Mab reviews the rock so far.


Ifyou‘re reading this on the Friday of publication. grab your brolly and dash out to see Swamp Trash. Edinburgh‘s bluegrass-styled treat. who are on at midnight this very evening at the Fringe Club. Ifyou'vc missed that. don’t fret. There‘s plenty else on. Not at the Queen‘s Hall. though. which doesn‘t really get into gear until next week. when jump-jivers The Chevalier Brothers. ‘blues find of the decade' Ted Hawkins. Martin Stephenson and The Daintees and Blues ‘n‘ Trouble take over the place in quick succession.

lfany tickets remain. timely List-buyers will be able to catch the closing dates ofJohn Martyn's solo stint and the intriguing rock/dance collaboration between The Fall and Michael Clark both highly recommended. South African group Amampondo continue their extended run at the Assembly Rooms. and John Otway seems to have settled in (to the Gilded Balloon theatre) for good. Speaking ofsuperbly English ‘characters'. bear in mind that Jools Holland is thumping the ivories at The Amphitheatre with his big (ish) band. except for Sun 28 when he and his regular drummer Gilson



Lavis are off playing with Squeeze at Reading.

Always worth a look-in is Jesse Rae. award-winning video-maker and Scotland‘s answer to American dance maestro George Clinton. only no New York funker ever had such a natty line in 17th century Scots battledress. The unacquaintcd should make a point ofdropping into one of his gigs at the Music Box. Victoria Street. where he can be found for the next two Thursdays.

Andy White (see panel) has more or less taken over the Venue this week. but Thursday 25 sees the start ofa three-night run by the Tackhead Sound System who. as I‘m sure you‘re all fed up with me telling you. construct edifices ofsound with the best dub and dance [)J-ing techniques. Not for the faint-hearted. but then again. neither is the Festival itself. Venue shows by Tex—Mex singer. songwriter and accordionist Flaco Jimenez are also a must for the credibility-seeking Fringe-goer.

The Edge complex on Drummond Street houses several venues with a considerable variety of live bands most nights. The day of the ranting poet may have passed. but Atilla The Stockbroker has settled in there to do a spot every night. Fatala (see review) take over the AWOL club on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23. and the chance to see Tam White’s eagerly-awaited new rhythm ‘n‘ blues band at The Edge next week should not be missed. And to return to our opening gambit. the Fringe Club hosts live music alongside cabaret make a date for Edinburgh reggae and Afrobeat ensemble Makossa on 3 September.


Andy W'hite's first message to the world was a four-track Lil’ released by Stiff Records in the winter of 1985. ‘Religious l’ersuasion'. the title track of which took no sides in the conflict of his native L'lster. To the eternal question ‘Are you a Catholic or a l’rotestant'." White was giving nothing away. but stepping outside. looking in at the hatred fired by those who exploit their flocks.

Since attracting comparisons with a certain Robert Zimmerman for his acoustic guitar. folk-influenced songs and shock of dark hair ( the nicknames Bobby ()‘l)ylan. and even Billy ()'Bragg. appeared early on). White has been a familiar figure in British clubs. llis witty and literate songs. delivered with a cocky grin after some of the best-turned lines. and his ‘Just get up there and play' attitude have endeared him to many on the touring circuit. while his records (checkout the wsn Decca release ‘Rave 011 Andy White‘) pin down the rush of words and stand up under the cold light ot’day with no problem at all. His debut even found a place for the ‘Blonde ()n Blonde' l lammond organ he likes so much.

Starting out as an unaccompanied singer guitarist. White‘s more recent live appearances have been with a band. liarlicrthis year he toured with The (‘lassmen ~v aptly named. as they all hailed from W'hite's old Belfast school. In its current incarnation the Andy White backing band has assembled talents that include the rhythm section from [{lv'is(‘t>ste|lti's Attractions. and it's this group that will be playing at The Venue from Monday ll—Wedncsday 24.

Though no one will really know what form the evenings will take until they‘re over. Swamp Trash will be playing support on the .Monday. We l’rce Kingson Tuesday and l)eal lleightsCajun Aceson Wednesday. playing their

own sets. lixpect var'iotts members of the bands to be present each night. jamming along with White as the night progresses. but don't expect Tilvis (‘ostellol (Mab)


Andy White


The rhythms oftheir newly-released LP don't do justice to the live impact ofthe (iuinean group Fatala. who gave an excellent foretaste oftheir forthcoming showson Friday at The Venue. Led from the back of the stage by Yacouba (‘amara. the group broke into a thunderousavalanche of cross-meshing traditional drumming. discreetly aided by the more modern additions of a bassist and guitarist. who both preferred to sink into the shadows at stage right. but lightly embellished the rhythms with simple. lilting riffs. liven with the array of percussion being struck. l‘atala can be wonderfully relaxing. but the heights are exhilarating.

.-\ll credit to the musicians. the indelible memory is left by the dancers Mabinty and Binettc. ()ne sings Mabinty -theother doesn't. The other. howcy er. throws herself into such a dizzying frenzy that Mabinty is forced. good-naturcdly. to send herself up. Her striking v oicc. though. more than makes up lor the attention that her comic foil‘s dancing attracts. and their onstage rapport is a delight. (Nah)

I Fatala The Titlge. Drununond Street (venue 1 In). 557 (illlll. Monday 33 and Tuesday 33. Midnight.


ITed Hawkins. Queen's Hall. 28 and 29 August. 9.30pm. £6.50.

I Tanita Tiltaram. Assembly Rooms. 29 August. 8pm. £4.50 (£3.50) I Flaco Jiminez. Venue. 29 and 30 August.

I Martin Stephenson and The Daintees. Queen's Hall. 30 and 31 August. 9.30pm. £5.50.

I Blues ‘n' Trouble. Queen‘s Hall. 1 September. 9.30pm. £5.

I Ryodogumi. Playhouse Theatre. 2 September. 7.30pm. £3.


I Swamp Trash. Fringe Club. Friday 19. Midnight. Free with membership.

I John Martyn. Heriot Watt Theatre. Fri 19 and Sa120. 11.15pm. £6.

I Michael Clarkand Company with The Fall. Kings Theatre. Fri 19and Sat 20. 7.30pm. £8. £6.50. £5. £3.

I Andy White and His Classmen. Venue. 8pm. Mon 22—Wed 24.

I Tackhead Sound System The Venue. Midnight.

25—27 August.

The List 19— 25 August 1988 45