10am to 5pm

Sat 6th Aug Sat 3rd Se

Annual Festival Exhibition

Open daily, not Sundays

SCOTTISHARTI988 23 Atholl Crescent, D l Edinburgh FESTIVAL






Large selection of old glass,

silver plated cutlery.

kitehenalia. brie a brac.

ohjets d’arts from 50p ltl.3tl—5.3ll Mon—Sat S'l‘( )(‘KBRIDGI‘I


22-27 AUG

09: 0% )0 g2 :2 -<0 0373 _{ SI (1 7s





An exhibition


of landscape photography by

Scotland's foremost photographer: many framed originals, a massive selection of postcards. signed books, prints. calendars, posters

allforsale at

Old Fringe Office

170 High Street, Edinburgh Every day 11 Aug —3 Sept, mam—5.30pm

Most of the above (except the framed originals)

also at

Assembly Rooms

George Street, Edinburgh Every day 11 Aug - 3 Sept, noon—midnight

55 The List 19— 25 August 1988


N 3 Earl Grey Street, 229 0321. Mon—Fri


Whose Environment is it Anyway? LIntiI 2 I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 (ieorge Street.

Sept. The environmental movement is larger today than trade unions or political parties »- it's a thought to reckon with. This

Illam—midnight. See also l)esign section.

Atterthe Fall l'ntil 3 Sept. Hand-painted

T-shirts by 2 local artists.

exhibition shows the work of environmental groups throughout the Punch at the Fringe tintil 3 Sept. The sharp and witty cartoons from a magazine which

country and canvasses for new recruits. has been in business for over Hilyears.

I CITY OBSERVATORY (‘alton Hill. 556 4365. Daily “lam—4.30pm. Edinburgh in Depth butt] 2 ()ct. Admission ti (Slip). Start your tour of the cityhcre. llCiIlh- Tld.‘ “ml l-ilrr." if” “WIUdCd- with magnificent panorama and 3:1) I FESTIVAL CLUB ('hambc rs Street. colour shnw Illam—noon. 3pm 5pm fornon—members. I DANIELSHACKLETON l7“ DundaS IIIam-Qam for membersof the licstiViIl I Street. 557 l l 15. Mon -l-‘ri lllam—Spm.Sat ('lub. Edinburgh International Cartoon Festival Until 3 Sept. 30p Admission. Laugh. I nearly cried. See if Europe's funnies can

Illam— lpni. get you giggling.

' Random Scots l— 15 Sept. A mini-history of Scotland and its people. I SCOTSMAN STEPS North Bridge Market Street. Daily mam—(rpm.

I EDINBURGH JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTRE 4 Salisbury Road. 667 314-1. The Art OI Politics l'ntil 27 Aug. (’artoons by Scottish and international artists spiral

Sun—Thurs noon-4pm.

The Jewish Way of Life Until 1 Sept. Just as their way up to North Bridge. Organised by Radical Scotland magazine.

thetitle says.

I LEITH SCHOOL or ART :5 NorthJunction

Street. 5wa 4528 or 554 5761.

’I’w o Iidinburgh art teachers open a new I CENTRAL LIBRARY (icorge IV Bridge. 225 558-1. Mon—Fri 9am-9pm. Sat

venture which w ill cater for anyone wishing to take up the brush. ()peningin AugUst with a week long course. the school will begin a full programme of

9am-1pm. See also Scottish section.

Tae Kwon DO L'ntil 20 Aug. Marshallingof

the arts ofself defence on the reference

library staircase.

courses and classes in October. School I CROSSWINDS COMMUNITY CENTRE. 2

leavers and mature students who wish to build a portfolio for entry into Art College. day and evening classesfor beginners and Saturday workshops for children will then be offered. For further information phone the above numbersor w rite to Mark and (’harlotte (‘heverton at 8 Brandon Terrace. ('anonmills. Iidinburgh lill3 SIiA.


Unlike London's busy Royal Academy ( exhibition ‘Pompeii AD 79' of almost a decade agothisfree showis ona modest, domestic scale that is t appropriate to its subject. Laid out to suggest the atrium of a Roman villa it ; surrounds a rectangular pool with a ( bronze statue of a naked boy on a pedestal. Around the mock-marble I walls, between potted geraniums. are i portrait busts of emperors. the vivid I clay figures of a courtesan and an old woman (concealing a jug), oil lamps

and candelabra. There’s a large colour print of a pretty shrine made of mosaic, but also the huddled bodies in the ‘Garden of the Fugitives'. In the cool, lofty foyer of the museum this is a relaxed alternative to the dusty reality

of a visit to the excavations. The objects on loan from Naples are few but of fine quality and sketch a recognisable practical life (a bronze multiple egg-cookerthat would be a boon to any transport cafe). but a very different spiritual one, embodied in the

household gods and a tintinnabulum a jaunty winged phallus hung with bells to keep evil spirits from the door. 0n the outer walls of the display— where at Pompeii or Herculaneum you‘d be in a shady ambulatory- are ranks of well-captioned colour photographs that mix general views of the two cities with details— graffiti and caricatures, wine shops and bakeries, lead pipes and evokes the affluent calm before the cisterns and one terrifying image of lava choking cataclysm. (Simon Gooch)

bulging through an elegant classical doorframe. You don't quite feel the looming shadow of Vesuvius here but this show's light and airy presentation