that was called atterthe driving lorce behind the bebop revolution that created post-war modern jazz. Charlie 'Bird' Parker. With Parker's trumpeter lrom those days. Red Rodney. is the Pete King Ouintet. King being one at Britain‘s leading bop altoists. The young sax player Courtney Pine is more obviously intluenced by Coltrane’s tenor style. but with his quintet. is creating a new. vital energy in the British jazz art. From Portugal comes the Lisbon Jazz Sextet. among the most critically acclaimed improvising bands in Europe. with a top tlight tront line and superb pianist. The youthtul Durham Big Band are the leading band trom the North at England. and the concert has two remarkable guest soloists in Polish/British trumpet playerJanusz Carmello. and trom Barbados by way ol Berklee. Arturo Tappin. He is a multi instrumentalist, but here does the honours on Bird's born. the alto saxophone. See Red Rodney interview. photo. I Really The Blues. Tuesday 23rd. 9—2am. £6. Two trom the USA and two lrom the British Isles make up this welcome innovation. Recording on vocals and guitar since the 50s, continually on the move trom his New Orleans roots, Louisiana Red isthe archetypal bluesman. Blues harmonica virtuoso and vocalistJohnny Mars moved trom South Carolina. and alter early success in San Francisco. now leads a touring band based in England. White, British. blues is well represented by the heavy duty sandpaper vocals ot Edinburgh‘s own Tarn White. up trom his new London base with a hot new band. and Manchester's Beaker Blues Band. highly respected tor the outstanding lead guitarist/vocalist and their grasp otthe music. They have years ol experience backing the top US bluesman. All these pertormers are playing other gigs in town butare here on the same bill. I Opening Ball. 21st, 9pm-2am. £6. and Farewell Ball. 26th 8.30pm—3am. £10. have grand line-ups ot mainly mainstream and trad stars. the tormer with the wondertul Harlem Jazz and Blues Band. Concord All Stars. Mr Crow trom Australia. the Criterion Parade Band. Monty Sunshine and France's Orpheon Celesta. The latter hasthose plus George Chisholm, Max Collie's Rhythm Aces. the New Black Eagles. Southern Comlort Groove Juice Special and the

jazz-dancing-ot-all-ages Jiving Lindy Hoppers.

I New Orleans Mardi Gras. 24th. 9pm—2am. £7. teatures the Humphrey Lyttelton Band among the Harlem Jazz and Blues Band. the Criterion Parade Band. Max Collie's Rhythm

Aces. the New Black Eagles.

Jiving Lindy Hoppers. Orpheon Celesta and Grand Dominion Band.

I Big Band Bonanza 25th 9pm-2am. £7. has saxophonists Buddy Tale and Tommy Whittle. trombonist George Chisholm and trumpet player Jimmie Oeucher guesting with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. who belie theiryears. sharing the concert with the Tommy Sampson Big Band and Harlem UK.


I Outside the two ‘Olticial‘ Jazz Festivals. the town has loadsamusic. Kate

Ceberano's Sextet at the ' Assembly Rooms; ‘Men' at

the Netherbow. the Blues Season at Preservation Hall. and regular

perlormers in the Festival

Club and the Fringe Club. The Club Sandino atthe Playhouse doesn't have live bands but otters listenable. and danceable jazz, lunk and salsa till 4am all through the Festival.

I Michael Parkerand Barb Jungrwon lastyear's PerrierAward with comedian Arnold Brown. Songs lrom Black And White. their new recording. are the basis at comedy actress Kit Hollerbach's llights ol lancy. played live by this pairolcool. urban blues/jazz commentators. He plays cleverguitar. she’s impressive on vocals and harmonica. HeriotWatt Theatre. Grindlay Street. till Sept 3rd. 7.30—8.45pm. £4 (£3.50).

I 'Men' isthetltle ol Musicology's imaginative jazz revue. Talented vocalist and trained actress Melanie O'Relllytakesthe songs. lorthe mostpart

written by the Narratorand

trombonist Kevin Anderson. in conjunction with guitarist Francis Cowan. Glen Meissneron keyboards completes this clever. late nightmusical line up. Netherbow. High St. till Sept3rd. not Sundays. 11pm-midnight. £3 (£1.50).

I Louis Jordan style Jump-Jive vocals. dapper swing accompaniments and

lorthe Festival an expanded

brass section. that Swing Thang are out on thetown lorAugust. Not nostalgia. but the best 01 those lyrical and clever 40s and 50s songs in brand new clothes. Coasters. West Tollcross. 20th. 22—25th. 27th. 8-9.30pm. 19th. 26th. 7—8.30pm. Gilded Balloon.

'; Cowgate. Aug 28—Sept3rd. ~ Midnight onwards.Plattorm One. Caledonian Hotel. West End. Aug 30—Sept3rd. 8.30-11pm. I Not completelyjazz. not rock. not classical. Some Like It Hot is song and really swinging. stunningly well played violin. played by Eithne Hannigan. back lor the second year with Rick 5 Rowland on guitar. Pleasance. till 3 Sept. not Sundays or25th Aug. 11.45pm. I The Festival Club has generallytrad and swing jazz with the likes ol vocalist Fiona Duncan or Django inspired Swing 88. Check on the nightlor details. Chambers Street. 220 2278. loom-1am. £2.25. I The Fringe Club isthe venue lorthe Americanjazz hoolerand tap dancerWilI Gaines. astonishing all ages with his classytree torm artistry. TeviotRow. 226 5138.19—24th. 9—10.30pm. £4 (Includes Fringe Club Membership).


I In selected pubs. during the McEwans Jazz Festival lrom the 20th to the 27th. lunchtime and two evening pertormances are tree with top International bands playing torabout an hour each session. The bars are not all in the centre ottown. so get along to the nearest one and get the list 01 bands . or a copy ot the tull Jazz Festival programme. cost £1. The venues are Haymarket Station Bar. 337 , 1006;Waterloo Bar. Waterloo place. 556 2839; The Highwayman. in the St Andrew's Square Bus Station; the Sighthill Hotel. Calder Road. 453 6051; Doo'Cot Roadhouse. Ferry Road West, 332 4872; Captain’s Cabin. Captain‘s Road. 664 6535; Cramond Brig Hotel. Cramond Brig. 339 4350; and the Beehive. Grassmarket. 225 7171. I L'Attache Inthe | basement ot the Rutland I Hotel at Edinburgh‘s West : End puts on regular ' younger. modern jazz I groups. Bill Kyle's Jazz Pool on a Thursday being I especially recommended. I Coppers. in Cockburn Street promises to have jazz most nights during the Festival. with a regular inputtrom powertul and imaginative modernists. the John Rae Collective. and a late, late licence. I The Barony Bar. in Broughton Street. 557 0546, has coltee. lood. snacks and has started early evening jazz sessions. trom 5-7.30pm then another band 9—11.30pm. Thurs/Fri. Saturday alternoon and night and Sunday nights. I Basin Street. at Haymarket. is the regular. not Mondays. trad jazz bar.

.._....-- m.-. .............z........ -.- .._.. .....J . 15 AUG-4 SEPTlnot Suns.) THEATRE 9 PM—TICKETS £4.cons £3.

(Venue 7) GRINDLAY ST E D l





Itlil) snwr pt'esenls Mal/crest E

in an linglish version by Neil Bartlett ( I ’errr' er .1 word H inner) Following last year's lfi‘inge First for l.\ ii “i l.\l.v\(il'. ()l'ul‘l ll'. BICAS'l‘. le Shift lltts‘ assembled a multi award winning learn for this assault un \ltilieres sparklingeornetly.

This stylish and intelligent eompany'

I’l.\'.-\.\'(Il.-\l. TIMES ’Abundant theatrical imagination . . .

brilliant' 'nli: (iL'ARDL-LN i. l4 ALE—3 Slil’l‘: 4pm

" ASSEMBLY aoons. . 54 (Leorge Street oat 220 2427/8




The List 19— 25 August 1988 37