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bookings. It can bea time-consuming business. so prepare to be patient.

When to Book

I Tour operators release

seats and packages about

three weeks belore the departure date. so anytime trom three weeks belore you

wanttosetotlwilldo.0r : you caniustbooktheday

belore you go. Some


ll you‘re tired ot torrential rain and sick olwearing woolliesin July. thena 1 quick getaway via aLate l Booking may be the answer i to the lack ol Scottish 3 summer. It is also possible. ) ilyou'renottoolussyand . have nothing specilicin l mind. to bide your time and I rely on a late bookinglor 'i yoursummerholiday.There ) are some who would have it no otherway. lavouring spontaneity oversix i months‘ anxious planning. You'll have the advantage olbargain tlightsand/or accommodation. butyou would be taking a risk onthe choice ollocation.

Where to Book

I Mosttravel agents are linked by computertothe majortouroperators and cantheretore dolate

agenciescan ottercheap llights uptosixweeks


7 ‘Specialists'below.

. Availability and


I Generally holidays are lor one ortwo weeks. but you can sometimes get more and less. Although late booking otters are available throughoutthe year lor all types at holidays (including cruises and other

3 exotica). there are more

llights during the summer. so you‘ll have a greater

chance otbetter bargains.

lnlhe high season. tour operators are more likelyto lind themselves with unlilled llights and accommodation. Factors such as British weatherand exchange rates make some years betterlorlate bookings than others. You can optlortlightonly. accommodation only ora

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lull package. Normally a lairly wide range at destinations in Europe is available- mostcommon are Spain. Greece and the Greek Islands. Butyou'll also get holidays to Morocco. Turkey. Italy and Yugoslavia. The destinations are not always the commercialised. crammed places like Benidorm either.

Savings and Payment

I To cut their losses and till near-emptyllights. operators may slice the cost at holidays by as much as

60 or 70%. with return lares

totalling as little as £49 and whole holidays setting you back a meagre £149 inclusive. These are rare prices. but are occasionally possible. Payment must be made in lull at time at booking. In case you need to cancel. you might be as well to take out insurance against it. This will cover the cancellation lee —which can amount to the loss at the whole payment. Conditions will be explained atthe time oi booking. Surcharges are not normally applicable to late availability holidays.

Specialists I The Yellow Pages

listings will give some indication 01 late booking specialists (or late availability specialists), Frutin Travel (23 Gt Junction St and 55 Dalry Rd) lor example. promotes itseltas Britain‘s number one late booker. and is often able. by taking up cancellations. to otter cheap holidays six weeks ahead oldeparture.


I Always check thatthe travel agentyou use is ABTA-approved. This will protect your money in case at company collapse.

Current Otters

I A sample ol currently-advertised bargains gives you some idea. but they otten sell as soon as they‘re released: Outol Edinburgh/Glasgow: Flight Only: to Reus. 7 nights £49 return; to Maiorca.14 nights 1279 return. Sell-catering Apartments: to Majorca. 14 nights £239 return; to Cortu. 14 nights £219. Bed and Breaktast/Room Only: lbiza. Palma. Greece orGreek lslands. 14 nights £229.

Last Minute Panics

I Passports may well be outol date. The Glasgow

Passport Oltice is in mid-computerization. so replacements may take 4—6 weeks. But. by going to your IocalPostOltice andlilling ; out a lorm. you can buya Visitor‘s Passporttor27.50 I (£1 1 .25lor husband and wile on the same passport). It‘s valid tor one year. Two types at identilication are required: either a cancelled passport. a driver's licence. a birth certilicate. or something olthatotticial ilk. NOTE: Visitor‘s passports are not valid in some countries. including the USA. Canada. Australia and laraway places. Yugoslavia and Cyprus do not normally acceptthem. but have agreed to do so until 30 September1988.

I British driving licences are valid in most European countries. but you‘ll need an lnternational one tor car-hire in Spain. Greece. Austria. Hungary. Turkey and Bulgaria. Check other destinations with the AA. lrom whom licences can be purchased lor £5. You'll also need two passport-sized photos and yourGB licence. The AAare at 18—22 Melville St. Edinburgh and 269 Argyle St. Glasgow.

I Insurance can be bought lrom travel agents to cover sell. health. possessions.

cancellation etc. The only

event against which you will not get insurance against cancellation is it you lall out withthe person you're going with.

I Currency Ilyou have problems getting the right one. you can buytravellers' cheques almost on the spot in your own bank. Then cash some at them upon arrival. Airports normally have bureau de changes open all day and into the evening.


IThe ultra-ellicient(ie loreign correspondents) have a bag packed with everythingthey need- clothes and all on standby the whole year round. Ilyou don't. tick all the lollowing: ticket. passport. insurance. driving licence lor car hire. sunglasses. mozzie cream, sun protection cream. beach mat. camera and lilm. condoms. a mixture 01 loreign currency and travellers' cheques. hat. toothbrush and paste. soap. towel. bucket and spade. lightclothes. a book.


I Help the Aged are running a Foreign Coin Appeal. Phone 0532 446293 to gel inlormation on your local collection point. Look out lor collecting drums at selected building societies and BB stations.





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August Special: Glasgow to Athens (via London) only £89 (£178 return). Students only.

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