Surprise piles on top of surprise in this marvellous show. The story is simple a girl must find seven clues to bring the greedy villain to justice but it is told usinga delightful combination ofpuppets. masks and costumes against a clever and amusing set. Ranging from a snoring three-toed sloth to a pair ofvicious little fairies. the puppets are the best I have ever seen. The shadow puppet scene is just lovely.

Some of the characters defy classification. What do you call a dancing tap'.’ Should it be a tap dancing? The assertive heroine could probably give you an argument about it. She is a very clever girl who learns to stand on her own baseball-booted feet. Open I land Theatre Co have set standards here which will be hard to beat. (Norma Bordwell).

I The Tickling Machine Open Hand Theatre Company. Theatre Workshop (Venue 210226 5425. L'nti127 Aug. I0.-15am.£2.75(£2.25).


Findo (jask is not just a superhero and a half: as played by Althea Duff she‘s a surprise and a half. The opportunity to see such a talented Scottish actress on stage is compensation for a show which doesn‘t seem quite ready for the public. The script is weak and often seems to leave the very likeable cast without enough to say.

Strong points are the audience participation and the music. which combine what should be the climax of the plot into a terrific boogie. After raising such enthusiasm there should be a satisfactory ending.

The villain should not be allowed to have the last word in a children's show. And to permit him to get up not once but twice when it looks as though he has been properly dealt with is perverse. (Norma Bordwell)

I Findo Cask Theatre Workshop. (Venue 20) 226 5-125. Limit 3 Sept. 4.30pm. £2.50(£1.50)


Orville Williams is a wimp. He wants to be like Batman and ‘wear his pants outside his tights'! But when his friend. Warlow Bonkers. digs out his Dan Kamikaze costume which is Iurex

I green and bright pink. a

new life lies before Orville. It includes trying to rescue his secret love. Lulu. from being de-atomiscd by two evil wrongdoers. General Calamity and The Big Figure.

The lyrics to the songs in this musical are very entertaining and the music was inspired by the Shadows. There is a band on stage which makes hearing the music much easier.

I consider this play to be suitable for eleven year olds and over because the language would be difficult for young children. It is very amusing and has a good story line. (Kate Bordwell. aged 1 l)

IThe lnvective Dan Kamikaze St Paul's. Manchester. Holyrood Catholic High School (Venue 9-1) 661 5871. Until 19 Aug. 10.30am and 2.30pm. £2(£1) performing to children in schools and parks and theatres for more than twenty years. This year they‘ve come to the Fringe with an updated Little

' Red RidingIIoothhich

will not. as advertised. be



Michael Ende's Momo is an unusual and challenging fable which questions our use oftime




An opportunity tor budding illustrators to win A LARGE TUB 0F ICE CREAM!!!

None of our young readers were quick enough on the draw to enter last week's competition, so get your bum on a theatre seat and your pencil at the ready.

Just draw a picture of your favourite scene or character irom a show you have seen at the Edinburgh Festival or Fringe, and send it with your name, age, address and telephone numberto:




The sender oi the best picture each week of the Festival will win a large tub of Baskins & Robbins' ice cream. There will also be runners-up prizes at a large cone for each additional picture we print. Winning entries will be published in one of the

Festival issues at The List. Entries as soon as possible tor next week‘s issue please.

and is clearly informed by the hurry-scurry of American city life. It's an ambitious story to dramatise. and although this adaptation has much to offer it is too long ( over 100 mins). too wordy and not slick enough to hold young children until the rather rushed denouernent. The actors playing children have not assimilated childish mannerisms and the songs are gratuitous and corny. but it's a very good-looking production. with some strong points: Sally .‘ylais' delightful Monro. for example. Joanna Read's Cassiopeia. and the life-size dolls. Allowing for playing-in and (dare I suggest) some cuts. this show should become slick enough to work well. but I would not recommend it for the under- 10‘s. (Andrew Burnet ).

I Mama and the Time Thieves Bristol Revunions. Theatre West End (Venue l26). l'ntil37 Aug (not 21 ). 10.35am. £2.50(£l .50)


This is a show of considerable potential. which is somehow not realised. Positive points are easy to enumerate: the costumes. by students from Wimbledon School of Art. are lavishly ornate. colourful and varied. and David Bryan's music is both powerful and subtle. (‘xerry Nowicki‘s script (a fantastical allegory on Iiast West relationsand the nuclear threat. which borrows interestingly from King Lear) is enjoyable and intelligent ifa little pompous; but his

staging is sometimes clumsy and probably too sophisticated for this young cast. most ofwhom are not equal to the precision it demands. But there are a few delightfully grotesque caricatures: notably ('ristina (‘asali's Sopalchra. and .lohn Turner‘s lilintleg. A show mainly for teenagers. this is flawed. but has some very satisfying moments. (Andrew Burnet)

I The Stone 01 Fire I’olkatz. The Polka Youth Theatre. Pleasance 2 (Venue 33) 5566550. L'ntil 27 Aug. 2pm. £2.50 (£1.50).


The Off Center Theatre come from New York where they have been performed outdoors but at the Roy aI Scots Club. instead of Frankenstein. Issues such as single parenthood and vegetarianism. and

characters such as Bruce Wolfsteen (work it out 3) are woven intothe

traditional tale without

losinganyofitscharm. ' humouror suspense. And

the children still get a

chance to join in the songs

and to scream. ‘Look out it's the wolf!‘ at all the right moments.

Parents too will enjoy

; the show. For asthe

children learn about carnivores and herbivores. and how an actor becomes a character (a study guide and quizis included in the price ofthe ticket) their parents can appreciate the lively social

satire that goes into much

of the characterisation. A show to be seen. and

: enjoyed. not just by 3— ll)

year-olds. (Kasia Roddy) I Little Red Riding Hood OffC‘cnter Theatre. Royal Scots ('lub. (venUe 57). 557 5091.17ntil27 Aug. 10.30am. 'I’ay as you may”


IAn educational and enjoyable trip for kids and nostalgically inclined adults may be made to the

5 Museum otChildhood.42 ; High St.The attractive 3 displays dealwith all

aspects oichildhood over two centuries. though toys are the main ingredient. Admission free. 10am-6pm Mon-Sat; 2pm-5pm Sun. Enquiries via City Chambers 225 2424.

I See free range farming in action at Gorgie City Farm. 51 Gorgie Rd (Buses 3, 12. 25, 33. C5 from Princes St: 6. 35 irom Fountainbridge). Children may touch all animals, which include a

cow. goats. pigs anda tortoise. and milking can be witnessed around 103m. Vegetables. and ducks'. quails' and hens' eggs are torsale when available. Catering and picnic facilities are also altered. Admission isiree but donations are welcomed. 9.30am—4.30pm. Enquiries 337 4282.

I Desperate parents can abandontheir3—10 year-olds altogethertor3 hours' exhausting and supervised tun with crisps, sweets and balloons thrown in, on the ‘Shoppers Special' at Marco's Leisure Centre. Grove Street. Available 10am-4pm at£5 perchild. by appointment only. Enquiries 228 2341. I Don'ttorgetthe well-advertised attractions otGlasgow Garden Festival. and take a sneak preview of Europe's City 01 Culture tor 1990 while you‘re there. Besidesthe terriiying rollercoaster, there are many and varied attractionstorkids. including daily puppet shows, etc. Butthen you don‘t need to leave Edinburgh lorthat. .. Trainsto Oueen Stand buses to Buchanan St leave onthe hour and halthour, andthe Underground will take you to Shields Rd. Full details in Issue 73 oiThe List. p74. Open 10am-8pm, admission 25 (122.50)

I Fringe at the Seaside on thethe beach and promenade at Portobello otters events tor all ages on Sat 20th 1 Sit-5.30pm. Children are especially well catered tor. with storytelling, lace-painting and mask-making by Shane Duffy; pertormances bythe local Joppa Kids. Catch Theatre Co. and East Lothian Youth Theatre, who particularly encourage participation. the ubiquitous but ever-popular bouncy castle. stilt walkers. giant puppets and a great deal more. There are also chancesto win cash in sandcastle and busking competitions. Buses from Princes St: 15. 26, 2/12. 85. 86. Admission free. Enquiries 346 1142.


28 The List 19— 25 August 1988