may photographs of her work. her subjects

and herself and is the first in-dcpth biographical work to be undertaken on this important Scottish artist. Photographs

and smaller works are on display ed on the ground floor of the Royal Scottish Academy.

Hew Lorimer- Sculpture t‘ntil to Sept. A

respected Scottish artist. the son of ._ architect Robert Lorimer. His work is

mainly figurative with strong. simple lines reminiscent of art nouvcau and times past.

. I 369 GALLERY 211i) ( ‘ow gate. 2253013,


Tenth Anniversary Exhibition t'ntil 3 Sept. In its tcrt years of showing the workof Scottish artists. 369 has grown from a

low -bcamctl. stone-walled. dinky gallery in the Royal Mile toa large art centre

down the road 111 the (‘owgatc with two

galleries. artists‘ studios. education

facilities and an adjoining theatre.

Andrew Brown. the founding director. is still in charge and the name Souttaken from the gallery ‘s lirst address. a very New York thing to dot is now w ell-established as a protnoter of young up-and-coming

talent. This exhibition show s the work of ,itiol those artists w ho hay c shown with the gallery inthctcnycars sinccits

inception. June Retlt‘ern.l ysllanscn. Douglas Thomson and Joyce (‘airns are some of the names which stand out in the list.

Studio Floor Gallery Three artists working at 369show recent paintings - Rose lirain. Rob McCarthy and Robert Maclaurin.


PSYCHOLOGY 7 ( icorgc Square.

Iidinburgh. Mon Fri Ilium-5pm. Sat 9am —12pm. Lntil 31 Aug.

Moira Bertram. Wendy Gunn and Henry Rogers

I WARE ON EARTH 15 Howe Street.558

1276. Mon-Iiri Illaitt--opiit; Sat

lllam 4pm; Sunday s by appointment.

'_ Fiona Sutherland t'ntil 3 Sept. Sculpture.

: I W.A.S.P.S. GALLERY l’atriothall.

; Hamilton I’lacc (near Theatre Workshop) Mon-Sat 2—6pm. \VASPS have struck on a

fast—moving exhibition programme showing the work of artists working iit tltc studios above the gallery.

Week One t'ntil 13 Aug. '1 1m ('ockbtirn. Keith(irant. Brian l-‘rost and(icrry .\lc(iowan.

WeekTwo 15-»le Aug. Kate Dow nic.

Karen I‘orbcs. Donald White and Kerry Kirkwood.

Week Three 3} 27 Aug. \lareel ()‘('onncr. Simon North and Dorothy Black.

Week Four 2‘) Aug -3 Sept. Lynn Arhens.

l Iazel Walker. (‘lairc I Icllcwell and Anne I‘ortc.

WINE EMPORIUM 7 Devon I’lace. 3-10 I I I3. Mon—Sat Illam—(ipm. Sun 1 1am- 5pm. Vintage '88 L'ntil 3 Sept. ()y er 40 Scottish


5,4“. :1 7‘5! \ sh» «w . I , w l t I it '1' w ‘V 0' . l )5- E1 . I


John Muir Wood, National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

This Edinburgh Festival show of Victorian photographs is typical of the NPG’s excellent style of exhibition. It’s subject tits comfortany within the gallery's academic and educational remit, but here, as in all theirshows, the material is presented in the sort ot easily accessible, even lighthearted manner, that must have been possible only alter extensive research.

Wood was a musician by profession but he had all the dedicated and scholarly enthusiasm for science the Victorians are famous for. His subject matter is not especially remarkable and he shares many of the concerns 01

artists hay e produced new work for this exhibition which offers a first prize of£750 (given by Louis de Vernier (‘ava). Artists include Kate1)ownie. Reinhard Behresn. (‘iw y neth Leech and Joseph Urie.


I CENTRAL CYCLE HIRE l3 Lochrin Place. 'l'ollcross. Info 228 6333. Daily 9am—7pm. Edinburgh Festival Photography and Cat

Paintings L'ntil 3 Sept. It's an odd mixture

and iii a cycle shop too! However. ifyou

need a bike. like cats and would like aview

; o1 Izdinburgh. this is the place togo.

JAMES MORRISON, ARSA, RSW, D.Univ. FROM EAST T() WEST New Paintings from Scotland and Canada RAEBURN PINXIT Mezzotint Engravings after Sir Henry Raeburn BREON O’CASEY Jewellery. Weaving. Constructions PETER HAYES Ceramics

12 August—6 September

94 George Street n \ H i to Mon - Fri Edinburgh 9am 5.30pm 031 225 5955 Sat 9.30am - 5pm

the standard painters of his day. There are family groups, assembled in pyramidal compositions, landscapes and pictures of cathedrals and abbeys photographed as vast, dominant buildings, all masonry and remarkable engineering.

What is especially noteworthy however, is Wood’s interest and skill in the medium, his lascination with printing techniques and his ability to pattern the structure of his photographs in an almost abstract manner. It makes a line, comprehensive show, and for anyone with an interest in the history of photography, or who has time to see only one Festival exhibition and wonders which one to pick, this is well worth a visit. (Sally Kinnes)

l _

I DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS Riddles Court. The Lawnmarket. Phone 337 5442 for information about Gorgie/Dalry Photoworkshop.

Photography by Gorgie/Dalry Photoworkshop 15—23 Aug. ltlam—midnight. Personal images from the members ofthis community group.

I FESTIVAL CLUB Chambers Street. 10am—noon. 3pm—5pm for non—members. 10am—2am for members of the Festival Club.

Body and Soul 13 Aug—3 Sept. 30p Admission. Marc Marnie. photographer for Platform Jazz in Edinburgh. takes shots at some of the great in Jazz - Carol Kidd. Charlie Haden. Lazy Lester. Tommy Smith and others.

I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 228 6382. Mon—Sat noon—11pm; Sun 6.30—1 1pm. Licensed rest.

I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Scotland Street 556 6020 Tue—Fri l 1am—5pm; Sat 10am—lpm.

Dreaming the Gokstadt—Nonhem Lands and Islands-Recent Work by the American photographer adopted Thomas Joshua Cooper 13 Aug—l7 Sept.

The exhibition which looks at the silences and emptiness of Northern lands including Scotland. Ireland. Iceland and Norway is accompanied by a lush book of the same name. Price £18.

I KNEALE AND RUSSELL ARCHITECTS 31 Alva Street. Info 556 4017. Mon—Sat 10am—4pm.

Appearances 8 Aug—2 Sept. Scottish photographer Andy Wiener has a strange way of looking at life. but it hits home with a punch. Should be seen.

I MERCHANT'S HALL 22 Hanover Street.

Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. lntemational Photography 15 Aug—3 Scpt. Admission£1. Children under 12free. The Edinburgh Photographic Society put together their 126th exhibition of pictorial photography. I OLD FRINGE OFFICE 170 High Street. Daily 10am—5.30pm. Colin Baxter ll Aug—3 Sept. Work by the man who changed the face of the Scottish postcard. Colin Baxter. I PORTFOLIO GALLERY AT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 43 Candlemaker Row. 220 1911. Ruth Stirling Until 3 Sept. Photographs by a Scottish photographer from her experiences as artist-in-residence at the Marine Station on Cumbrae. This exhibition marks the opening ofthe Photography Workshop which offers darkroom facilities. advice for young photographers. classes. workshops and talks. The workshop has also started its practical activities using the newdark room facilities. It's recommended that you take a look. Colour Printing Workshop Sat 20 Aug 9.30—6.00. Studio Still Life Sat 21 Aug9.30—6.00. Telephone for more information and rices. I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm. From 14 Aug to 4 Sept hours are extended to Mon~Sat 10am—6pm; Sun 1 1am—6pm. A free Festival Bus runs every half-hour between the National Galleries and other exhibition venues. John Muir Wood 1805-1892 Until 5 Nov. £1 Admission. John Muir Wood is a find. A musician who took to photography in the 1840‘s and 50‘s. his photographs are both remarkably beautiful and ahead oftheir time. His work was lost to both public and the world of experts. but in 1986 his descendants gave nearly 1000 photographs to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. which in recent years has built and is still adding to a wonderful collection and archive. 200 of the finest images are shown at this year‘s festival for the first time. Concert 8.18.26 and 29 Aug at 7pm. £2. Music associated with the life ofJohn Muir Wood. (phone 556 8921 for details). Masterpieces lrom the Edinburgh Photographic Society Collection Until 11 Sept. A small but pleasing exhibition of work by pioneer photographers from Edinburgh. Informative. witty. well-chosen and well-labelled. this isjust the sort ofexhibition the NPG organises superbly. I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 552 7171. Gardens Mon—Sat 9am—sunset; Sun Ham—sunset. Plant houses and exhibitions (mounted in lnverleith House) Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 11am—5pm. Sun Gardens Until 2 Oct. This pioneer of photography produced these little blue ‘shadows' of algae by the cyanotpr method which involves using cyanide and became the first person ever to illustrate a book using a photographic method. The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh has one of the few surviving copies of‘British Algae‘ and this exhibition shows 50 works in biographical context. Workshops to enable visitors to make their own cyanotypcs have been organised. Phone the above number and ask for Paul Nesbitt for more information. I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 225 6671. For Eardley exhibition Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2-5pm. Joan Eardley 12 Aug-10 Sept. Admission £1 .50 for the Academy and Talbot Rice Gallery. This exhibition is an off-shoot of the major festival showing of paintings at the Talbot Rice Gallery by this Scottish artist who died 25 years ago. At this venue, a selection of photographs by

54'l‘he List 12— 18 August 1988