I Assembly Rooms, Venue 3 54(ie‘u1gc‘ Street. 226 .2427 8. (are arid Bar. litises; 23. 33-35. 4(L47. 41A. 62. 65. 7t)~74. 78 83. 81A.85. 86. Alight at Princes Street. 1 his usualy formal piece of ladiriburgh undergoes a trarisforniatiort duringl tlte Fringe. It comes alive and becomes orte of the rttain centres of comedy III the city The elegatit arid reset ved building throngs with people arid life. lhe acts appear in a formal theatre settittg ie they are On The Stage and you are In I he Stalls. I‘he artistes include the Panic Brothersand Mark Steele. Donna and Kebab. and the 1 Joan ('ollins Fan Club.

I The Bedlam Theatre. Venue 49 .‘ Ion cs1 Road. 225 9893, ('afe. Buses: 2 12.23.24. 27. 311. 411—42. 45-47. 611. 61 . 8‘). Alighl al (ieorge I\' Bridge A conve rted church set on a triangular corner giving it auiiique atrttosphere as a cabaret v enue Not the largest settirtg in the world btit one ofthe tttost popular with the Edinburgh University student set. Other sideof midnight cabaret. llarnish Whips It Out and the Bedlant‘sovs n.

I Cale Royal Bistro Theatre. Venue 78 Late" and bar, 17. W. Register Street.ll836 7()4791.Buses: 23.33—35.4tL-47.41A.62 65.7IL74. 78—83.81A.85.86 Alightal Princes Street. A pinsh function suite is the setting for some quality acts. arid others. Acts irt both categories irtcludc Is'it arid the Widow . the Alexander Sistersarid Hattie Ilay‘drige Patrick Mather Martin Soarte. They will perform on a temporary stage and as a result the atmosphere should be quite relaxed. While yoti are here visit the ('afe Royal bar. a traditional old pub with a wooden circular bar.

I Calton Studios. Venue 71 (are and hat. (‘altoii Road. 556 71166 Buses: 26. 85. 86. Alight at (3P0 for Princes Street buses. Restaurant euiti cinema cunt cafe cum art gallery curtt cabaret A modern. arty venue. The theatre will have the usual formal stage format arid a relaxed atrnosphe re will depend on the w hiitt of the performer. In the Carlton Lounge however. a cabaret bar ltas been set up arid so informality will be guaranteed. Acts include Acts ()f (iross Indeeeiicy . 'I‘he (‘omedy (iuild. arid Ian Saville . Socialist Conjurer.

I The Comedy Boom. Venue 67 Bar and snacks. 2 Picardy Place. 55611499 Buses:'2. Some of the best acts iii the Fringe carefully hidden behind a curinirtgfront. the Abercraig Bat. I his is a hug of alternative comedy. A sriiall. crowded but very atmospheric venue. It is much more relaxed than the Assembly Rooms and almost as busy. Acts. who appear front early evening to the other side of midnight. include Skirtt \"ideo. Mark Miwurdz and Sensible Footwear.

I Edinburgh Playhouse. Venue 59 Bar aitd snacks. 18—22 (jreenside Place. 557 38117. Buses: 4.5 51.7--11. 14—16.22 25.34 35. 42-47. 65. 87. The cabaret acts. which include (ierry Sadowitz. take place in the nightclubs above the main body ofthe Playhouse -- Liberty's and Madison's. These are standard discotheques. hot and crowded. so informality is the word. There is no stage so the venues can be counted as

cabaret bars

I The Edge. Venue 115 Cafe arid bar.

l)r urnmond Street. 557 61111) Btises: 3.

5 51. 7. 8. 14. 21.31 33. 811 83.87.123. (3 'l vso relaxed but spacious theatres make tip this venue, Although the acts perform on a formal stage the atmosphere will be very relaxed in this. orieol ltdiitburgh's :nost alter native venues A place to be se en. The acts here include jiist about anyone. no bureaucracy . no deadlines. including yourself it you are that w ay' inclined.

I Fringe Club. Venue 2 t are Rest liar Ieviol Ross Bristo Square 22It5l381iitlo on 226525" ‘1) Buses: 2 12 23. 24. 25.31). 4d» 42.42~'4-I'.f)(1_f11.89..-\1132111t111'ti11L‘\I Road. A paradox. A large. stately (iothic building which contains ‘a vsild and janiboiccash' assortment. [lie 8 till late cabaret includes lzar‘l Okiii the ( irealesl Show Ort Legs and tiie Bi ightoii Bottle Orchestra like the building. the cltrb has had some ot its thunder stolen by others It is no longer tiic ltubol the hinge biitstill has overtones ol a place to be seen You need to buy iiieiitbeiship to be admitted. prlee'sl'dllge'11011112751111.1111”ItitI-Htii the season.

I Gilded Balloon. Venue 38 Bar Rest. 333 (km gate. 226 2151 (Messagesoii 226 4463) Bitses; 3. 5 51. 82 Itxeelleiitcotitedy iiicludiitgthe\‘iciotrs Boy s. Norman Lovell and Ar tlitir Sritilh lhe Late at Lise shows take place in the main theatre in a standard loi malstage setting. lhe atmospheric (jam packed) studio theatre is hosting itiaiitly Scottish talent. including a [)1Y slot vs here Ordinary People havc a chance toget heckled aitd booed off. In the ex-iestaurant there will be food. music arid cabaret blended delicately together, I Heriol-Wall Theatres. Venue 7 Bar Rest. 311(irindlay Street 2293574 Buses:2 12. 3.4 9.11). 111A. 11 15.16.18.IV.3V.21. 22 25, 2o. 28 29. 31. 33.34 35.41141.

43 44. 62. 65. 7|. 73. “4. 79—82. 85 86.11)”. alight at West 11nd. Another studenty hangout, l he two venues are straight theatreswithfoinialscatiiig llte atmosphere is relaxed by the fact that the shows are on late and you are relaxed by the fact that you can take drink in w ith you 'l‘he acts include Betty (L'SA).Jurigr arid Parker. and We Nice People.

I Pleasance. Venue 33 Bar Rest nti'i‘he- Pleasancc. 556 655i) ( Messages oit 556 1513). Bus-es; 3 5. 7.8. I4. 21. 31.33. 611—83. 87. A delightful. desir able central location. a well-preserved courtyard hosts cabaret such as David Cohen. L‘ontic Abuse arid James Macabre. 'l'he veitties are v aricd Pleasance 'l wo is a converted Quaker inecting-hotise giving it a unique atrttospherc. Ilte ('abaret bar is elegant.

wood-panelled aitd relaxed. Obviously

the most informal venue vvill be the 'I‘ent which. we are informed. is delightftilly [any

I Southside International. Venue 82

(are Bar. 117 Nieolson Street. 667 7365. BUses: 3.5 51. x‘ 8. 14. 21.31 33811-83. 87 '1 his eonver ted church. unlike the Bedlam. is not a theatre all year round. It is a community centre. and continues in this vein throughout the Fringe l'he cabaret acts will perform iii the ex-church hall. which will be quite formal. and in two rooms w hich won't.

I Theatre Workshop. Venue 20 (fate- Bar. 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425 ( Messagesort 225 7492) Buses: 24. 28. 29. 34. 35(day's): 41A. 82A (nights). Among the more serioUs acts (Paraguayan Revolutionary Dance l'roupes comments on the duality of the essence of man. Subjectivity is Objective) appearing Iiere. there is a wide selection of cabaret in the cafe. Ihis w ill be very informal as anyone cart join iii. If you are a masochist who revels in embarrassment then this is for you.

Wrisrivnt THEATRE "


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