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_ Alec Heggie as Hugh Miller .1?! . . - ' - HUGH MILLER , w 1802- 1856 . a ,l ,. by '5; .- e132». .2 . ‘:~°' -'. Stewart Conn ' gingheei’n.‘ . v9. iififi AZ ' I” 4 32' Sponsored by BP and Britoil 8.00pm (excl Sundays)

£4.00/£3.00 concession


I ~ ;" \\i!I 1"”? r3413

43 HIGH STREET, EDINBURGH, 031 556 9579

venue 57-“de Scots cm 30 Abercromby Place Tickets 557 5091.

This newly renovated, comfortable venue presents a wide-ranging season of premieres and revivals from the contemporary and classical American repertoire. Located in the New Town, just a couple of blocks from the Assembly Rooms in a handsome Georgian Town House. Full bar and bar snacks.

AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATRE presents OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder. Life, love and death in a New Hampshire village: a fiftieth anniversary production of the most beloved American play of all time.

M1 15, 17, 19, 22. 24. 28, 23. 31, Sept 2 7.30pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

ALSO SCENES FROM AMERICAN LIFE by AR. Gurney. One of the brightest contemporary American playwrights dissects our Upper Class with wit and insight. Aug 15. 17, 19, 22. 24. 28. 29. 31, Sept 2 10.009rn (11.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

ALSO BUS STOP by William Inge. Cherie, the would-be chanteuse, and Bo, the champion rodeo rider, meet head-on in this classic American romantic comedy. [:1 1B. 13. 20. 23. 25. 27. 30. Sept 1. 3 7.30pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

* ALSO THE EARLY GIRL by Caroline Kava. An all-female cast provides a funny and devastating peek behind the scenes in an American brothel. Mg 18. 18. 20, 23. 25. 27. 30. Sept 1. 3 10.00pm (11.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

* MEN, WOMEN, AND MARGARET FULLER/PLENTY MONEY by Laurie James/Pat Kaufman. Presented by New York Outgoing Theatre Co. Aug 15-Sept 3 (not Sane) 0.00pm (7.00) £3.50

ACCESS THEATRE of Chicago presents LAUNDRY AND BOURBON & LONE STAR , by James McClure. Laugh with people from America's heartland. 3m 22-Sept 3 (not Sen) 4.00pm (5.45) £3.50 (£2.50)

NEW DANCE ALLIANCE PERFORMANCE MIX. Adventurous avant-garde series, ,‘dancing, text, visuals and music. Critic’s Choice, NY Times/Village Voice. '40: 15-20 4.00pm (5.30) £2.75 (£1.50)

* REACH ME (A SCREAM NO ONE HEARS) by John Erlanger is premiered by WRY BRED, a theatre ensemble from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aug 15-8ept 3 (not Sim) 2.00mi (3.30) £3.00 (£2.00)

;* THE SHOESTRING PLAYERS 'The best children's theatre in the U.S.’ performs THE SPELL IN THE WELL. Watch as 10 actors become all people and places on this rollicking folktale tour of the world.

Aug 22-27 12 noon (1.00) £3.00 (£2.00)

* DANIEL O'ROURKE THE SHOESTRING PLAYERS. Daniel O’Rourke is the rollicking lrish tale of a young man who falls asleep among the ’little people' and wakes up to find himself on the moon.

Aug 24 7.00pm (7.30) Free

CORAL SPRINGS PROJECT Actors from two Florida, USA High Schools present VOICES FROM THE HIGH SCHOOL by Peter Dee—share the American adolescent experience.

Aug 15-20 12 noon (1.30) £3.50 (£2.50)


7/15/9570)?” or 77/5 NE W


YES...! They're back!

Penelope Gold,

Craig Sturdy, Mike Stallion...

.. L

“wonderfully funny, with more jokes per

penny than any other show on the Fringe” - THE STAGE



“fast-moving entertainment forming almost a 98018 Of Its 0W0" - THE GUARDIAN


August; 13 - Sept; 3 at 6PM

FRANKENSTEIN More funny than frightening, this version of Frankenstein approaches the problems of science without feelings which can create monsters. Aug 15-20 10.00am (11.00) £2.50 (£1.50) Tickets or venue only

I CAN'T SLEEP by Clifford Odetts. Aug 2227 10.000!» (12.30) £2.50 (£1.50) Wicket: et venue only

JUMBO'S STRING BAND with traditional music of the American Hills, performed by unconventional American Blue Grass Band mixing Gospel, Blues, Country, Rock, Iand Celtic fiddle.

Aug 21 only 4.0090 (0.00) and 7.00pm (0.00)


VENUE 55-lnstitut Francois d'Ecosso. 13 Randolph Crescent. Tickets 225 5366

Located in the New Town near the West End of Princes Street on Randolph Crescent, this is an elegant and intimate venue presenting a wide variety of Scottish, British and American groups. A truly beautiful setting for high quality, entertaining theatre.

£3.50 (£2.50)

* ROSE THEATRE presents Robin Brockman’s THE TUNNEL SOLDIERS, a drama of tunnel warfare in Vietnam viewed from both sides. My 15-Sept 3 (not Sons) 3.009111 (9.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

* NON-FICTION THEATRE present THE ONLY WOMAN GENERAL by Lavonne Mueller—satire on US. Military. Sexual need. Curious payload. My ll-Sept 3 (not Suns) 0.00m (7.30) £3.00 (£2.00)

* BERGER AND DISKIN present THE BIZARRE CIRCUS. A hilarious Mime/Theatre play about a weird dream circus. A spellbinding barrage of increasingly strange acts, where normality and madness collide.

Aug 15-Sept 3 (not Suns) 4.00pm (5.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

* BLACK BOX PUPPET COMPANY in THE RED NOSED BAGGY TROUSERED CIRCUS SHOW. A unique blend of actors, puppets, laughter and fun combine in the best traditions of circus—a show for all the family.

leg 22-8ept 3 (net Sue) 10.00am (11.30) end 12 noon (1.30m) £2.50 (£1.50)

PRINCETON MIME COMPANY in TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Sketches of satire, drama, c0medy ‘Pleasing, teasing, whimsical, delightful, imaginative—The

Scotsman. be 138* 3 (net Soul 2.0mm (3.30)

£3.00 (£2.50)



The List 19— 25 August 1988 29