I The Collective Gallery

CONTEMPORARY GLASS lee HIGH STREET ' EDINBURGH El-ll IQS ~ 03 l -220 |26O by David Reekie (winner of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling c Fellowship 1988); John Ford and others 6-23 August PRINTS AND PAINTINGS by Andrea Tana

SubSId/sed by the Scottish Arts Councd

and the City of Edinburgh District Councd by 10 British Artist/Jewellers including Martin THE Page, John Hull, Linda Lewin and AR'I' FESTIVAL SCULPTURAL CERAMICS CRAFT TENT by Berenice Alcock

August 1 3 to September 3 a} F ESTIVA L 5 Monday Saturday .1 0am—5 .30pm PATRIOT HALL Q 478 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2HT HAMILTON PLACE Tel: 031 2201305 STOCKBRIDGE OPEN 2-6PM DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS so OF BRITAIN’S LEADING CRAFTSMEN SELLING THEIR WORK. CERAMICS, FABRICS, GLASS, JEWELLERY, 20 AUG SILVERWARE, '5 KNITWEAR,WOOD. $8 SE P h o t o h s 23 37—; m m BESIDETHE PIAZZA CAFE x .— E 8 WEST PRINCES s1' GARDENS 5 O o E VENUE No132 An exhibition of landscape photography by Egg Z Sponsored by'l'he Scotsman Scotland's foremost photographer: many framed originals, O :4 3 "T" 19", AUGUST , 28“, AUGUST a massive selection of postcards, signed books, 0 m 10am - 7pm 0 ADMISSION £1.00 (inc. catalogue)

prints, calendars, posters all torsale at

_ _ PRINTMA KERS WORK H Old n g e 23 Union Street, opp. Playhouse, Edinburgh 031 :7 24gP

. . Open Mon-Sat 10-5.30pm, Sunday 2-5pm 170 High Street, Edinburgh

Every day 11 Aug —3 Sept, mam—5.30pm 13 August - 17 September , _ “TWENTY ONE BY TWENTY ONE” Most of the above (except the framed originals) A celebration of 21 years of the PMW. also at 21 Prints by 21 invited artists FESTIVAL FOLIO 2 New works produced in the studio by Assemb|y Rooms William Gear, Barbara Rae, \Mll McLean,

George Street_ Edinburgh Keith McIntyre and others

11 - 3 Subs/disedby the Scottish Arts COLan

'I'hc Lisi I :3: August T98§53