Spurning telephone boxes. rock drummer Andy Munrodisappears into a lampshade given him as a wedding present. and emerges as Mr Boom. the onc-man-band from the Moon. an identity which. according to his

w ife. has become a major concern in their marriage. Mr Boom sings songs old and new. plays all sortsof instruments simultaneously. gives his audience things to hit. and is above all Jolly with a capital I. Ilis popularityis widespread. having extended as far as Japan and to kiddies old enough to draw their pensions (rumour es en suggests that 'Boom' has been some children‘s first word). and he's doingone show for free. but ifyou miss that there are other chances to catch him on his missions to Earth. some of which also feature the young human magician. Magic Bob.

I Mr Boom and/orMagic 80b (iildcd Balloon Theatre (Venue 38). 233 (‘owgate. every day from 12 Aug—3 Sept. except 23 Aug. 1 lam. £2. Tickets and details 226 2151.

I Sing and Dance Along With Mr Boom Bristo Square Piazza. (Venue 12). chiot Row. 20Aug. 2.30pm. Free. Details 226 5257.


Alter a sell-out showlast year. magician Jon Marshall and clowns Bobby and Crazy are back with their own blend of illusions and circus routines for the whole family. On the slim pretext of absent lions and elephants. the clowns take up the reins and involve the audience in their rather messy activities.lntrepid youngsters wishing more skilled participation may attend a circus skills workshop prior to the performance.

I Circus Workshop and Magic Circus Magic Carpet Theatre. Marco‘s Leisure Centre. (Venue 98). 51 Grove Street. 14—29 Aug. 10.30am and 12.30pm. £2 and £2.50 (£2 ). Tickets 228‘ 217i).


Forth Children's Theatre are back for their tenth Fringe with a blockbuster musical. Annie. starring teenager Lorna Murray as the eponymous orphan and Ben as Sandy the do 1. Chairman and mastermind Mark Gorman explains that the musical extravaganza with a 35-strong cast and

l4-piece band represents a 5

new direction for the company. and stresses that the show retains all the music and glamour of the stage show without the precocious sicklincss of the movie. prrevious records are anything to go by. this should be a lively and well-staged event for all the family.

I Annie Forth Children‘s Theatre. lnverlieth Church Hall. (Venue

120). lnverlieth Gardens. 19—27 Aug. 7.30pm. also 2.30pm 20 and 27 Aug. £2.50(£l.50).


Making a departure from the horribly successful (or successfully horrible) Roald Dahl material they have brought to the Fringe for the past two years. the varied and colourful skills of Open Iland Theatre Company are this year poised with a feather between forefinger and thumb to present The Tickling Machine. an adventure fantasy for 5 - ll y'ear-olds and young-minded parents. Giant puppets and masks: stolen sunshine and (iutrot the (ireedy; another hero rescuing the environment...

I The Tickling Machine Open Iland Theatre Company. Theatre Workshop. (Venue 20). 34 Hamilton Place. 15—27 Aug(not Sun). 10.45am. £2.75(£2.25). Tickets 226 5425.


Yet another hero saves the day in this offering from Catch Theatre Company a new Edinburgh-based


An opportunity lor budding illustrators to win A LARGE TUB OF lCE CREAM! Just draw a picture of your favourite scene or character from a show you have seen at the Edinburgh Festival or Fringe, and send it to:




The sender of the best picture each week of the Festival will win a large tub of Baskins & Robbins' ice cream. There will also be runners-up prizes at a large cone lor each additional picture we print. Winning entries will be published in one of the

Festival issues of The List. Entries as soon as possible for next week‘s issue please.

is g


F“. til; a

Who‘s Alraid oi Red Riding Hood?

'I'heatre-In-hducation group.who are presenting l Whodunnit: a mystery : story featuring the intrepid if unoriginally named detective Nosey Parker on the trail ofthe 1 Red Suitcase (iang. The show reaches the Fringe 1 after a long schedule of i performances and workshops. so it should be slick and sharpon rapport.

I Whodunnit— or The Case that Nearly Got Away Catch Theatre Company. Riddles Court (Venue 11). off Lawnmarket. Royal Mile. 22—27 Aug (not Sun). 2.44pm. £1 (50p). Tickets available at venue. Information 556 2944.


Based on a book from the Meg the Witch series by Helen Nicol and Jan Pienkowski. Meg's Eggs is a story which lends itself to inventive puppetry. Meg the incompetent witch accidently conjures up dinosaur eggs for supper; the dinosaurs duly hatch and chaos ensues. Order is thankfully restored in the end. but the interim is filled with adventure and jokes (not to mention yolks. . .) designed to entertain children aged two and older. The company" sold out last year's show despite hiccups at the venue. so book early. I Meg's Eggs John Peel Puppets. Buster Brown's. (venue 68). Market Street. 15—27 Aug (not Sun 21). 11.15am.£2. Tickets 226 4224.


Although not billed in the Fringe programme. two contributions from New York look set to

re~inte rpret traditional stories in an illuminating and amusing way. Little Red Riding Hood (for 3—10 year-olds upwards) explores vegetarianism.

presttmably without converting the Big Bad \Volfto stew; while Frankenstein (for 7r~l2 year-olds upwards) becomes a fable for young scientists. lest their unemotional experimentation should

engender monsters. These

two shows should be ‘more funny than

f frightening‘.butliave


vehicle forseedsof

thought. which will appeal

to the discerning parent. I Frankenstein ()ft Center Theatre. Royal Scots

Club. (Venue 57). 30

Abercrombie Place. 15—20

Aug. 10.30am. "Pay as you

may.‘ 557 5091.

I Little Red Riding Hood. Oil Center Theatre. Outdoor venue. 15-20 Aug. 2pm.


Theatre Workshop's show

for children this year is

FindoCiask. anew

Scottish fantasy written

and directed by Andy

Cannon withoriginal music by Iain Johnstone. Follow Findo the

superhero on her quest to ' find the rain stolen by the

Smeal. so she can save her

; carrots from dehydration. A Billed asa ‘Big Noise

Show". (‘which means everyone does a lot of shouting and singing’. says Cannon). Findo Gask should be lots of fun, and may encourage thought about our environment.

I Findo Gask Theatre Workshop. (Venue 20). Hamilton Place. 15 Aug—3 Sept (not Suns). 4.30pm. £2.50 (£1 .50). Tickets 225 7942.


Another young superhero on offer is the intriguingly described ‘Invective‘ Dan Kamikaze from Manchester. Borrowing from the idioms of teenage culture (comic books. pop music. etc.). Dan Kamikaze offers humour. adventure and

music apparently inspired by the Shadows. Its teenage cast has already enjoyed some success south of the border. For older children and teenagers.

I Oan Kamikaze St Paul's Catholic High School. Ilolyrood Catholic High

5 School.(Venue 94).

Duddingston Road West. 15- 1‘) Aug. 10.30am and

3 3.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Tickets



Freddie is a day'dreamer who enters a competition to write a story about four animals and win his family a holiday. As he embarks upon his task. he finds himself drawn into the story. and becomes a healing influence on the ailing animals. eventually solving their problems and ~ surprise surprise - winning the competition. This is a brand new play with original music in a variety of pastiche styles. and a new company of professional actors. For children of five and over. with free chocolate animals at the door.

I In Search olBeasties Pedagogix Theatre Company. Masonic Lodge. (Venue 41). 19 Hill Street. 21-27

Aug.l .45pm. Acoustic Music Centre. Students‘ Union. (Venue 25).16 Chambers Street. 28 Aug-3 Sept. 4.30pm. £2.50(£l .50). Tickets 225 7294 (week two); 2202462 (week three).


The invisible faces ofJill and Ian Purves are among the most familiar and well-established on the

48 The List 12 18 August 1988