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SCOTT from Palestine MEDICAL In A’d Rifaki

with Scottish Support

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NE W Y ( )R K Cl T Y/S TRADITIONAL MUSIC CONTEMPORARY SONGS PAN ASIAN REPERTORY THEATRE... 5" ON TOUR . . I W | TH YELLU W FEVER! THE MITCHELL THEATRE. GLASGOW Monday 29th August 8pm VENUE 33_pieasanca 50 The Heasanca Ticketsv 556 6550. Tickets £3.5()(£2 cones) available from S.M.A.P.. 266(‘lt'de Street. * genre of l tilkcnl or {IT 'rhCian frUIII white detective tale and keeps you howling'until the mystery is solved. This Off— (1.3()Pm°“ “‘9 “mlnflmmc “mm” Broadway theatre company takes you on a private eye-paced search for the missing All proceeds 10: THE SL’SAN II’IGH'I’MAN APPEAL

Cherry Blossom Queen, uncovering racism and finding romance. Aug 15-27 (not Sun) 3.30m (5.40) £4.95 (£3.95)


VENUE IDS—Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184.

This well-known venue features an array of American performing artists in a comfortable 82-seat theatre near the Royal Mile. Convenient and inviting with a full bar and bar snacks for your enjoyment.

* THIRD STEP THEATRE CO. OF NEW YORK CITY ’TEMPORARY LUCIDITY', Rick Balian. 3 absurd comedies Iampooning the absurdities of modern American life, from TV to the CIA.

. Aug 15-80;)! 3 (not Suns) 10.00pm (11.30) £2.00 (£1.00)

' Aug 15-20 8.00pm (7.30)

* DEAR MISS AMERICA PROJECT is a poetic memory play set in the Mfdwestern plains of America, about Ray, an aging vagrant and Julianne a beauty queen he knew as a young man.

Aug 22-Sopr 3 (not Suns) 8.009") (9.30) £2.50 (£1.50)

Aug 29-80;" 3 12noon (1.30)

THE DRAMA WORKSHOP in MASS APPEAL by Bill C. Davis. Cincinnati's Drama WorkshOp presentation. Free-spirited seminarian disrupts the complacent conservatism of a docile pastor.

Aug 2227 8.00pm (7.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

UNIDENTIFIED MOVING OBJECTS CO. presents GILGAMESH, a performance about love, death, and immortality, with masks, puppets, movement, and live music. Aug 22, 24, 26 4.15pm (5.15) £3.50 (£2.50)

Aug 29-8017! 3 2.15pm (3.15)

* HEADOVERHEELS CO. 'Delicate Balance’——An original physical comedy. Ridiculous; Eccentric; Explosive, and FUN) BEST COMEDY AWARD, St. Louis


oboas OPEN 9.30 pm sr—rows START 10 pm

Performer's Festival 1988. Aug 23, 25, 27, 29-Sapt 3 4.15m (5.15) £2.50 (£1.50)

HN '

LAXA presents KASPAR by PETER HANDKE. Hailed as 'the play of the decade’, this I'l' p(r/0fm‘4(‘

bold, experimental work is based on the life of Kaspar Hauser. Aug 15-20 4.00pm (5.30) £3.00 * TRG REPERTORY CO. INC. presents DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA—

Violent and passionate love story by John Patrick Shanley. Academy Award winning writer for 'Moonstruck'. Aug 1527 (not Suns) 2.00pm (3.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

1' MONMOUTH CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC presents BRUNDIBAR/l NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY. Two musical works of the holocaust, performed by American children. THU Aug 2227 12noon (1.30) £3.50 (£2.50) I

NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK Arachne, a new offbeat company presents its original

material and songs based on real stories, oral histories, and fables. SEPT mm,

Aug 15-20 12noon (1.30) £2.50 (£1.50) waffwagg um.....,_.o.o..<....m....

MORE NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK Still Looking For America. Directions Not I

Included. tmmvwnonwaoxomcumucommvnomtmi I A.” 15,20 3.00pm (930) £2.50 (£1.50) rocramnmmxorumwimwxma marmmmwmonrommwxmmm ' j i W ouourmrm: IOIOCIA

30 The List 1‘) 25 August 1988