Biloxi Blues Nasrallah. Iigypt. 1988) 7pm. Family drama from Egypt. focusing on a boy"s Coming of age over a country house vacation in the summer of 1961. ATaxing Woman (Juzo ltami. Japan. 1987)9pm. From the director of Tani/mp0 comes another splendid comedy. this time concentrating on the adventures of a woman tax inspector. I FILMHOUSE 2 Australian Independents 2pm. Second programme of innovative work from dow it under draws on shorts from the Sydney and Melbourne Super 8 (iroups. Robert Frank Shorts 5.30pm. Fourpieces by Robert Frank, including This Song l-‘orJack . a record of a 1982 conference on Kerouac. with appearances by William Burroughs and Allen (iinsberg. Ex V010 ( lirich Langjahr. Switz.. 1986) 8pm. Personal statement. filmed over a period ofsix years. of w hat it means for one man to live in Switzerland. New York Framed (Simon Field 6'; Keith (iriffiths. UK. 1988) 10.30pm. A portrait of New York. as seen through the eyes of some of its more unconventional film-make rs. who include Spike Lee. I CAMEO.11ome Street The Modems (Alan Rudolph. LS. 1988) 7pm. At the time of going to press. Alan Rudolph‘s story of 1920s bohemian expatriates in Paris is facing the possibility of withdrawal from the Film Festival. so check with Filmhouse before putting this one down in your diary. Law Of Desire (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1987) 9pm. Wild sexual intrigue as gay film director meets government minister‘s son. Exuberant Spaniard Almodovar has been favourably compared to Bunuel. Billy Wilder. and John Waters. Phew!

Big Time (Chris Blum. US.

1988) 11.30pm. Concert footage ofTom Waits‘ wonderful Franks Wild Years tour is intercut with fantasy sequences to

construct the picaresque musical narrative ofone loser's transient success. Fun. fun. fun.



Clermont Ferrand Shorts 2.30pm. A third programme of work from the influential French festival for short films.

Australian Seminar 4.30pm. Organised with the help of the Australian Film Commission. several film-makers will be present to discuss the state of current film production

3 there.

Biloxi Blues (Mike Nichols. US. 1988) 7pm. Misadventures of young rookie Matthew Broderick as he joins the army durng WW II. in this well-made .\'eil Simon comedy.

Virgin ((‘atherinc Breillat. France. l988)9pm. Feminist coming ofage movie. as a 16 year-old girl has her first affair with a middle-aged lounge lizard. Full of the sort of embarassing detail one tries to forget.

Plus Full Of Grace ( ll mins).

I FILMHOUSE 2 Motherland Hotel (Omer Kavur. Turkey. 1987) 2.30pm. Impressive psychological study as a lonely young man staying in a large provincial hotel lurches further towards vnflencc.

Plus A Larger Night. ( ll) mins).

When The Dog Bites (Penny Woolcock. UK. 1988) 5.30pm. Life in (’onsett after the steel works closure. Plus ND Applause. Just Throw The Money (Karen Goodman. UK. 1987) Montage of New York street performers.

Odd Job Company-We Never Say No (Kei ()ta. France Japan. 1987) 8pm. Amiable humour as a group ofJapanese in Paris set up an all-purpose home help service.

Plus Unusual Ground Floor Conversation. new short from Mark Herman. director of the memorable See You A! Wemhley. Frankie Ashe.

Robert Frank Shorts 111.30pm. Three autobiographical pieces

' by Robert Frank. looking

at this work. and his relationships with friends and family.

I CAMEO. Home Street Drowning By Numbers (Peter (ireenaway. L' K. 1988) 8pm. New (ireenaway movie is a characteristically cool and curious concoction ofsex and death. as the copycat drowningsin the Home Counties pile up and three women of the same name could well be responsible. Have fun spotting the numbers 1-1(l(). which appear consecutively in this enjoyable film.



A Successful Man (Humberto Solas. Cuba. 1986) 2.30pm. 3llyear chronicle of two brothers. one a grasping careerist. the other moving towards political power. Smartly done by the country‘s leading directorial talent. Plus Marucho. The Model. (37 mins).

Amerika. Unkown Land (Diego Risquez. Venezuela. 1988) 7pm. South American portrayal of life under the Spanish conquistadors. putting forward the experience of those suffering under imperial conquest. Australian Independents 9pm. Three Aussie shorts including the already legendary (‘ane Toads. see panel.

I FILMHOUSE 2 Workshops Event “lam—7.30pm. A seriesof seminars and discussions under the banner heading Peripheral V (stuns. which will assess the current state of workshop production in Britain's ethnic and cultural fringes. including a session on the nature of representations of (chic life and societies.

At 5.3llpm there will be a screening of material from Scottish workshops. and a showing of Mam. Red Flannel Films“ examination of the Welsh matriarch.

Hearts And Hands (Pat Ferrerro. US. 1987) 8pm. Painstaking American documentary on 19th century American women. and the manner in which their drive towards creative expression defeated the social repression under which they lived.

Plus Facts Of Life. Edinburgh-set comedy short from National Film School student Laura Sims.

I The next issue of The List will continue the Film Festival Day By Day Diary from Fri 26 Aug until the closing night on Sun 28 Aug.

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