Glasgow photographer ()scar Mar/.aroli of the artist and her working environments will be accompanied by a group of gouaches and drawings. See Talbot Rice (iaIIcry in Scottish Art Section for details of the main exhibition. I SCOTTISH COUNCIL OEVELOPMENTANO INDUSTRY 23 (‘hester Street. 225 70] l. Mon—I-‘ri ‘).3(larn—-1.3llpm. Polaroid instant Images 15 Aug-2 Sept. World famous photographers shoot their paces with the Polaroid instant camera. I STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street. 557 1140. Tue—Sun I I—(ipm. Brian Grillin— Work t'nul 17 Sept. Admission 7lip (40p). Brian (iriffin is best known for his work in advertising photography and magazines and his unusual views of the portrait. 'I’his major exhibition of 15 years‘ work particularly concentrateson the period after 1983 when (iriffin began photographing the corporate life of Britain business men. entrepreneurs and managers. It also includes recent work made on the building site of the Broadgatc office development where the worker becomes both hero and slave. Talk and Perlormance by Brian Grillin wed 24 Aug at 7.30pm. Held in the Royal (‘ollege of Physicians. () Queen Street. £2.50”; I .50). Tickets from Stills. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l Iamilton

Place. 226 5425. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Edinburgh: Our Views Lintil Fri 12 Aug. Free. [Exhibition of photographic work from women of various ethnic backgrounds.

Landscapes by MacLean and Scott iS Aug—3 Sept. Two young [Edinburgh photographers pursue the landscape of Scotland.


I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 (ieorge Street Dazzle 12 Aug—3 Sept. Ham—midnight. seven days a week. The jewellery group

3 Dazzle return to the Assembly Rooms for

the sixth time. From their large selection

of work by top-class designers. it is

possible to select silver. gold. perspex and titanium -- in fact. almost everything you

can twist into an earring or bend into a

bangle. Dazzle have sold to I.enny l Ienry

(who is in town this year) Annie [.ennox

I and Paul McCartney. but withstarting

i prices at £5. their goods are affordable to


i I BACKROOM GALLERY 42 London Street.

5 5568329. Mon- Sat 9am» 5pm.

" “as 7‘

Pietro Longhi, National Gallery.

A little oval gallery to the back at the National Gallery holds a small collection at paintings. Some are by Pietro Longhi, others are by his imitators. They are pretty and cosy, a mini-contribution to this year's lestival theme at Italy.

That is because ol course the National Gallery is altering its red lelt walls, specially designed carpets and gilt as its lestival glorytbis year. The ‘Redecoration’ is set to open mouths and elicit oohs and ahhs. Not quite set, as the Longhi pictures were opened to

the public, it was obvious there was work yet to be done in the east wing. ‘They'll be up by Sunday’ said one at the warders, his voice hinting at surprise that this indeed was possible. Anything's possible in show-biz and no doubt by the next issue at the List the National Gallery will indeed have been to the ball. More on that anon.

Back to little Longhi, painter at Venice in the days when ladies could

getaway with cheating at cards by laking a swoon and the streets were lull ol puppet shows and elephants. Well, one elephant. The lirst, perhaps, to be seen in Venice. And there he is, looking all at sea in the 18th century middle-class streets at this Italian town. The three little graces at the Punch and Judy show (or equivalent) look sugary and innocent and probably know nothing about elephants. Not so the lady carressing her ample bosom as she rises lrom her morning bed now she knows a thing or two.

These pictures show a perlumed, silky way at Iile —just right for the new look National Galleries. Almost naive in style (though the original Longhi’s are lar more sophisticated than the copies) they are intriguing as society pictures, telling tales lrom the unmasked boudoirto the masked ball. (Alice Bain)

See the National Gallery under Past Masters section lor exhibition and venue inlormation.


PORTFOLIO magazine



FEATURES PROFILES LISTINGS £1.25 Iii Iiilllllll‘lllillst'l' liow

l‘.(lirilitir';_vli ICIII 3f)” (llIiI) 33o lull

The new fully illustrated OFFICIAL GUIDE TO GLASGOW has been designed forthe visitor, the tourist and the resident. Full of helpful information with tours, routes, maps and colour photographs.



Until 10 September RODICK CARMICHAEL: THE ANTIPODEAN DECADE I978 I988 Paintings produced by the talented Edinburgh born and trained artist since his move to Western Australia

12 August 24 September

REALITY AND IMAGINATION IN NEAPOLITAN PAINTING FROM THE 17th TO 19th CENTURIES 40 paintings from public and private collections illustrating aspects ofeveryday life and customs of Neapolitan society to celebrate the theme of the 1988 Edinburgh Festival

Until 15 September DRAWINGS BY ROBERT COLQUHOUN A series of 29 drawings. together with many more. produced within 48 hours. including portrait heads. birds. animals and circus figures.

2 Market Street, Edinburgh

MonnSat lOam—6pm

During Edinburgh Festival, Sun 2pm—5pm

Admission Free




The List 12 18 August 1988 55