Festival exhibitions have been listed by category, then alphabetically by venue. Please send information on any unlisted exhibitions to Alice Bain at The List, six days before publication date. See also the Art Listings for coverage of Edinburgh's permanent displays and for full details of Glasgow exhibitions.


I CALTON GALLERY ll) Royal Terrace. 556 llllll. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat Illam— 1 pm. Reflections of Venice L'tttil 5 Sept. 'I‘wo centuries of paintings and watercoloursof Venice. seen tltrouglt the eyes of 3(lartists working between l74l)and 1940. Selection includes work by David Roberts. W. R Sickert and NB. Brabazon. All works for sale. I CARLYLE GALLERY North Bridge 557 5068. Mon-Sat ltlam—(ipm. 19th attd 20th century Scottish decorative paintings. all iii a tearoom settittg. I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 2424 ext 6650. Mon—Sat ltlam-bpm. Sttn 21 .28Augand 4 Sept 2—5pm. Licensed cafe. [DI See Scottish section for detailsof otlterexltibitions. Reality and Imagination in Neapolitan Painting in the 17th and 19th centuries'I‘he theme of the Festival this year is Italy and the (‘ity Arts (‘entre is beittg used as diplomat. 40 paintings by a nutnberof artists show life as it was in the 17th. 18th and 19th centuries in the city of Naples. It is an odd exhibition however. difficult to penetrate unless you know Naples well. Its interest lies in the history attd geography of Naples rather than fine art. Atttong the artists represented (tttost of them little known in this country) are (iittseppe Bonito attd (‘arlo Coppola. I ITALIAN INSTITUTE 82 Nieolson Street. 226 3 l 73 Mon—Hi ll)am—-5pm The Foreign Wanderer in the Kingdom otthe TWO Sicilies L'ntil 4 Sept. Art appropriately fitte and specialist exhibition for the ltaliatt lnstitute‘s large new premises. Rare books. paintings arid engravings front the 18th attd 19th centuries. 5 illustrating the impressions of foreign j

travellers to Southern Italy.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 5568921. Mott-Sat 10am—5pm. i Stttt 2--5pm. From 14 Aug—4 Sept hours extettded to Mon—Sat lllam—bpttt: Sun | ll—bpm. A free Festival Bus runs every half-hour between the National (ialleries attd other exhibition venttes.

Pietro Longhi 3 L'ntil 4 Sept. An Italian theme exhibition by an artist working in

the 18th century. I-‘ourteen paintings sltow

the Venetian middle classes at the coffee

shop. iii the gatttittg rooms andenthralled with a street-side Punch attd Judy show. (‘ompare these ttaive pictttres with the grand style of 'l‘iepolo elsewhere iii the gallery (if you cart find them among the new red felt walls). They were contemporaries itt Venice.

Concerts l8. 19 Aug at 7.45pm. £4.75 (£3.5ll) frottt the Fringe Box Office. Price includes wine. Bring a cushion. Mttsicby Scarlatti. \‘ivaldi. Puccini attd others with a commentary front (‘harles Bttrttey ‘s travel diary. (pltone 556 8921 for details). Cosmorama Theatre Company 31 Aug at 8pm. £3 (£2 ). A Tale of'l‘wo Sisterstells the story of painter Iilizabeth Butler arid poet attd sttffragette Alice .‘vleynell. (phone 5508921 for details).

100 Master Drawings Irom the Permanent

Collection L'ntil 23 ()ct. lnaugttral


exhibition ofthe new gallery (to the rearof j the main galleries) devoted to Prints and I Drawings: one hundred drawings front the permanent collection, shown in two batches of 50 (second selection now on). A ' complete understanding of drattghtsntansltip lay behind the work of the old masters and this isbeautifully illustrated here itt work by Rembrandt. ('laude. Pirartcsi and many others. Redecorations The redecoration

programme. begutt with one red roont last

year. is finished just in time f'ortltc Festival. Red and green should never be seen. particttlary iii the National (iallery of Scotland. Bttt it is—- plum felt on the walls and plush ntoss axminster underfoot. Like an overgrown smoking room. However. sottte already love it. The idea is to recall the spirit of the period in w hiclt the gallery was built. That's the idea. anyway I

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 ( icorgc Street. 225 5955. Mon— liri 9attt~ 5.3(lpnt; Sat 9.3(lam- - I put. See also Scottiin attd Design sections.

Raeburn Pinin I'ntil (i Sept. A small exhibition ofcngt'avings after the work of Sir Henry Raeburtt.

I TOM FIDELO 49 (timberland Street. 557 2444. .\I()lt--Sit12—ftpm.

Paintings. Works of Art Unit 3 Sept. A selection of 18th —2llth century works.

I DANISH CULTURAL msmurs 3 Donne

Terrace. 225 7l89. .‘vlon -I-‘ri lllam---5prtt. Per Arnoldi/Bo Bonlils t 'ntil to Sept. 't‘w-o Danish poster artists. See l)esign section for details.


Place. Mon Stttt lllam—5pm.

The Impact of Scotland l'ntil 3 Sept. John Schueler and Daniel Lang. twoartists frottt .\'ew York who hay e strong links with Scotland attd who ltave botlt been

inspired by Scottish landscape. Q I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William

Street.225o"7o, l‘ue Fri 1 lattt (ipm1Sat

lflam lpm.


('rescent.225 5633. Mott-l’t'i9.30am lpttt attd2--5.3llpm.

Maurice Denis el L'ltalie t‘ntil 9 Sept.

Delicate watercoloursof Italy by a I‘rench



- Street. 225 2383. Inc Sat lllant 5.3llpm;

Sttn l.3llpm 5.30pm. Licensed cafe.

Projections by Krzysztol Wodiczko t‘ntit 34 Aug. A swastika on the South African


Reality and Imagination, City Art Centre, Market Street. Until 24 Sept. Vesuvius, whether belching great rolling clouds of steam and smoke or quietly putting into azure skies, is a lrequent backdrop to these fresh, sharp paintings. Like the city of Naples itself, the volcano sits tull of potential fire and action, ready to take centre stage. Ostensibly portraits of everyday life in Naples, the paintings in this delightful exhibition are more often wry glances at the idiosyncracies ot individuals and the Neapolitan public at large. Falciatore’s ill-named ‘Scene of Ordinary Lite on the Castle Esplanade‘ is filled with dancing dogs, mountebanks and eccentric human flotsam of all kinds. Bonito‘s eighteenth century portraits are colourlul character studies: lat laces, wily laces, grinning or grim laces

Gaspare Traversi, The Secret Letter

dominate the large canvases, caught, as it by the camera, in giveaway expressions. Spadaro‘s ‘Popular Scene with Washerwomen’ is a bizarre little picture: yelling, terrorised, or terrorising youths spill out of the picture, while the passive backs of bending scrubbers ignore the outcry. The earlier paintings are filled with charming detail which draws the viewer in. The scene outside the looming Vicaria Law Court is captured down to the sausages on sale in the stalls dwarfed by its stern facade. Bonito involves his viewer in the subterfuge of ‘The Secret Letter‘ via the cool unavoidable stare ot the large man at the edge of the painting. The tone of

: the exhibition is set early on in

Compagno‘s ‘Eruption of Vesuvius’ where the tiny populace stand agape or rush in terror beneath the roaring mountain, while tucked in a corner, the artist raises his eyes from his sketch to smile at his audience. (Julie Morrice)

embassy irt London. That is the kindof projection this artist throws up on a city. Wodiczko is a Polish artist now livingin New York who projects itttagesottto public buildings with spectacular attd mind-stretching effect. This is likely to be one of the most memorable art eventsof the festival. He's using(‘alton Hill totell us a little something about Iidinbttrgh. Watch for it after dark until about 12.30am. Jack Goldstein L'ntil 25 Sept. (‘anadian artist Jack (ioldstein looks to the light of the sky arid space for inspiration. Skiesare big itt ('anada attd electric storms are ttot uncommon. It is always a surprise tosec the work of a North American. a contittertt with whom we sltare so ntuch. attd find it so foreigtt. (ioldstcin batters the eyes with psychedelic suttbursts attd fluorescent frames with precision. While intpressively executed attd undoubtedly spectacular. these paintings are ultimately lonely attd coolly urban. tttade for science fiction meditation against the Manhattan jungle. I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 55(t892l. Mott—Sat Illam-5pszttn 2-»5pm. L'tttil 4 Sept hours are extended to Mon- Stttt l lam—(ipm. A free I‘estival Btts runs every half-hour between the National (iallcrtes attd other exhibition venues. [D] (‘afe 'I'he gallery’s justly renowned cafe is open Mon—Sat lll.3llam~4.3llpttt (lunches t‘tt)()lt~*2.3Ilpttt). Stilt 2.30—4.3(lpm. See Scottish section for details ofother exhibitions. Lucian Freud: Paintings 1947—1987 L'ntil to ()ct. £1 5llp. l-‘reud's reality cart be shocking. A naked woman sleeps on the old couclt itt I‘reud's studio her breasts bursting with weight attd etched with veins. ller leg fallsopen - there are tto secret folds or teasing mysteries. Her body has been formed with the excruciating honesty most people reserve for private contemplation. A most beautiful exhibition of paintings (part oftlte Hayward Gallery. London show ). Don't miss it. Six Paintings by Francis Bacon Throughout the summer. This roottt of masterful Baconsetttcrs into wonderfully appropriate cotttparisotts with the work of Freud next door. The two paitttersare friends as well as contemporaries- in the Freud catalogue you will see an early drawing by I-‘reud of the young Bacon. Dayligltt plays on I-‘reud wltile Bacon‘s roottt ltas the blinds down - the stage for the two painters ltas been set w itlt sensitivity by the (iMA. I GREYFRIARS KIRK HOUSE ( ‘andlemaker Row. Daily ltlam» lpm. Illustrators Artwork I'tttil 3 Sept. One million reproductions for £l each as well as litttitcd editions. I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northttmberland Street Lane. 557 5454. . .\Ion Sat 10am 4.30pm. I Julian Casado t'ntil 1 ()ct. l-‘trstexhihition in ( ireat Britain by thiseminent Spanish paittter. Once a priest. (‘asado left the church to marry and take up a teaching post teaclting religion at Madrid l‘ttiversity. Sittce 1969 he has had solo show s around the world and been awarded major prizes. I NETHERDOW 43 l liglt Street. 55o 9579. Mon Sat lllam 4.3llpm (‘afe. Forza Napoli by Simon Gooch L'ntil 3 Sept. Paintings attd drawings lrottt Naples. "I‘he only way to really capture the atmosphere of Naples would be to set up a hidden catttera attd jttst let it run.' says(iooch. His exltibitiott celebrates that eccentric. ttaturally theatricalcity in flowing. ; detailed.colourfulstyle. John Crockett 1918—1986 t'nttl SSept. I Artist attd designer.('rockcttwasa : mttlti-taletttedtitanfascinatedwiththe l theatre and dattce.


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