“you‘ve got nothing to do this weekend. there's no reason to sit in the park enjoying yourself with a good book. a glass of beer and a couple of choc ices. You could go on a ten mile run. takeon some competitive croquet players. shoot the rapids in a canoe or test your endurance at an outward bound centre. Well. at least it would give you something to talk about on Mortday morning.

For some people. learning a newsport is like changing their religion they become even ntore fanatical than the professionals. talking endlessly arid boringly— about roqucts. sinkers. and net calls. They spend a fortune on rigging themselves out with all the seriously essential gear and lead people to think they're the hottest property since Stephen Edbcrg.

By next summer. tlteir snorkels will be covered in dust and their squash racket will be lost in the broom cupboard but it won‘t really matter because they‘ve just discovered they've got an unusual talent for the new sport.

Unfortunately. it is nerds like this who put ntost people off taking up a newsport. and spoil it for the genuine enthusiast. You don't have to have expensive equipment to play well; it is only in the stuffiest private clubs you have to wear regulation gear and there are a numberof venues and associations offering competitively priced coaching.

For obvious reasons. Summer is the best time to take tip a new outdoor activity it is only the committed enthusiast who finds falling into an ice-cold lake ‘really good fun'. If you are not sure sport is for you. send off for the Sports Council‘s ‘What‘s Your Sport' Pack. aimed at turnittg us into a nationof fitties. It contains basic information on sports available. charts on shape up exercises you can do at home. and general advice on food and drink. The sports pack is free from the Scottish Sports Council. 1 St Colme Street. Edinburgh IE} 13 6AA.



Most clubs do require some level of competence. but if you are keen. contact



Don’t take summer lying down. Sarah Jane Salway details some of the summer sports you can have a go at in the Central Belt.

the secretary as you may be able to help out with the club and get some informal coaching.

I Glasgow Clydesdale. (ilasgow. (Ml 639 423] (J. Williams). Milngavie and Bearsden. (1-11 9-12 218-1 (A. Bissland). West of Scotland. ()41 339 (I437 (G. Maxwell).

I Edinbrugh Boroughmuir. (131 661-1281 (Robin Welsh). Carlton. ()31 667 3080(1. Mcl’ake). (irangc. ()31 225 3792 (R. llcsketh).


You will need some fornt ofwhite clothing to play. although you will probably be able

to borrow a cricket bat when you first start.


The Scottish Cricket Union. 16’ Ainslie Place. Edinburgh. ()31 226-1401.

If you thought croquet was a gentle game played on rolling linglish lawns. think again. This is a fight to the death. guaranteed to bring out the beast in even your closest friends.


I Glasgow The Glasgow Croquet Club welcomes new members. and offers a

come-and-try session at (ilasgow (ircen (liast ) ey cry Tuesday ey ening. 6-- 3.30pm. It’s free. but if you get hooked. membership to the club is £17 perannunt. Contact: Rod Williams (Captain) on()236 67801 . evenings.

I Edinburgh Coaching sessions are being

run on Saturday mornings at I.auriston Castle between 11- 12.3(Ipm by the Edinburgh Croquet Club. The cost off] per session is refundable if you decide to join. As space is limited. call Rev. Donald Lamont (Captain) on (131 447 4665 to check availability.


Both the above clubs w ill provide hoops. balls and rnallets. \Vcar comlortable clothes. and footwear without heels cg gym shoes or trainers. This is not only to protect the grass - you w ill need to get a good grip when you send your opponent's ball otit of play!


Scottish Croquet Association. 'l‘el: Alloa (U259) 213515.


With Wimbledon behind us. now ’s the chance to search out free corners ofthc tertrtis courts.



A full list of lawn tennis clubs can be obtained from the Scottish Lawn Tennis Association. although selected clubs are given below. While most clubs do not cater for the absolute beginner. they will be able to advise on tuition.

I Glasgow Bearsden. ()41 776 7998 (Mrs Wright). Broomhill. 041 334 2519 (Mrs Cranstoun). Drumchapel. (I41 632 3647 ((3. Connor). Rutherglcn. (I41 647 8338(J. McMillan).

I Edinburgh Barnton Park. (I31 3128424 (J. Goodwin). Craigmillar l’ark. (I31 667 3697 (Mrs Edwards). Merchiston. ()31 4-43 8962 (Mrs Cockburn). Craiglockltart Sports Centre. ()31 4430101 .


Whites are no longer compulsory for most tennis courts. However you will need your own tennis racket. which should be ofa comfortable weight for you and gym or tennis shoes. Running shoes do not give you enough flexibility for turrtirtg. arid can cause injuries.


The Scottish Lawn Tennis Association. 12 Melville Crescent. Edinburgh. (I31 225 I284

()nc reason running has become so popular is that you just need to open your door and off you go. llowever. joininga club can give you the stimulation of meeting other runners. comparing notes and. ofcourse. times.

Clubs/Tuition i

As runrting ltas increased in popularity. so has the number ofclubs. Some examples 1 are given. but to find out the best onefor you in terms ofability. commitment and geography. contact the Scottish Amateur Athletics Association (nuntber below).

I Glasgow Bellahouston Harriers. (1-11 942 (I721 (C. 1). Joss). Maryltill llarriers.()-11 637 771-1 ( Robert Stevenson). Springburn llarricrs.()41 339 3968(.\1alcolm Montgomery). The Great Scottish Run the City of (ilasgow Half Marathon. will beJ

The List 5— l 1 August 1988 41