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14th April to 4th September

Royal Museum of Scotland Chambers Street, Edinburgh


OPEN: 105 MON-SAT, 2-5 SUN

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SCOTTISH ART 1988 THE EDINBURGH 23 Atholl Crescent. Edinburgh





Ruth Stirling, Portioiio Gallery at Photography Workshop

At the new Portioiio Gallery 3 dogtish turns its tail in Orbit and righttully takes centre stage in photographer Ruth Stirling's ilrst exhibition in Edinburgh.

Twisting in the water like a black jewel,

the dogtish is a creature at home in its glistening element. And yet the iish ls captive prey to the nets oi scientists at the Marine Biology Station on the west coast Isle oi Cumbrae.

Ruth Stirling spent some months in 1986 as artist-in-residence at the Marine Station working with resident scientists and absorbing the nature at the island. What she iound was a community busy with contrasts and activity- scientists sailed in irom around the world, the islanders lived an island lite and that at the sea and sky, the birds and iish take on that environment, the ambiguous position oi being haii specimen, hali natural inhabitant. With a naval base just up the water and Glasgow just down it, it is a complex little island, the meeting place of world issues like deience, pollution and at man and the sea.

That complexity is the backdrop ior Stirling's art. lier best photographs untangle that seaweed oi ideas and concentrate on Individuals be they marine or human. Divers in wet suits take on the textures oi the startish and seaweeds around them. The dogiish circle their captor. A gannet’s leathers constrast with the bare human hands

which hold the bird tirme and two girls


: lie as twins in the sun. Relationships

abound -the relationship between two people, a man and his iish, a diver and his prey, the sea and the sky, and the islanders and the umbilical terry. In

5 some there is a note of intensity related : to Paul Strand's west coast portraits

and in others there is the straightforward examination oi the scientist.

Stirling reveals herseli in this work as an explorer. That is her strength. While

: this exhibition shows, Stirling herseli

is on a trip to northern Canada where the winter will challenge her photography with 24 hour darkness. The photographs oi Cumbrae lay the ground tor such outpost journeys and it is likely that we will see more oi Stirling’s work at iuture iesiivals. (Alice Bain)

See Portioiio Gallery under photography section ior exhibition and venue iniormation.

East Coast Talent 7 Aug—4 Sept. Six young artists show in this delightful room in the ‘back shop'. All are recent graduatesof Dundee and Edinburgh colleges ofart. Graham Anderson makes 3-dimensions with his sculptural ceramics. Richard Couzins paints and constructs. Ruth Downie makes textiles and prints. Dannie McFie is a painter. Alastair Mack looks to Matisse for print inspiration and Jared Lee Taylor fashions jewellery. It’s a colourful selection for the festiyal.

I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 2424 ext 6650. Mon~ Sat 10am-6pm. Sun 21.28 Aug and 4 Sept 3—5pm. licensed cafe. [D]

Designed Environments in the Netherlands L'nti15 Aug. Edinburgh is the first [TK city to adopt a percentage for Art scheme btit a similar scheme is tip and runningin Holland. This exhibition sury'eys some of the results.

I COLERIDGE GALLERY 47b George Street. 2201305. Mon—Sat “lam—5.30pm.

This is the place to see contemporary British glass; the selection is always excellent and the gallery. recognising that glass is a tactile medium. has a very welcome policy of encouraging visitors to handle the pieces.

Festival Exhibition 13 Aug- 3 Sept. Sculptural ceramics by Berenice Alcock and contemporary glass by David Reekie (winner of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Trayclling Fellowship 1933). .lohti Ford and others. Also, unique contemporary jewellery by itiBritisb jewellers including Martin Page. John Hull and Karen MacGlashan and prints and paintings by Andrea Tana.

I THE EDGE St Patrick's School. Drummond Street. Open all day and late bar. Artists are w elcomc

to join the Edge and exhibit sell their work

at any time during the Festiy al. The Edge specialise in experiment and mum ation. Worth a look.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART I.auriston Place. 229 9311. Mon—Thurs “lam—8.30pm. Fri itiam-Spm. Sat itiam—me.

Making ll 14 Aug—3 Sept. Ann llartree (ex Prescote Gallery. now Prescotc Art and Design) has organised this exhibition for the official Festiyal. She has brought togetherthe work of Bl'ilislHliiiiinl} Scottish) designers. she is transforming the sculpture court at the college into a piana hanging with silk and welcoming with trees and public seating. John Newton's 'Tent'. seen recently in Kassel dominates one end. while furniture by Stuart llill (lily seats). benches by Arthur Watson and a fountain by a recent Glasgow graduate continue the y istial delight elsew here.

Taccas l-i Aug-3 Sept. ('ontemporary tapestries from Sardinia based on ancient weaving techniques and designed by renowned Italian architects.

I GALLERY LABELLE ANGELS l l llasties (‘lose (round corner from 3(1‘)(ialleryl (‘owgatc. 2353774.

Next door to 36‘) (iallery . this priy ate gallery is attached to a framing shop.

I FREEMASON'S HALL uo George Street. 2365257 9. Mon- Sat 9am opin.

200 Gillie Best The I'Tlligc‘ Poster hasbeen plticked from a children's competition for the past nine years, It's become it tradition. A selection of Jim from this year's entry oil. 138 will be show it here. I GALERIE MIRAGES 'l‘hel ane . 4m Raebtirn Place. Stockbridge. 315 3603. Mon—Sat lilam 5pm; Sun 2 5pm. (‘losed Wednesdays.

Maskerade 7 Aug-ti Sept. Masks front around the world. the glitter and coiourof