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dxs arlcd h} a hugc (‘hrislruas trcc c\crs _\car Princes Street I\ lltc main placc tor lashion. rccords. tartan and stitHCltll‘s. l'or antiqucs and good sccond hand shops hrou sc round Stockbridge t on thc north sidc of thc cit} land Victoria Street It] lhc old town; tor l\II\L‘lT Scottish souscnirs tr} thc Royal Mile and Rose Street; in: books. Waterstones lll (icorgc Stl'L‘L‘l is \\ L‘ll stockcd and opcns latc; l'or tood. Valvona and Crolla. a tamil) run ltalian dclicatcsscn at 1‘) lzlru Roivltopol l clth \Valls'l isa must; toi haggis. MacSweens l,‘~tl Bruntsticld l’lacc. 3.“) lZlois gcncrall} considcrcd It) hc tltc‘ l‘L'\t and \\ Ill cxport all ovct‘ lhc \xorld (local import liccnccs on mcat permitting); for whisk} U} The Whisky shop in \\'a\crlc}Marla-1.553 1588. \\ ho rctail piohahl} thc largcst iangc of thc anthcr ncctar in lidinhurgh. (N8 You cannot hit} an} alcohol troru an otl-liccncc ona Sunday in Scotland).


Entertainment on the grand scale returns to Edinburgh with the relaunching of The Maybury, the Thirties‘ white concrete cruise liner moored at the whirlpool ot trallic where the Maybury Road meets the Glasgow 5


The Maybury was built in 1936 to cater for the growing car-owning public, and it stands as a memorial to that short, optimistic age belore the war, when the leisure market expanded and big was bountiful. Re-opened in July, it has been marvellously restored by owners, Welcome lnns, at a cost of nearly £2 million, and offers stylish eating, drinking and dancing as well as catering for the conference and

wedding brigade.

. (‘hic hunger doesn‘t strikc

until after lllpm these days. Now some of the trcndicr spots in lidinhurgh and Glasgow are staying up even later.

Prices in brackets are the approximate cost ota meal and drinklortwo.


I The Fire Station Ingram Strch 55: 3):”. \lttll l‘hl‘l noon I..“llprii. 5pm llprn (till ll .‘llaiu l*:‘i);.\‘al noon lani;.\'un

noon 11.50pm. (‘ontplctc \silligic.is_\ polc. .-\ppcti/ing lood and \sondcilul slatt, l’asta is hall-pricc \lon lhurs

5 "put ltIlul

I Fouquet‘s Wine Bar“

RL‘llllc‘ltl Stl‘c‘L't SSH-1‘55

Sun lhurs

noon l‘l..‘~llpiu;l'ri,\'at

lL'\t.ttll.tllt. Spcctal liccucc

noon lam (aninous hascmcnl hat and

dur tng lltc ( iatdcu


I Change atJamaica

ll l A ( lydc l’lacc. ~13” 4-133. \ltlll \Vc‘tl.

noon midnightz'l‘huis noon 3am: Sat Sun noon 5am. (lass) dccoi :llttl \\ t‘ll-sc‘lc‘t‘tt'tl lllc‘ltll lorscrtous latc night catcrs. llard-to-liclim c locomotncsliurtlc oxcihcad. l Ll")

l l l llthL' SII‘L‘L'i 3:1 \‘l‘ll, \lon Sal

noon 3am; Sun

hpm 2am

I ong-cslahlishcd uighl-luuccalcric “till transatlantic lcaningsand nicnu. ltl5l

l'L‘\tl\ .ll .llltt\\\ c\tra latc nights at \\ L'Chk‘llkl\ and promotion nights.

t L 11.51!)


I Bo's Bar sl lligli Slrccl 5555")!» .\lon Sat noon l.ini;Sun

o..‘~llprii lam, Bright ncu har tuckcd do“ n a closc. Salads.iltdstlltstanlial snacks, t till.

I Miahs l" l'orrcst Road

335 “.‘sllti Sun ’l'hurs noon 3.,‘~llpm.

5..‘~llpni midnight ( l-ri Sat lllllll laml (Eric-liar atinosphcrc. but thc tood

istandooii audgood.

5 (9.33)

I City Caté 1‘) Blair Strch lellll35. .\lou Sal. noon lani ( lood until llpni l; Sun noon llpm. (iood pasta and sonic surprising staitcrs. A [FltlL‘L‘ ltl l‘c‘ \L‘L'll it]. t t l Fl

l Dazzling glass and chrome meet the 3 eye in the foyer bar, accessed through

the monumental car radiator which serves as an entrance. Much of the art deco interior is original, and alterations, like the Busby Berkeley stairway in the ballroom, have been done with tremendous care for period detail. The Maybury, with its capacity to cater for parties of up to a thousand, its suites, its six bars, cinema and chapel, is guaranteed success in the special occasions‘ market; but it is definitely worth a visit to sample dinner in the pleasant balcony restaurant, to breakfast in style and for the aura of well-polished period calm. The Maybury, Maybury Road, Edinburgh. 031 3391430. (Julie Morrice)

Robert Adams” dramatic masterpiece. the centrepiece - of Scotland‘s first Country Park. makes Culzean the most visited National Trust property in the world.

Free leaflets and travel advice from:

‘5' National Trust for Scotland

158 lngrarn Strcct. (ilasgow. (it Hi] (tcl: (Ht 553 8391).

REAL 170008


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