Cooper taking on the Indians in Raoul Walsh's 1951 western.

I Ours To Keep (1313(2) 3.03—3.50pm. Start of a repeat sltowing of the seriestltat explains the difficulties facingthosc hoping to protect Britain‘s heritage of buildings. The first programme discusses the problems ofgentrification ofhumble btit interesting properties as house prices in the south of [England continue to rise. IAngel and the Badman ( 138(2)

(i. Ill—7.45pm. John Wayne and (iail Russel in James Iidward (irant's 1947 western with Wayne taken into the protection of a devoted Quaker family.

I Opening Up The Family Album ((4) S—SJtlpm. New series aiming toanalysc the cultural significance ofordinary family snapshots.

I Wheel of Fortune (Scottish ) Sixty-9pm. Nicky (‘oia (woops! A List in-ioke ) with another edition of the revolutionary game show.

I Entertainment USA II t 1313(‘2)&-s,.itipiii. Jonathan King with a report from the soul and car capital of America. Detroit. Including interviews with Smokey Robinson. Aretha Iiranklin. 1.ionel Richie and Annie l.ennos.

I Glasgow. By The Way I t ‘4 ) t). ltipm. (‘hannel 1’our catches tip on the changes that have and are taking place in (ilasgow. (‘omments from William Mcllvanney. Ruth Wishart. Viscount Weir. Ken (’urrie. (iilcs I lav-ergal and (‘raig Ferguson in the new four-part series narrated by Bill Paterson. Sce RDS on page four.

I Stark: Mirror Image ( BB(‘l wan-1 1pm. Second pilot show for a still yet lobe commissioned ‘I‘\' series stars Nicolas Surovy as the tee with the short tough name. Set iii Las Vegas. Stark is investigating his partner‘s murder. Also stars Kirstie Alley of(‘/ieer.v. Shown iii the Murder ()Ilt’ season.

I Pro-Cycling: Kellogg‘sTourolBritain((4) l 1.3(lpni— 12.3Hpm. Stephen Roche iii his first race since rccov ering from a knee injury which kept him out of the 'I‘ourde France takes part in stage one of the Britsh event (Newcastle to York ). More late night coverage throughout the week.

I Affairs or the Hart ( Scottish)

111.354 1.35pm. Investigation intothe pros and cons of Iixmoorstaghunting.

I When I Get To Heaven(BB(‘l)

11- 11.35pm. New seriesofinterviews with celebrities telling Bishop Richard Holloway what they think Heaven is going to be like. Iidna ()‘Brien begins the series. relating her view of hcav en to ‘momentsof grace' experienced on 1iarth. partly through the creative process. l.ater guests in the series include Maya Aiigeloti and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

I Late Great Britons ( 1313(‘1 ) ll.35pm--12.115am. Reassessment of Sir Robert Walpole.


I The Conqueror ((4) 24pm. John Wayne as (icnghis Khan. lipic giggles. Directed by actor Dick Powell and produced by Howard l ltighes in 1955.

I Best of British ( BBCI HAS—is. lllpm. New series of film clips celebrating fifty years of filmmaking at the Rank sttidios. Narrated by Sir John Mills.

I Wideworld: National Geographic—On Assignment 1 1313(2) s. iii-9pm. Report on the work of two top photographerson assignmnts in Yugoslavia and North Africa.

I Minder ( Scottish 1 9- lllpm. Start of a repeat season of the low life chroniclesof Arthur Daley and '1‘erry Mc('ann,

I Screenplay: Out of Love t 1313(2)

‘).25—- lllfllpm. Play by Tom (‘larke from an idea by the director. Michael I louldey with Juliet Stevenson (seen in the award winning 1.1".fi’Story) as an Iinglishwoman attempting to make a new life farmingin the mountains of Wales. She falls in love with a neighbouring farmer but his father doesn't approve of their passionate


I Crimewatch File 1 813(‘1 who 111.3(lpm. Sue (‘ook presents the first of a planned three special follow -tips to ( ‘rimeii‘un‘li (’Is'. taking one featured incident and follow ing the police investigation to its conclusion. In this programme. the only man ev er to become a Supergrass a second time.

I Hemingwayl('4) III 1 1pm. Hemingway (Stacy Kcach) is divorced and marries Pauline I’leitler in episode twoof the'1'\' biography. Moving to l‘lorida. Hemingway enioys his most creative years.

I Nobody Buns Forever I Scottish 1 11.115pm 12.511am. Rod'laylor. ('hristopher I’lunimer and l.i1|i l’almcr in a WoS thriller about an Atistralian detective in London to arrest the Australian l ligli Commissioner. Routine sortot stuff.

I Cabin in the Sky ( ( ‘4 ) Midnight 1.55pm. Fantasy I-oi'ties' musical with an all black east headed by lithcl Waters. w ith the increasing topical theme of angelic intervention. Directed by Vincente Minnelli in 1943,


I Madame Curie ((‘4 ) 2 .1. 15pm. the disco\ cry of radium and the story of .‘vladamet‘tirie. Absorbing biopic starring (irccr ( iarson and made in I‘M}. IGetCrackingtt‘4)5 (reportin- standard fare from comedian ( icorge l-‘ormby . with the. tor the time. dc rigeur army setting. Made in 1942.

I Buck Privates Come Home I BM ‘2) (v»".15pm. I‘M" Abbott and ('ostello comedy.

I Comrades: October Harvest ( 813(2) 7.41} Slllpm. Repeat showingol the profile ot Russian agricultural lilc seen through the eyes of “S year-old Mariya Ktilinich'slamily.

I The Bill (Scottish) Second story of the week from the rev amped police soap that. like the original series. seemsto be taking a long time toch into itsstride.

I The Fastest Men on Earth I Scottish 1

S2311 9pm. l’acey (and so it should be) seriesof brief biographies of the century 's top sprinters. highlights in tonight's programme the great black American athlete. Jesse ()w ens. vv ho so upset Adolf Hitler.

I True Stories: The Other Bomb 1 ( ‘4)

111- llpm. l-ilmmakers Mike Rossiter and ’I‘oni Strasburg tell the story of the production of the Soviet 's atomic bomb.

which begins with the picking tip of a (ierman scientist as the Second World War draws to a close.

IThe Monocled Mutineertlmcl)

9.30 111.4(lpm. Repeat showing of the controv ersial historical drama telling the story of the alleged mutiny of British and An/ac troops in Northern li’rance in 1917. I Esther Interviews 1 BB('II

10.411 ll.lI|pm. l-inal interview in the series with listhcr Rantzen. 'l‘onight she talks to Dr Dav id ( )w en.

I Festival Cinema 1 Scottish)

11.115 11.35pm. Sheena McDonald previews the films on offer at Iidinburgh's I‘ilm liestival. ()n sale today. l'lit' Lisr‘s l-‘estival l’rev ievv issue w ill contain a complete gtiide to the film festival.

I The Scottish Picture Show ( Scottish) 11.35» llSllpm. Scottish art as seen by television.

I Elegy (Agit) ((4) Midnight 1.311pmf1‘he 5

season of films by 'l'urkish filmmaker. Yilma/ (iuney . continues with the British premiere of this tale of 'l'urkish smugglers in which (itiney himself takes the lead role.

I Enterthe Dragon (Scottish) 1 ZSHam. This is the last complete film made by the Martial arts expert. Bruce action classic from 1973.


6 ! Meetingl.esbianand(iay-(‘entrefiSa

I Hiroshima Day ( )n the \Vatcr of (‘oalic l’ark ((‘oburg Street). tidinburgh. ‘)..‘\tlpm. Stockbridge ( 'ND are organising this lantern floating eveningto commemorate the anniv ersary of Hiroshima. 'lihe Iloaling lanterns represent the sottls of the deatl.

I Festival for a Nuclear Free Scotland Meadow bank Stadium. Iidinburgh. Noon. £1 1.511 (subject to the minimum booking fee of 511p). Sec I’eature.

I Claymore '88 Adaiit 1 louse. (‘hambers Street. lidinburgh. lllam-me. £1.1he South Iiast Scotland Wargames ( ‘lub are holdingtheirannualshow including public participation wargaines; Bring and Buy Sale. and displays by w argamescltibs. Rtiii in aid of the Scottiin National Insittition for War Blinded.

I Urban Safari: Cyclepaths in Edinburgh Bridge at Rosebui'n 'I'errace. 2pm. The latest in the series ofsummcr exploratory walks organised by the l.othian ['rban Wildlife(irotip.


I Urban Safari: Waterlile Along Union Canal Start of canal at l‘otintainbridge. Iidinbtirgh. 3pm. See Sat (i.

I Winlon Pottery Open Day yy'inion lisiiite. I’ancaitland. Iiast l.othian. Noon -opm. l-‘rce. Deitionstration. instruction. bargain pottery. I-‘or further information please phone 11875 341) ISS ( Margaret Hallor Jane Saw yer).

I Summer Sunday Strolls at Cammo Meet at entrance to (‘amino listatc. ('amnio Road. off ()ueensferry Road. lidinburgh. 3pm. I‘ree. ()ffcrs walkers an informed insight into local natural history. This week ‘lnsect life". New walkers welcome. For further info please call (131 5572-180. I Super Sunday Kinoo/iers (‘lub and the King's'l‘heatrc. (ilasgow. For details see (


I World Conference on Medical Education lidinburgh. S 12 Aug. Some oftlte waysin which doctors are trained are being increasingly seen as obsolete. 'l'hc

pressing need to address this problem will be debated by 120 delegates. headed by the Director ( ieneral of the World 1 lealth Organisation. for further information

contact Dr Michael Matthewson (131 3% ' 3125.

I Hermitage Hermits Meet at Hermitage of Braid. off Braid Road. Iidinburgh. Want. The latest in this summer series for junior wildlife enthusiasts. Today's meeting is a

treasure hunt cum slide show. For further ' infoplease call (131 5572-1811.


I Cammo Estate Junior Bangers' Club Meet at entrance to (‘ammo Iistate. ('ammo Road. off ()ueensferry Road. lidinburgh. The regular Tuesday morning exploration continues-- today there is a Blindfold

i 'l‘rail. For further info please call (131 447





I Edinburgh Bisexual Group: Regular

Brotighton Street. Iidinbtirgh. Spin. 'l‘onight's meeting is entitled "lhe variable nature of sexuality does it remain fixed

for a lifetime.”




Telephone: 05 1-225 5487


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BuyNOW!. . . ingood bookstores and cafes or phone 667 5438 for subscriptions.

38 The List 5— 11 August 1988