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to look silly hy the SAC's immediate decision to co-opt her to the Drama Committee which doesn‘t require Scottish ()ffice approval. Camphell Christie is now involved in a sharp exchange of letters with Forsyth. accusing him of ‘a party political decision‘ and ‘a narrow. petty. dogmatic position.‘ Of course I don't know whether that's really why Mick the Bald refused the appointment hut it would certainly he in character. It is the pattern of the present government to fill all available committee places with what they like to call ‘our people‘. It makes you wonder whether a hona fide delegate structure for the SAC might not he safer in the long run.


Do you rememhe r when I Iarley' Davidson was synonomous with those wild machines ridden only hy I Iell's Angels‘.’ Peter I’onda had one in [iusy Rider. I wonder what the Angels would make of the latest machines to hear the I Iarley name -— the electric huggies that transport arthritic executives round the (iarden Festival site. Must have heen a had day for the salesforce when the new models were presented to them.

Scottish Arts Council. New Council y memhers have to he approved hy‘ the Scottish Office and ahout six weeks ago five new memhers and a new vice-chairman were duly appointed. lo the irritation ofCamphelI Christie. the SH IC‘s general secretary. they did not include Kathy Finn whose name had heen put forward h_v the SH 'C.

Strictly speaking the SAC is not made up of delegates. political or otherwise. But in its role as a maior ' player in Scottish puhlic life there i has always been an S'I‘I 'C nominee on the Council. something which has heen hroadly w elcoined hy SAC‘s officers. So when Charlie (iallagher. . Scottish sercetary of .\'AI.( '10 and , now President of the SH '( I I resigned hecause he had too many commitments. the S'I'If( ' expected their nominee to go through on the nod. After all Kathy I-‘inn. former president of the ICIS and a primary school teacher. sits in on the hoard of Wildcat and on Maylest's trade union committee so she knows her stuff and the SH 'C’s involvement with la vie culturelle is more extensive than ever.

'l‘he decision. hy' that popular folk hero Michael I-‘orsyth. not to approve her has already heen made


Robert Dawson Scott reports

ships together; an office development is always a speculator‘s dream. never somewhere where people might go to work (never mind 3 that all the Victorian huildings in the City centre which they rightly celehrate were the office hlocks of their day). The report hy the Policy Studies

On August 9th Channel 4 hegin a series of four one hour films about 5 Glasgow called Glasgow, By the Way. It is the latest piece of media exploitation of(ilasgow"s current fashionable status the very hype which is condemned hy several of the first film's interviewees. ‘It is just a creation of the people who write colour supplements‘ complains the painter Ken Currie. as if a Channel 4 documentary was any more than a walking. talking colour supplement.

This is something new in (ilasgow. disaffected artistes queuing up to ruhhish the progress that has heen made in rescuing the City from its grimy past. This time it‘s Ken Currie and Craig Ferguson taking the thirty pieces ofsilver (or mayhe it‘s just the puhlicity) and munching contentedly on the hand that's feeding them. 'I’here have heen others. I‘rankly the evidence of the granny showing her grand—daughter round the recreation of the single-end like she used to live in the People‘s Palace was a good deal more convincing. (’I‘he higgest shock to the fashion conscious youngster was where (iranny used to keep her clothes. hanging on a nail over the hed. ) Do we really want to go hack there'.’

'I’here's a kind of neo-I.uddite tendency among the self-proclaimed guardians of the spirit of Red Clydeside. as they sip their premium quality lager in the continental style cafes in the Merchant City. A job isn't a real joh unless it‘s rivetting

Institute into the economic importance of the arts in Britain. which fortuitously chose (ilasgow as one of three l'ls' cities on which to focus. must have given them pause. The Arts. the namhy-pamhy symhol par excellence of the new (ilasgow are. like it or not. part of the overall strategy for the rejuvenation of the City. All this City ofCulture stuff wasn‘t just a hit of luck and a half-way decent production hy 1 Scottish ()pera; there was . Parliamentary lohhying. the whole i husiness. 'I‘he PSI report reveals that i no fewerthan l-I.()()(ljohsin the City 2 dependdirectlyorindirectlyonthe I Arts. The industry for what else ! can you call it on these figures is l l l

worth {204 million. ’l'hese figures are for I‘LS’S (i. so presumahly the figures are even more spectacular hy now. It

may not he the Parkhead Forge in its

heyday. But don’t let anyone tell you these are not real johs.

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'I’here's a nasty little row going on I Typeselling I“ K“””“fl.“

hetween the S'I‘CC and the Scottiin MM“ “mm” “N” 1‘“

()ffice over the composition of the

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