some asa i cult mov tc. I Hoots Monltt‘4110311115511111. 11131) opportunity for a cleaned-up Max .‘vliller tosliovs till his talents. lle‘s cast asati

I' nglish comic challenged to survive on stage in Scotland.

I Grandstandttitit‘i 1 111.55- Stispm. The W est Indies at vsork again. For the strong stomached. or those vvith a vsell dev eloped sense of antipathy tovs ard the linglish. only

IThe Guns and the Furyl 1313(‘11

5.45- 74511111..-\dventuremovieabout

vv ildcat oilmen iii the Khu/istan desert. NUS. vs ith l’eter (irav es ( he of .VIMIUII Int/mssih/t'). .‘vfade iii IQS‘I.

I International Athletics l Scottish 1 .‘s 5pm. I.ive. more (exclusive) coverage ofthe ()lv mpic trials front The Alexander Stadium in Birmingham. I‘urther coverage on Channel I-‘our at bpm and highlightsat 11.30pm on Scottish.

I Manhattan Melodrama ((‘411 lttipm. The story of three kids grossing tip iii the slums. .\lade iii l‘B-l vsith ( 'lark ( iable. William I’ovs ell and Leo ( ‘ari illo.

I Coming of Age (til 1 SNpm. 'I‘he vsotltl's poulation isageing. . . four part serieson i the implications of this achievement of humanity.

I Carry 0nJac|t ( 1313(‘1 1s. Ill»-‘).4llpm. Kenneth Williams in command of the HMS Venus (aliem ) vs ith the ( tn'rv' ()11 team all aboard.

I Film on Four Extra: Sacred Heartstt‘41 ‘l- Ill-15pm. Repeat sliovving of Barbara Rennie's 1984 film about the effect ofthe 5 Second World War on life in a convent orphanage. With Anna Massey as Sister Thomas. The film vs as made by the all vs'onian company. Reality Productions. vvhose (i/usgmt' 81' “re Wily starts this Tuesday. I Shenandoah ( 1313(‘2 1 7354111511111. (‘ontinuing the .lames Stevvart season: Andrevs \'. .\Iel.aglen's 1%5 (‘ivil War drama abotit a widower unvvillingly dravv n in tothe vs ar.

I The Eiger Sanction t Scottish 1 ‘).3fl-—l 1.30pm. ()ver-longflint Izastvs'ood secret agent melodrama. IHeimallBM‘l) 111.115-11.11Spm. (‘ontinuing the repeat sliovs mg of the chronicles of the (ierman village. lluiisrick. as World War II dravvs toa close.

I A Man. A Woman and a Bankt 1313(‘11 ldfitlpm—l2.3llam. Routine 197‘) computer robbery caper vs ith Brooke Adams. Donald Sutherland and Paul .‘vlazursky. I La Balance(BB(‘2111.115pm—1145am. first 111 a series ofclassic lirench thrillers. Richard Berry stars as Inspector I’alouzi investigating the death of art informer. Bob Svs aim directed in 1982.

I Country File (1313(‘1 1 12.3(1—1pm. I’aradoxicall} . if anti field-sports campaigners vs ere successful. many areas

. Jonathan Ross in The Incredibly St

of Britain's country side and vs ildlife vsould actually be in greater danger. (‘ountrv l‘ilc examines the arguments and presents a report oti helicopter fire fighting in the Highlands and Islands.

I Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It ( ( '41

3.30- 4.35pm. Another comedy thriller iii the Inspector I lornleigh series vsith (iordoti llarker as I lornleiin and Alistair Sim as Sergent Bingham. This one. from 19-1“. has a vs ar time. army setting.

I Beneath The Twelve Mile Reelt 1313(‘11

.‘~~ 4.4llpm. liarlv (’inemascope. early Robert Wagner. undersvater adventure. Made in 1953.

I Sunday Grandstand t 1113(‘21 FAIL-(1.5011111. 'l'he British ( irand l’ris motor cycling event from Doiiiiigton.

I Songs ol Praise ( Biit‘i H140 7. 15pm. Nevv series vs ith (‘liff \liclielmore and Sally Magnusson. cov ering the send-off of the '.lohn and (‘harles Wesley' high speed expresstrain.

IEquinox((‘41 7.15 3.15pm. ‘1‘ltc-4ti-year story . vsith a sadendiiig. of Fidelity . the British IV and radio company that despite a buy otit by Indian business man Svs raj l’atil (vs'ho pumped ‘betvseen £15 and 2H million' into the company 1 vs as forced to close. vsith onl_v the name remaining asa brand name on foreign goods for Alan Sugar's Amstrad company.

I The BKO Story (1111(‘317.45 ~s.45pm. The late Fred Astaire talks about the movies‘ greatest dancing partnership iii the repeat shovv ing of the history of R K() narrated by lid Asner.

I Sir John Gielgud —An Actor's Lite ( ( ‘41

9. l5- lIl. 15pm. (‘oneluding part ofthe programme in which the classical actor talks about his career. concentratingoii the differencesbetvveen stage and film acting.

I The lTV Play: Buddy Breathing ( Scottish) 9.30- ll).3()pm. 'Ivs'o deep-sea div ers spend hours together in a decompression chamber. but the pressure grovvs when one startsboastingof bison-shoresexual conquests. . .

IThe Fly ( BB(‘l) “#1 1.35pm. Vincent Price in the original v ersion of the experiment on matter transfer that goes horriva vvrong. 'I‘oo late it is discovered that there is a fly iii the works. . Madein 1953.

IThe Wild Bunch ((‘41 1 1.311pm- 1.55am. The classic Sam l’eckinpah vvestern starring William lloldeti as the UllllilW gang leader. Made iii 19(1‘).

I Scottish Books 1 Scottish 1 ll.3llpm--midnight. The monthly Scottish book programme vs ith reveivss of books by Robin Jenkins. Nikolai 'l olstoy and Allan Massic as vs ell as a discussion on Scots detective fiction.

I Murphy'sWaHSeotitshi1.35»3.25pm. l’eter Yates filtn riiade iii W7“ and set in

ra'nge‘r’iim Show (C4. Fridays).

the second vvorld vvar vsith Peter O‘Toole av enging a maritime massacre carried ottt "\ a (ierman l'-boat.


I The Garden Party ( 1113(‘11

13.115» 12.55pm. (‘elebrating at the (ilasgovv (‘tarden Festival. the openingof the first ’l‘ibetan Monastery in Britain (situated iii the Border Hills of Scotland. I ll Started Willi Eve((‘412--3.411pm. (‘harles Laughton as a dying millionaire vs ho itisists on meeting his grandson and heir Robert ('ummings' fiancee. ('ummings can't find her and substitutes Ital-cheek girl Deanna Durbin. But then laughtoti recovers. (‘omedy romance from 1941.

I Kellogg's Tour of Britain ((‘4 1 (s-(1.311pm. I’rev ievs of Britain's main professional cycling event.

I A Vote of No Confidence ((‘4 1 (1.311 -7pni. Why don't young voters vote'.’ A three-part investigation.

I Rough Guide To Europe ( 1311(2)

(1.411 7.35an Youth capital of Iiurope. (‘openhagen is the subiect of the latest edition of the off-beat travel sliovv. Included is a report oti hovs Inter-Rail is promoting an anti-Aids campaign.

I A Power in the Land (Scottish 1 8.30 0pm. l)ocumentar_v about the threat ofrising house prices to the traditional way oflife in the beautiful ( ~otssvolds.

ITwirl ((‘41S.3l)- lll. 15pm. American tiiade for TV film getting its first shovv ing on British screens. ('entres on the vvorldof baton-tvs'irling. A metaphor I don't doubt for the American condition. Made in WSI.

I Classified Love (1313(‘1 111—1031111111. Made-for-television comedy about Nevs York ad executives attempting tosell themselves through the small ads.

I Bullitt (Scottislil‘)-— lllpm.

HUS—l I .4llpm. Second I’eter Yates film on Scottish in as many days. This isthe classic Steve McQueen vehicle. ifyou'll forgive the pun it contains one of movies most famous car chases. through the streetsofSan l‘raneisco. Made in 1968

I Byline: Dinnerat Noon 1 138(1)

9.3(1- lll. lllpm. Alan Bennet analyses class using the grounding his mother gave him in this difficult art. She apparently talked of people being ‘better class. vsell-off. nicely spoken. refined. educated. genuine. ordinary and (the ultimate cotideiiination) eommon.‘ Bennet sets himself tip as observer of social functions in a big hotel. on the grounds that ‘people tryingtobehave are alvsaysmore interesting than people just behaving.‘


I Distant Drums ((‘41 2 -3.St1pm. (iary

The List 5 I I August 1988 37