~ . -'~"t'~<«- v ‘11:;51-63’ rev-rt: -“ w ~ t * .11 " ' ~ - 7

Slim 5 N Bridge Mom—Fri 12.15am.‘1.15am_. particularly violent place butlike informatmn about mhcr an.“ (“Scotland 2.15am.4.15am;Satand Sun 12.15am. elsewhere in Britain late at night. pubsare i besidcs the capitay - 1.15am.2'.15am. 3.15am. [.othian potentially dangerous places-Bear thtsin

RFtll“ni‘l lrilnspiirl.bUWS‘lmitmOn)leave mind particularly if you re visitingl.othian 1

Vt averley Bridge Fri and Sat at 12.1(1am. Road or Rose Street tn the small hotirs. I Scottish Youth Hosms Association I Dario‘s S7 l.othian Road. 2209625. 1.10am and 2. Want. although Rose Street. with its enterprising t Office: 161 Warrender Park Road, ()pen till 4am seven nights a week. Pizzas Further information from: LR'l'. 14 Street Festival sponsored by a ' Edinburgh. Phone (031 ) 22‘) soon for clc. Queen Street. 554 4494 and Waverley working hard to create a family i information about the association. I New York Express '7 South Bridge. 557 Bridge. 556 5656. Eastern Scottish. St atmosphere. ; I s_Y,H,A, Hostel 17 18 [igljnuum 47115. l-‘ri and Sat till 4am; 'I'hurs‘3am; Andrew Square Btls Station. 5568464. ' Beers in Scotland are known as ‘light‘. 1 Crescent,[{dmhugh,(whit?1120.216 Sun -\\'ed 2am. Hamburgers. kebabs. ‘heavy‘ and ‘export' light (increasingly beds 5—15years £3.41); 1(+~2tlyears£3.7il; pix/as. g I rarelbeingthe weakest.exportthe 1 21+ yum £4. Shop. cooking facilities : I Potatoland 82 South ('lerk Street. 067 I Abbeymoum Fimng Station 1 1 Momrmc strongest. Real ale. that is : available 7— Want and 2-1 1pm. lloslel 0713- Hi illltl 54” till 411ml Still-5l‘llllr5 'I‘mec‘ (my 559} cask~conditioned. carefully prepared 1 open 7—1 1am and 2pm—2am. Buses 2bor midnight. I Edinburgh service Station (,921 Elm beer. has increased dramatically in l 31 from Tourist Centre, I Samsun Turkish Restaurant 73 Mum,” Sm.“ 556 5384. popularity and is usually labelled oil -,7il - . SYHA Hostel 7 g- Bmhficld (‘rcsccm I-otintgiinbritlgc. 23‘) 36-15. 'I‘ill 3am seven I Links service S'ation Burch“. placc‘ 229 or it’ll - in ascending order ofstrength. : Edinburgh.((13l)447 2994. 17(lbeds. nights. Kchuhsctc. 935a ' ' Under21£3.71).()ver2l.£4.Shop, lSnack Shackb3 [.othian Road. 2297822. .Te‘aco service Station 187 Mind—0rd cooking facilities available. llostel open ’l'ill 3am seven night“ (iC'lcml l3“ lim’d- Road, 443 4353, 7am—11 m and 2 m--2ain. Btises 11. 15. ' .

16.frompScottMgnument. I Independent Hostels Black-friars St (off . i I Breadwinner Bakery 7 ‘) PUMP" 5119“. The Scottish licensing laws. as evervone lcllltm S). Eflgtlfllrgll' (ll-i 12:37 395,41. tun 3.23426? 05;” iilram. H7 \1 . must know by now. are decidedly liberal in

aerlnv. . iernigi. )L‘ilit ta'. ,_ U M, g t.‘ _ V ()Pt‘n llin(‘ii-llls‘lllllwf5- l i i Stret‘et'l22gsii47tal.5)::fiill nightlllreiid. lumpdlltsllln lntlhf film-"mild “SH-mum? IY.W.C.A Hostel 14 ('oates(‘resccnt. l rolls pies sausage rolls etc \ ling-fill} 5L“ 1L“ 1.” Bruin”. purmgtm West End. lidinburgh. (U31 i 225 3608. ' ." ' ' l'°."‘.""' "“ Clc'.‘ ml”? “cx‘hlc "‘“Wl Showcn .n. lmmué Luggage kcpt (mkm I itilitlrrSQ:C\i£tll:illll‘.(lli:litlf.gl1étS;:iil?}'.p:le - . - e. v . a e g ai et s ecia ex ensions. s an o

day- A thrcc‘mur‘c "lull llu-‘i '2 “infill i I Night Buses cover most parts of the citv sav ihat liltiSIlCilV centre pubs will have “Ch dill" i” 1h“ lllllfll‘i'llg‘l'lllgs‘ “M13: 3 and charge a flat fare of 75p. Iiastern ' some sort of late-licence for this period.

Mon-l‘ri 5.311pm; Sat 1-411, Still 1pm. Bed ; Scottish hm“ (grccn ) 1w“. Wmcrlc}. A pmm “advice; Edinburgh is not a

and breakfast: single room for one night £1 1 ; for more than one night. i ltlpcr night ; shared room for one night £9: fora longer period. £8 per night. Buses 12. 2o. 31 . 36. front Princes St (iardens.

Caravan Parks And

Selected Late Bars

win he a hm and "antic affair but the (‘autionz due to the lingering influence of Fringe Club does have numerous nooks the Scottish Sabbath. no pubs are open

. . , . l2 .' l; ' ‘i ‘. and crannies where it spossmleto take “,3”? sum l-‘f 237‘ '9"? WM“ means Monday to Saturday. a breather. ' '

I Bannerman's 55 Niddry Street. 5563254.

Campsnes Edinburgh’sallvearround Clubsare ()pentill2amsix nights. lixcellent I Lime France caravan Park Old Dulkcith 0i coursepoised to reap the benefits 0i selection of beers served in a relaxed Road Edinburgh. “,3! ) mum. the huge inilux oi potential customers. atmosphere to a friendly g

r The wonhwhile Spanish Haflem takes student-dominated crowd. Intriguing

its appealing mix of Latin, Hip Hop and dungcmi‘rc “5"”:- n

Soul to Zenatec ior two special nights "9.9 l 87,; ll“: 9“?"‘01‘ {#5 _l_

(Thursdays Aug 18 and 25) which ._ i Tim‘slx‘ nights: p‘a‘rta'no -sty e , pubwith wallcdconcrctc becrgarden

Should he "9”" calCh'Fg- “'30 0""19 (well lit at night). Mixed clientele.

broad ‘SOUl "0m "‘3 ["9 news has I Greyiriars Bobbys 34 (‘andlemaker Row.

night for car and caravan or car and tent. Fora tent only: £2.5(lper night forone person;£4.5() for two; and so on in stepsof £2 for each additional person. Bus 33 from North Bridge. l Muirhouse Caravan Site Muirhouse. ‘i‘el:

l | Caravans. tents. touring caravans: ioper l

I i r, _ ;- - . i . unnfihfisumumms Hummu- i .. _ , beenthe emergence olAClD(.)—a . 2.25b31X).“ct1»4 lritillzanisat stornue Municipal _(‘_aravan Site. £0 per night for :iwo’lloorbevrav'ag'anfioa lfialur‘llng Acm 31:11:::laléxixcllh l‘m‘l 5‘ r‘ “l 1““ hm caravanzbtor‘large tcnl;L-l.411for I ouselo Vlous Y‘).! '9 opt ant .D-oricTavem an‘d Mcsume,saafn ‘small'tent. Advance bookingstothe('ity { FRINGE Blues and Soul.Thistakes place on \ , H g H m -3 x .. y . ofl-Zdinburgh l>ivtiet(‘oiirieil. l’arksand Wednesdays atthe Mission and Shady “ll” ”““‘“‘ “"4" lh""‘"5"”"'

2am; Mon -Wed till lam. 'I‘he Doric isan arty but not overtly pretentious wine bar and a perennial Festival favourite. While

Recreation Department. 27 York l’lace.

Ii there was a Fringe Award lor club 01 Ladies. Meanwhile, on Saturdays the

BUS 14 “"m NW" “Wilc- s ' ' ' established duo of The Kan aroo Club I Mortonhall Patti Caravan Site lirogsion ; "‘8 Fesm’a' last year s ""d'spmed 9

Road mm (0” A703). (“3] mm 153 a“ l Winners would have been ClUlJ Sandino (The Mlssm") and The “goal downstairs you can stare into your pint in Tmmnu caravans. mmg nmmr wmmm. and they're sure to be among the (Bermuda Triangle) continue to the more subdued surrounds of

£7 pernightacrosstheboard. l challengers againthis year. compete, both still pulling in loyal Meciurhe‘s. . n a H

I Penlland Park Marine Ltd Pentlantl Park. l organised by "'9 Nica'agua crowus' . . Eff?” B,l~‘"'3".°°l: fling-5‘ Six manhwd (0” Am L (“3] , “WW7, . Solidarity Campaign the club packed In a more alternative vein the long is“ ,Btfm- if“ 5.ster ll _ Pm.- b ('aravans. residential attd touring i them in laSl year, generated a irenelic running Baskmom (Saturdays: Shady ligéilulyirttdl:flifigfiiizz facilities. ()penallyear for residential yet friendly atmosphere and raised a Ladies.) has an imPTBSSiVB MUSiC in Edinburg'hlhis war. italmicgtwgnc caravans. Buses (13 or 711 from St Andrew sizeable amount of money for the selection irom Old PUNK i0 {antic 0f C(yffcc‘ (CL. “cam pastricecic. Square Bus Station: 81 from St Andrew cause. This Festival Sandino is back at Dance-0riemmed Faves and remains I Odd'ellows H Forrest ROM. 22“ 1816. Sltlyimdn Farm Campsne Ruth” (“3] m3 } The Playhouse Theatre (12 Aug—3 Sept) popular. Underground (Wednesdays Tue—sat till 3am. Live groups most nights 4511.“ Per person per night whether car I and prom'ses to be even bener as the and anemale gamrdéys' The venue but m :lphislilclinul gunfmlliml}? ‘57 at

and caravan or just a tcnthus 37 from St l cum has manages] to secure me use 0' PheCk tor possmle FIZIngeJmked :1 0y: tf.“lslnflzjnl",rl_:li“‘¥7“ 5])?“ Andrew Square BtlsStatiun, f two floors. Upstairs will be Cale interierence) plays lively sounds oiall ’01? l at: (Thiglrhfnw i

I Fordel Caravan Site ‘i-‘ortlei‘. Lauder : Sandino aiming tor a genuine cale shades and boasts some manic “‘” '“i‘ "“m 5 “" J” " “’m

9.30pm in the basement.

Road. Dalkeith (off Ans). (1131 1663 2451. ; ambience where you can sit, eat, drink danceiloor antics while Fire Island, a I “comm [whim Sum 225 631}

Touring caravan-5. Wills. 811111110!” i and talk over a background of mellow Gay Club on Saturdays and Sundays, Fri/15m,ill3z,qm. M(,n_>rhursti“33m. “man‘- ( “"‘V‘W 1‘ P” "'ng WW“- I Jazz. Downstairs a host of DJ's teatures an amazing range of stutt— Exceeding],- iieciy and just me, the mad Students 1 including Simon Booth at Working Patrik Fitzgerald, Crass and so on— on from the Fringe Club. Live music every , y y i Week, Giles Peterson at Radio London Mondays and Fridays. night downstairs. I P°"°°k Hal's °l “95mm 5‘ Lcm‘m‘ and The Way Club and omnipresent Finally, Edinburgh, like anywhere I The 5'88" Manila NiCO'S‘m 51m“ r 667 ism”iriixnliilalltllilikirliiiillillilil}m ,1], media man Stuart Cosgrove will spin a else, has its lair share at large, 394' a“? Z” “L”? 3‘" 1 “5"” I .~( 2 2.. z , , ,., , _. ,'j. .. 5.; u ' variety oi Airican, Latin, R n B and boy-meets-girl while 0" L m' “'8 “WWW” “‘

available to visiting students during the

. . . '1‘ ub.R“)mm‘nd‘d. vacation period. However. the residences sum sounds- When a" ""3 '5 added to balh'a'e°dressed'smamy (“8605- The d L p LU L L

I Waterfront lc Dock Place. 554 7427. Till

are very busy over the Festival period.The the fact that Sandino is raising funds for most popularot these include; The 23m six nights, Food tam-d ii” 10pm sci Vacation Buoking Desk can be contacted a just cause this club becomes a must. Amphitheatre, Cinderellas in Edinburgh's nouveau yuppie area but onttl311667 1971 for cancellations If you As well as the Myriad Cabaret and Rockertellas (both Thursdays to actually very hospitable. Sit out on the are lucky. the cost will be £15.51) or £9.50. Live Entertainment provided by the Sundays) and outer Limits (Fridays to wharfand sip from the large range of Dinnerticketsare £4.45(residenl)and Fringe cmb (Tevim Row House, Aug Sundays). wines.

53" ‘""""“-“d°""t .12—Sept 3). A disco will be ensconsed N.B. See NightLiie Listings iorluii giggle;fjsgjj’agiggpjpgr3;;gggrd _ in the Park Room in the depths oi the details at locations, opening times and wihgbfr'hu, h;','nhurg‘m afid bgz‘m building. Past experience suggests this prices.

are served from a basket till 1 1pm.

The List 12 18 August 1988 77