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How to Get to the Garden Festival

I British Rail doinclusiyc entrance ticket plus travel specials trom many stations Trains run regularly tothe(iarden l’cstiy .il liom ( ilasgoyy ('entral ()rtakealoyy lctel ti am from Queen Street station to l’artiek and change there tor the l‘ xhihition ( 'entre A short ysalk oy er the new ' Bell‘s Bridge yyill take you to the l‘cstis til,

I Underground ttiSlileltls Road trom yy hence a little \s heeled train \y ill collect you.

I Taxi tiom ()ucen Street costsahollt {3

I Riverbus lroin Broomiclays lt‘scheap andditt'eicnt l’honell-tl III 87“: tor turther detalls

Things you should know

I Entrance Fee 1.5 for

adults; £3 Slitorchildren. [-1 concessions: tinder lt\es;tt‘e tree

I Opening Hours

lllam - 8pm daily (9pm in .lune July)

I At the entrance pick upa lice guide to the 73or so sculpturesthat are scattered throughout the gardens. [)iltothe monthly and Fest-long l‘yents sheets yyhich outline lorthcomingand uiimissahleshoyys the yyorld's largest telephone, l’laiiiencodancing. Danish choirs. Sri Lankan music and dancers etc.

l-‘yentsareasare marked

‘e‘ on the map Here you'll lind hoards giyiiigdetails ot next pcrtormances and performers

Should you he horticulturally' inclined. another intoi'mation sheet tells you ahout indoor displays and shoyvs I Souvenir Brochure £3. Buy in advance. instead ot assuming (as I did) that it is a retrospectiv e sousenir lt has‘()tficial (iiiide‘ yyritten on it in little ysritingtoo.

I Stewards iii anoraks \v ill help yy ith enqtnries

Don’tmiss. ..

IThe mini trains yvhich trundle past mini stations and giy e ( iarden l-cstiy al employecsa chance to hloyy \y liistlcs and play at heingengiiie drisei'sand guardsmen. 'l'he trains. \\ hich take a circular route. ys ill say e your legs too As vs ill the enormously popular trams

IThe scarecrows and strays people made by mentally handicapped

people in Scotland undc r artisticsupervision

IThe play areas and climbing trames't‘hcrc are essential for children.

loadsol these

SecflonBy Sechon

Begin at the Rendezvous. the heart at the Festival. I Health and Wellbeing( Red; rainhovv and ('upid) In the liar and liye (iarden you're supposed to he ahle to hear reeds rustling and yyatci' lapping the gentle sounds of soothing Nature lt‘smorelikely' that the organ pipesand hell chimes yyill he heing hashed hy inspired youngsters yy ho. gis en space and lreedom. let loose with the noise look out tor-the plant ear

The Shanghai People‘s Repuhlic of( ‘hina Friendship ( iarden and the llong Kong Friendship ( iarden are more unusual leaturcs in this seetlon. \vhleh. like the others. has a rather loose and arhttrary' theme I Plants and Food (Orange; hunch ot'grapes) loads ot gardens flourish inthisarea a yvalledone. a hog one and a country lane huttherevyasn't much sign offood growing. The Bonsai (iarden and the (irass (iarden deserve mention here as does the 1930c huilding yy hicli is home to

the Milk Bar liar and away the hest hit of Pd: l" is the Scottish l‘ai'm. Perhaps the cuddly lamhs and chuckling ttltkey‘s‘aie the lood part of the theme. I Landscape and Scenery ((ireen: mountains and sun ) The Scottish l‘arm spreads into this area which “as my layoiirite. There's a waterfall. a hurn and a small loch. a peat hog and then a toiest. 'l he infamous hadge r sett resides here too. At the exit (or entrance it'you're touring the Festival in an atttl-elockyyise directionla giant forester-sculpttire leans on his axe and stands guard.

I Waterand Maritime (Blue; jagged lish leaping vvith Bs on it) Betvyeen the last area and this one you’ll find a seaside. At picnic henclies you can unravel your packed lunch and vs ateh heginne rs sailing and floundering in the ( iarden l'iestiy al llarhour. lessons are tree for the hardy The Marina is alloat yvith yachlsand dinghies. the British Steel llarhour Bridge takes you across the mouth of the harhour to the 24011 ('lydesdale Hank Anniversary 'l'oysei yyhich revolves disconcertineg as you go up.

I Recreation 5. Sport ( liast ck \Vest ) ( Yelloys; dcckchair and loothalll

[he [no parts are at opposite ends ol the site. (‘onipany sell~ptomotttil1 very much the theme in this zone. although you‘ll also find a \Vimpey maiiorliouse. l’ara l landy and his l'itul Spark and the Bli("s Beeehgt’oy e

l‘estis al Garden.

I Science & Technology (Purple; brain and lightning flashl'l'he main attraction here is the ('oca-(‘ola Roller coaster. The Festival Pavilion.

\ enue for indoor horticultural .shoyysand displays. resides in this zone. ()thervsise. as in R (k S. sponsors are very much in evidence. '