o‘ \ t a .'~2 i"- '|.' r-‘ 7 :lack before but there is i flu 15" TL 'lgfliuj 5mg 50% l I THE ALEXANDER Assembly Rooms (“we a) it more depth ton. in the Fringe Club s m 12 A s It is all pan ofa women‘s toilets. and SISTERS: Cale Royal Bistro :1 I “9": P99: 1:109!" rofcssional dcvclo mcnt witnessin the ritualistic ' (venue 78) from 22 Aug—3 an a one w l. 3" ° p p a . | Davies Caroline Ledd and which he has hccnawarc burning ofcreditcardson I Sept(not8un)at12.30am. 5 Kim "v n h V of since childhood. ‘I l a bonfire in the wasteland I THE OOOOERS: The 1 music?) $4539 wm‘ remember thinking aged i behind The Pleasance. l Pleasance (venue 33)— i m H d m :3“; " scvcn that I had to keep Standard fare for the John Docherty and Moray ; The tat Y3 a :7'0 3 o ' w ~ - - world's hi r test arts 3 Hunter return with The , 93 '9 (WNWe ) r0"115 making people laugh. 1+ . A s s ' - - ' ~ »' , festival vou mi ht think. 3 Couch trom 12-27 Aug (not : "9-3 out ("0t “'13) at which was probably a sign , g I 4 30 P 13 8. 14 ()deCP insecurity and an but when i add that the IMOztS 0:25) and the Aim pm- '8' Bus odd thing to think at that cause for this bizzare ' an em awe 0 on - . ago, And i used toplan ; behaviour lay at the hands l I Kennedy goes solo althe _ :nA'E'EIIHSYRJDGE-l t how it would be when l of the same three men. i ; same venue (mm 12—20 Aug thee 38'8"": :Iamgago 3 a was eight. makiiigthc , you'll realise that these l 528AUHs°PllMl15°V (venue 78) Iynme com an same people laugh. lsaw ' are no ordinary feverish I 29MB) 8t11.599m: 0' Pam“ Mame'andp Y it as a progression and l ; Fringe flashbacks. . I ARNOLD BROWN. |88t . ' . . I . . . ' . i years wfy Peffingward Martin Soanlrom15 still want to make people i Once again the Doug , . . s s 8 15 laugh when I am I Anthony Allstars are Winner is With Liz Lochhead 3i" (Mi "03) at - Pm- sixty-fivc.’ bringing their inimitable and Simon Fanshavve in :ROY:UTC"IN€|: ink -. ... . .. . , f i . 2 .. I “Triple Exposure' at the pace oppers. ac em ._But thisyear at leasthc I br tiltintjAletl’ ilian .1 IV A M a t 12 and Really mg Fish. am” will be content to take it musical anarchy to . ssem y ooms rom ~ - - - ' - 5 - - ' r; .. 1 ' Pleasance (venue 33) from easy in Edinburgh. ‘l m lzdinburgh. The three of - I AUG-3 Sept(not 25 Aug)at not doinganvthing them* Paul Mchrmott. "'8 Bongo" 0" "'8 comm 10pm. 12AUH sepltnmmonsal athletic. swir'nmmg Richard Fidlcrideim worst thing you can say. cases very. very .EARL on"; Fringe Club 25Aug).at7.50pm anil ina maybe. but I'm not going Ferguson now split their We gait“ gm): rtcsp‘méc Shallcnfmg and gen“: 2);" "(lsz '. ., i “a h . ,, . A A 2"; out 0 lCITTt it lmC. eman lllg on an out is ac ' mm . [in 3:523:535: 2r! :jlr:nk 'lihL‘ SCI for a Doug audience. Au“ at and Heathcote Williams at "18 198612101 mugged up in “.nh an Austin, and YOU“ i Anthony Alistairs Show .Jack Kill” has changed I at The P|easance (Vanna Traverse (venue Edinburgh. so I’m looking get sum- uncrhilurfims changes every night. only his role from performerto i 33) in 'Anemoon Trumpet Aug, 2pm; 23-28 Aug. at thisasthird time luckv'. storvdr'awn fromtheir ihc COS‘umc“ minimum: derCl‘Vflil‘VC d‘mc qU'ica with Crumpet’ 0018. 20.25 g'mpmiao Aug—3 sem' 12 he savs worriedlv. In fact performances around the same uanSth and mm h“ "f mung 0"" from and 5 27 Aug at 4W“ (licket "0°"- he‘ll be avoidingall risks: world. 1‘ “65h '“YCWimW'd- advising” indeed price includes tea and I KIT ANDTHEWIDOWI ‘For the past few vearsl Over in (‘anada they This year lhe-Vile “mkc‘j dircaing' “‘5 Wm” cake). cale Royal 8mm (Venue have celebrated with i found the audiences much 0‘" a mum." “CWbMChOf (’riglni‘llyth‘mghi l mighl l .THEINSINUENDOS:The ultra!“ 22 Au9-3 Seminal champagne and an Indian less sophisticated and the “mils 5” them." 1’? 3‘ _ (10.50“) m0 it doesn‘t . ' PIeasance (venue 33) in Sun) at 6pm and from 22-31 meal before I got uptherc. comediansmuch more “Ih‘ilc 5‘” 9f Surpr'scsm Scum SUddc" ("Surl’rl‘smg ‘Backs Against the Wall' Aug also allopm. lcouldn't rcallv do that till ‘We don't want them to stores and 'f they don't at all. All lvc done is listen "om 12 AW"; Sam at I THE MSFITS: Scottish afterwardsiiow have adreadful. “’mP hmm‘ with it i’t‘mcr iothcm talking and 10.20pm lemaleduo. are among Otherwise ifmvihead fell depressing pall overthem Awardthlsumc‘ Hle WOTRCdOD the SlUfi- in .1115 v|c|ous Boysmre Diverse Attractions at off it would be my fault just because we felt like “rdcrlng muan Supply 50m“ C3595 I‘ve had the being Vicious in the Riddles court (Venue 11) wouldn't it‘?‘ (Stephanie beinga little challenging.‘ “Hiighlfind Sprine- script that they‘d Wmlcn company 0mm anogethe' trom 22-27 Aug at10.30pm. Billcn) The material does have 1 (Mark F'Sht‘rl- and we worked on it (Meta, Norman Love" 3‘ I NICKELOOEON: Callon I Paul Merton [\isgcnlbly a message. This is obvious i I The Doug Anthony together. It is. l suppose. The aimed salmon (venue Studios (venue 71) in a new Romm (wnuc 15536 ' when one sees the cast. Allstars (iilded Balloon as far as possible. a 38) in .The Boys. Love". Show -wnere Fools Rush In' ~97 8i p Auwn “not ' Judv Pascoe's verv distinct i (venue 38). 233 (‘owgate. reflection ofwhat they "om 12 NIH semat from 15 Au“ sepunot €151. 1i :3) mini-Him}?! siy-lé won her the i i ll Aug-3 Sept. lllpm. £4 want to do more than 930me Suns) at 5pm. £4.5()(£3.5l)) [Fr] Melbourne International ; (£3) Syiythlflg that l ‘t I THE BRASS BAND; I NEWSREYgEZHeriot Watt 5 Comedy t‘CSthitl sprize l lctdtc tot cm. . aan Assembly Rooms (“mu 3) (venue )ln evvsrevue l for best solo performer. i 1'93"." done anything! g (mm1241‘ug at 7.45pm '88' lrom 13 Aug—3 Sept : Theatrical pieces from hg’pc‘ magi" any may ' and from 1—3 Sept at ("0:52 hisugglaaégxéggn- : John Attila Mcilenry. , t .. H _ c angcst rccrca 3/ 9.30 m. I : who sometimes passesas fid‘tgh'ff‘”“HEW?” interesting POOP”. I CADMBmDGE with Mark Steelatllie F‘" m "‘6 ‘W 5 3”” Sinfic'd- "‘C‘m‘“ "1"” i tilin'a‘fiméfi‘i‘ii “M .D" M g" and 3““ Y"“ rooruciirsi Heriot Watt Assembly Rooms (venue 3) highlights of last vear's : Iron Curtain Call and the L g‘. M‘ g C (01'! Go Wrong if you are 7 . .Shee Go trom 12 MM Sept(not Festival were seeing ii C‘ t r i3riton‘ J ig ! Daub” ( “dd/es and expecting 't quiet nice glen": )mzzA 933 SB 1m Mon 29) atmidnighl . .‘su 1; v rcac _ a) y v r . i m u . giant polo mint rolled pyjah. winner of the 1988 ‘Sl‘m‘i (“If ii“ “I”! cabaret performance; (wot Suns) and Cam)“ I GERRY SADOWITZ: is around George 8 mm ("1 '1 (mm Coibaret Act of I Offcnng“ Sl'ghlly many parts ofit are 71 i .G d baingloullyiunny auhe Th " t * ' t: R: q, f ' 1-} "i d f diffcrcnt‘ huwcvcr‘ .Ym‘ provocative and swdios (Vimue ) n o Playhouse (venue 59) on 19 “d “‘ "‘" "‘1‘ '" 1:“ “3' n “if, “52;”; Can '1 (it) wnmg.‘ he mmmimcs disturbing gnufetsyzs gem 29 MM & 20 M at 11 “pm eanece 2’; . . . m. . . their own embarrassment t‘l‘i'm‘s,‘ “.m“ PLOP": ‘. The cast have. however. .egoamc ABSSE: The I SENSIOLE FOOTWEAR: at phVSiCa' Lr()(t:r."ngi In“) :1 nukL' It 5 rcnlclnbcrcd tha‘ they are in carccpnfindcd and Ptrf)ll‘be-‘. m”: h entertaining the audience. 12 Au“ Sam 3' 11 30mm ‘Spit It Out' lrom lSAuH patronising. ‘('omedy in ; “,‘t"h.“'1ii'"g.:jf’f‘_‘, 12:?! ‘This is a different kind of I DONNA AND KEBAB: Sept (not Suns) at 7.30pm. North America is just like i ) i . k cabaret.‘ sums up Jack Assemmy Rooms (venue 3) I SKINT VIDEO: with Mark being a lawyer or someone ' ‘:J?:ti';:hfi?$:2t:. Klaff. ‘I don‘t think a "om 14 AUH Sam at Miivurdz at The Comedy who makes salads or a cab L'i hid" .f‘ 1:1 show should be jUst yuk midnight (haumrice Boom (venue 67) from 15 driver.‘ says Paul. ‘In fact l p “.L' LL p“ p c vuk vuk; it's good if previews 0,112 a 13 Aug at AUG-3 set" ("Oi suns) at the cab drivers have a lot Felting I there‘s something more. midnight). 9.30pm. more ersonalitv. lfvou : in “"Euf‘é‘. .d bur) 1 That's the wav you leave ' . - IARTHUR SMITH: in P v - interesting 1 his - « . I JENNY scum. withulie , . make more than one Tf )‘ ' ~ . ~ h, d! ) people with dreams. ideas 83"” in .originauy Arthur Smith Comperes historical reference the ! filcirfggfmlbtl: “a; i‘ ‘n f and memories.‘ anene. a' canon Studios Himsell at The Gilded audience is completely 5 [Ti .." ; lYou Can'tGoWrono (venue "mom 15M“ Balloon (venue 38)irom12 lost.‘ i as :1, “(35.54”? ,u‘“ 2 Assembly Rooms (venue se ‘8‘ 8 45pm (Pwview on new Sept (not Mons) at But like Barry i Thff‘tl? “Sim. 5.“) m 3). 226 2427/8. 14 Aug-3 “an” ' 8pm. llumphries. that elder T:I:,:’Vyltf:n:[:.nit.SUI n s "m Sept. 4pm. £4.50 (£3.50). . anthERGUSON1'80 I THE TWO MARKS: . statesmanofAustralian ' .‘ y: ' : . y [Fr] k m "a- 'd Pleasance (venue 33)ln ' _ . _ w poignant too and. in some . now as eiv eye .Two Marks ~60 some". “"71”? ' “‘8’”me 4“ ; an; paranoia Bing Hitler is with 12 “H Sam ("m Mons m qu‘d‘i“ ma.” 3 “W39” ' Lee Evans at the Assembly 25 Aug) at 11 mm work in their'favour. lhe Roomswenue 3) lmm1_3 IVICTOR AN.” BARE". other comedians were . ' nd‘ ' vi )th' sew at 109m and aim Scotland’s answerto Noel Pdd. 9}}? f f. Fringe cum (venue 2) in his Coward am who “u. fin“: fxf’ldmf , , ovin ‘Festlval Fayre’ Assam], Rooms (venue 3) R"h".'d' 535mg what a broadcast live tor Radio i .w t "d 88 88 beautiful city Montreal n c ora "Y V w and p )pl w )uld a mm“ “13'2" 3' 27 “"9 Goodbye'lrom13Auo-3 "as. c‘ c i g ’C at 12.30pm - i ' ' ' w Se tat5.45 m. in“:1 ‘i'mmhi'j Tripp-limit ' 3mm" FRY 3' ""5" I alias-L533 WIRELESS: or w mg! dt' 59 M ' LAURIE: Assembly Rooms Calton Studios (venue 71) in came on andthe firstthing 3 ' 2741A t we said was Montreal has (gvggue ) mm “a a Pppump Up the V t- - ' "m- c i h hrasel'irom15-27 {UCkmg milling 0“ Martln Soan. Hattie Hayrldge. . a c 9 Toronto. which is the Patrick Mather IJEREMY HARDY. AW ("0' sun) alspm-

The List 12— 18 August 198817