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Continuing our regular summer guides for visitors to Edinburgh and Glasgow. By Sally Kinnes and Robert Dawson Scott.


lTourist Information Scottish Tourist Board Head Office. Ravelston 'I‘errace. lidinburgh ()31 332 2433. Local offices all over Scotland.

I Things to do and see in Iidinburgh and (ilasgow. look no further than the magazine you are currently reading. published every other 'I‘hursday. which lists more or less everything there is by way of entertainment. by city and by day of the week. in the relevant sections. Basic visitor information for both cities and sortie special recommendations are on this page.

Getting Around

I Bail Scotrail's network which includes the most spectacular routes in Britain. provides regular

sery ices to all the main population centres. except the far north west. lidinburgh Waverley is

the hub Informationml 55h 3-151.

I Road ( iood. for the

most part uncrowded. roads. many recently upgraded. Btis routes go everywhere. The Scottish Bus ( irotlp embraces many smaller local companies. Information U3155b84b4.

I Air Air travel. if youcan I afford it. is the most practical because of the difficulties of the terrain. Loganair is Scotland's airline with the most comprehensive service especially to the islands. Information (1—1] SS") 3181. I Sea l-‘erries criss-cross inshore waters to Scotland‘s many island communities. ()n the west l coast. ('aledonian MacBraync are kings

based at (iourock on the Clyde. Information()475 37607. For the northern isles. it‘s l’&(). based in .»\berdeen. Information ()324 589111.


Most [inglish and Scottish banks have a reciprocal arrangement for using cash dispensers. but some charge for the service. If your account is with an linglisb bank check beforehand or you could find that every transaction will be charged for.

46 The List 5.4—l—1~/_\.ugflust 19-88 '