Glasgow: ()dcon. Salon. Edinburgh: Odcon.

I Time Bandits ( PG ) (Tcrry (iiIliam. LS. 1981) Ralph Richardson. David Rappaport. Scan (‘onncryu John ('lccsc. Ian I Iolm. 11(1 mins. A young hoyis cscortcd through timc and spacc by a hand of dyyarycs. mccting lcgcndary hcrocs along thc 11a} hcforc a final confrontation hctyyccn good and cyil.

Iinaginitiy c comic fantasy on a modcsi htidgct. but a scrics of \\ itty gucst spots and ( iilIiam‘s richly dctailcd scrccn sty lc win thc day. lidinhiii'gh: (‘amco I Under Satan's Sun115i~.%1.\1;1uricc- l’ialat. l‘rancc. 111871(icrardI)cpardicti. Sandrinc Bonnairc. Mauricc I’ialat. ()8 mins. ('anncs pri/c-yy inning adaptation from l~rcncli ('athiolic noyclist (icorgc Bcrnanos has I)cpardicti as thc trouhlcd I’athcr I)onissan. tcsting his faith against tccnagc intirdcrcss Bonnairc. aftci' a chancc inccting \y 1111 a horsc dcalcr \y ho may \ycll hc thc l)c\'il. Acccptcd as a ncar saint by his local parish. l)onissan's supcrioi' ( I’ialat 1 cannot dccidc \\11L‘111L‘l' thc trouhlcd pricst is spurrcd on by mortal pridc or diyinc inspiration.

.-\thcist I’ialat's intrigncd trcatnicnt of cycnts contrasts 1y ith tlic spiritually committcd Brcsson's Bcrnanos adaptations ( .1qut'ln'ln'. I)1m'\'().f.-1 (‘oumry I’rit'sll. hull/11' rt'su/Iiy 11 t'mii'nit‘uig/y[it'rjfm'mcd 11 MA Ilia! t'tt’rly u (‘1)It.yftft’l'tl/)/t' Ito/(f. (Mancini: (XIV/I. lViceVersa (1’01 (Brian (iill‘crl. 1‘8. I‘)SS).ItitIgc‘ Rcinhold. lircd Say agc. Syyoo/ic Is'urtz, US nuns. A mystical castcrn \ asc cnahlcs y tippic husincssinan Rcinholtl to changc pIaccs \y ith his prccociotis schoolboy son for thc day . \y 1111 ncar disastrous conscqiicnccs for his carcci' and his on c liIc.

.\Iodc1‘n Variation on a \\L‘ll-\\11111L‘(1ITIIC thcmc that managcs littlc hut prcdictahlc farcc and a rcsistihlc cxcrcisc in dcspcratc mugging from .\11' Rcinhold. I’L‘I‘liiipsil your mind had hccn takcn oycr by an clcycn ycar-old this might hc your kind ol 1110\‘ic.(ilasgo\\: ()dcon. Iidinhtirgh: ()dcon. (‘cntralz (‘annon Strathclydc: ('annon. Kclhtirnc. ()tlcon Ay r. ()dcon Ilamilton. Rialto. lWallStreet1 I511':-1()Iivcrsitmc.t's. 1987) ('harlic Shccn. Michacl Douglas. Daryl l Iannah. 'I'ci'cncc Stamp. 12‘) mins. Rcttirniiig to thc trcnchcs. unahashcd moralist Stonc again prcscnts a 11a“ cd hcro \y ith charactcr-dcfining dilcmmas and inyitcs Us to ohscryc as hc is cxcitcd. scdticcd. t)\'c‘1’\\'11L‘IITIL‘Ll. .ihandoncd and ultimatcly rcdccmcd hy thc \\ rong turns and tyyists of his cncotiiitcrs \\ ith malfcasancc in ihc moncy markcts.

1111/15"ch finds Stonc's firc tcnipci'cd by a morc scdtictiycly anihiy alcnt incarnation of cyil. hut thc rcsult is stillan imprcssiyc. cngrossing drama that. rcplctc w ith incmoi'ahlc dialogtic and displaying a fluid cincmatic skill i'cmains comfortath ahcad of thc currcnt pack. lidinhurgh: Dominion. lWateri15111)1ck(‘1cmcnt.t'K. 19851 Michacl (‘ainc. \'alcric I’crrinc. l.conard Rossitcr. Billy (‘onnollyy 97 mins. ('haos cnsucs yyhcn a sotircc oI prccious spring watcr is discoycrcd on thc tiny ('arihhcan British dcpcndcncy of ('ascara to add to thc political turhulcncc of itsanti-colonial strugglc. An all-star cast oftransatlantic comic luminarics giyc of thcir worst in this

ill-concciycd and badly cxccutcd satirical turkcy. Iidinhurgh: (‘amco

I WithnailAnd11 151(Brticc Robinson. I'K. 1987) Paul .\Ic(iann. Richard Ii. (irant. Richard (iriffiths. 1117 mins. ION). 'l'yyo otit of u ork actors sury iying through London giro squalor takc a hrcak in a piclttrcscquc l.akc District cottagc. whcrc onc of thcm suffers the attcntions ofthc agcing homoscxual oyyncr.

Reasonably cntcrtaining British comcdy

with a tcndcncy to rcIy on thcalI-loo-casy targetsofdrug-taking and gay stcrcotyping for much of its humour. Edinburgh: Cameo.


Friday 19—Thursday 25

This section gives details olprogrammes showing at cinemas in central Scotland over the next week. Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change atanytime.

Cinemas operating a lamily discount scheme allow an adult accompanying a child to 'U‘ and ‘PG' certilicate programmes to gain admission (or the same price as the child up to 6pm.


I CANNON ( ~Iai'kston Road. Muircnd. (137 2(141.£2.311().-\I’(‘hild£1.2(1.l-‘amily discount schcnic opcratcs.

1. Beetleiuicei 1515. I5pni.1\'. 15pm;Sat also2.15pm.

2. Coming To America 1 1514.511pm. ".511pm; Sat also 1.5(1pm.

3. Full Metal Jacketi 1.s'1 5. 15pm. 8. 15pm; Sat also2. 15pm.

I CANNON SauchichallStrcct.3321592. £2.s111£1.4111.

1. Coming ToAmerica1151 1.15pm.

4.21 1pm. Spin.

2.8eetlejuiceil51 I . 15pm. 3.411111111111111. 35pm.

‘Crocodile' Dundee 111 1’(}) 1.15pm. I5pm.S.‘15pm.

Hairspray ( I’( ‘1) 1.15pm. 3.35pm.

. .55pni.1\’..‘~5pm.

5. Police Academy V: AssignmentMiami Beach 1 1’( 11 1.15pm. 3.35pm. 5.55pm. S55pni

I CANNON GRAND 1S .lainaica Slrcct . 248 411211. £2 (£1 1.

Adult non ics. I’honc for dctails.

I GROSVENOR Ashton l.anc. I lillhcad. 339-1298. 11)] “1111 prior notification. £2 (111111l'BrlllSltldcnt().-\l’ £1.21).

1. Beetlejuicei l5) 2. 15pm.5. 15pm.

S. 15pm; Sun S. 15pm.

2. Coming To America 1 1513.311pm. 5..‘~(1pm.S.15pm: Stinls‘.15pm.

Scc also(ilasgo\y Latc‘s.

I OOEON chficld Strcct. 332 87(1) . Bar opcn cycry cycning from 5.3(1pm ((1.3(1pm Sun). £2.85; ():\1’ (‘hild £1 .(15:

111-111 Studcnt concs £1 .(15 ayailahlc as adycrliscd.

1. Vice Versa1I’(i1 1.115pm. 3.35pm. (1.115pni.S.~15pni.

2. The Jungle Book 11') 1.15pm. 3.45pm. (1. 15pm; Sat 11am ( Bargain Show). Throw Momma From The Train 1 1518.45pm. 3. Three Men And A Baby 1 PG) 1pm. 33(1an(1pm.S.-15pm.

4. Hawksi 151 lpm. 3.3(1pm. (1pm.R.35pm. Fri 26/Sat 27:

1. Rambo Ill ( IS) 11.45pm. NB()nly hookahlc in adyancc from Box Office.

I SALON Vinicomhc Strcct.33‘)~125(1.[D] \y ith ady ancc notification. Matinccs. Adult ('hild£1.5(l().»\1’ I7B-111511p. liycnings‘. All scats£1.5(1.

Throw Momma From The Train ( 1512pm. 7.3(1pm.

Rosc Strcct. 332 (1535. (‘afc har opcn 30 mins prior to cycning pcrf. closcs 9pm. [1)] on application to box officc. [If] No smoking. Mats. £1.S(1(Studcnt [TB-111

£1 . 1111. Fri mats. £1 .3(1(Allconcs 75p). Iiycnings.£2.5(1(Sttidcnt113-1111211111). All pcrls (‘hild ()AI’ £1.11).


The Pied Piper11515.45pm.

Empire 01 The Sun ( l’(i)2.5(1pm. 7.45pm. SATURDAY 20

Little Dorrit Part One ( P(i12pm.

The Pied Piper11515.45pm.

Empire 01 The Sun (l’(i)7.-15pm. SUNDAY 21

Distant Voices. Still Lives 1 15) 7.311pm.

MONDAY 22 Raging Bull 1 18) 3pm. 1 The Passionate Thief 1 PG 1 (1pm. UnderSatan's Sun1151s.311pm.


The Beginning DlAn Unknown Era 1 15) (131111111.

Under Satan‘s Sun ( 1518.311pm. WEDNESDAY 24

Children DlA Lesser Codi1513.511pm.11pm. Under Satan‘s Sun 1 I51S.311pm. THURSDAY 25

Under Satan's sun(151611111.S.311piii.


I GROSVENOR Ashton l.anc

Fri 19/83120:

1.The Fly( IS) 1 I . 15pm.

2.Prison1181 11.15pm.

I OOEON chficld Strcct.

Fri 26/881272

1.Ramb01111 Is‘) 1 1.45pm. NB()nly hookahlc in adyancc from thc Box ( )lficc.


I CAMEO I Iomc Strcct. 22S 41-11. [1)111111

opcn Mon—Sat (1 11.311pm; Sun (1 1111111.

£1.2(11or1st& 2nd pcrls: £2 for .‘i'tlpcil;

£2.9(11or 4thpcr1.


Five Corners 1 151 3pm. 5pm.

Withnail And I ( I51 7pm.

Lite DlBrian115111pm.


Time Bandits (1’01 3.31111111441111111

Water1 15) 7pm.

Lite 01 Brian 1 15 1 9pm.


A Private Function 1 15) 3pm. 5pm.

The Pow Wow Highway 1 15) 7pm.

Lile 01 Brian ( I5 1 9pm.


(Film Festival Screenings)

Breathless 1 1513.311pm.

Candy Mountain 1 1517pm.

The Raggedy Rawneyi 151911111. 1


(Film Festival Screenings) 1

Law DIDesirei1111931111111. l


Time Bandits 1 P( i 1 3pm.

Lile O1 Brian ( 15) 5pm.

(Film Festival Screening) Drowning By Numbers1151ts'pm. 1 THURSDAY 25 Withnail And I ( l5 1 3pm. ' The Lonely Passion 01 Judith Hearne1151 anr 1 NB. Film Festival tickets available onlylrom . Filmhouse.

Scc also Iidinhurgh l.alcs.

I CANNON Lothian Road. 22‘) 311311. Bar: 1lam—2.30pm.5---111pm(\1on 51‘hurs1. 11am-1 lpm(l-‘ri Sat). 5--1(1pni (Sun). [1)] cincmas' 2 ck 3 prior notification ady isahlc. £2.91). £2.5(1(‘hild £1 .61). £1.5(1().-\1’£l (hcforc (1pm). Family discount schcnic opcratcs.

1. Coming To America 1 l5)2.115pm. 5.115pm. 811511111.

2. Beetleiuice 1 151 2.2(1pm. 541111111. 8.2(1pm.

3. ‘Crocodile' Dundee ll (1’01 2. Illpnt. 5.2(1pm.8.1(1pm. Nocycning pcrformanccs Fri or Sat.

Sat 20: A Fish Called Wanda 1 1518.311pm. (Film Festival Screening).

Sun 21: Bird ( 181 Rpm. (Film Festival Screening).

N.B. Film Festival Tickets available only lrom Filmhouse.

I DOMINION Ncwhattlc 'I‘crracc. 4-17

2661). Rcs‘t 1(1am—-2pm & (r 1 1pm (Mon-Fri). Illam— 1 1pm (Sat 1. Bar 12—2.3(1pm.(+-I(1pm(Mon- Sat 1. (‘incma not opcn Sun. £2.71), £2.51); (‘hild L'B-1111Stt1dcnts£1.511;().»\l’£1.2(1. (all pcrls cxccpt cyng pcrls in cincma 31. I 1. ‘Crocodile Dundee' |l(1’(i12.211pm. 5 5.2(1pm.8.211pm. f 2. Cry Freedom 1 P01 2.311pm. 7.311pm. 3. Wall Street ( 15) 2pm. 5pm. Rpm.

I 0050" ('lcrk‘ Strcct. (1(17 7331.131” (1-‘1pin. l’artial \y hcclchair acccss. 'I'ickcts £2 (concs £1,511) for pcrformanccs commcncing hcforc opm. 'l‘ickcts £2.81) (concs £211oi'pcrls commcncing aftcr (1pm.

1. Vice Versa t l’( i 1 2pm. 1. lllpm. (12(1an .s .‘~5pni

2. The Jungle 8001(1112. 1511111.»).2511111.

(1 _§(l[1111

Three Men And A Baby 1 1’1 1 1 s45pni

3. Hawks 1 l’( i) 1 15pm.(11‘111.S311pm.


loiinan Road. 22\ 211S.\. 11.11 i.\1on Sat. noon Ilpni. Sun ‘11 11pm) Rcst (\Ion Sat. noon “111111 [11

\cc‘ 42nd Edinburgh International Film Festival listings for piogi .innnc this isstic.


I CAMEO I Ionic Slzcct

Fri 19: The Man Who Fell To Earth 1 I.s11\ Andy Warhol‘s BAD 1 151 I 1 15pm.

Sa120: Maniac Copt Isitx Retributioni IS) 11 15pm

Tue 23: Big Timei 151 I 1 “111111 (Film Festivalscreening).

Wed 24: Big Time11511115pm.

N.B. Film Festival Tickets available only from Filmhouse.


I CANNON I’iinct ss Sticct.I'alknk.11324 23s’115

1.3881181U1C81l5)2.25pni.5 211pni.

S 15pm; Sun 5 2llpni..\.15pm.

2. Vice Versa 1 I’( i 12 21111111. 5.21 1pm.

S Illpni; Snn 5.2Hpni. S 11111111.

3. Coming To America 1 I5 1 321111111. 51511111511111. Sun 5. l5pin..\pni.


I CANNON litcliiicltl Sizccl. lx'ilniainock.

ush2l‘:ss 1.Beetlejuice1“1511111.1111111.s55piii;8un 5.1511111511511111.

2. Coming To America 1 1512 .15pm.

~1Hpni..\'.211pni: Sun 5 21111111. Spin . Vice Verse 1 l’( '11 1pm. o iilpni. S.Jllpiit: Stin5511pzn. S 25pm I KELBURNE ( 11.1s}.'.11\\ Road. l’aislcy . (SS1) 301:. i 1. Beetlejuicei 1515 .11 1pm. Spin; Sat 2pm. 2. Vice Versa i I’( i) 5 11111111." 1111111115111 1 ~15pin. I LA SCALA I l.iiiIIltoii Sliccl . Saltcoals. (1211.1113345[1)](‘incnia 111.511 (111111 (1.\l’ "5p 1.8eellejuice1151n15111115311111. 2. Throw Momma lromthe Traini I51 11..‘5piii.\.21pni I OOEON Biii ns Statnc Stitiaic. .v\y 1311202 211111.11), 11)) L2 511:1'1111111'11.111().-\l’ 1.1.5111noconccssionsloi lastpcrfoi'niancc 1'11.”le Sat 1 1 Beetlejuicei I51 1 .1111‘111. 1 31111111711111. l1pm 2. The Jungle Book 11 )1 15pm. 3 15pm. (1.15pm. ‘Crocodile‘ Dundee 11’111s.15pm. 3. Vice Versaii’tii1.31111111.3-111piii. (1.1511111..\.511pni I OOEON '1 t1\\lIlIL'iltl Sircct. l laiiiiltoii. (HMS 2831\‘113. |1)|cinc1nas 2&3. 111 Sal £2 511(111111 (1.v\l’ L I .111. Sun ‘I llllI'sL3.31l (‘lnltl MAP 1.1 511.,\Ion 1"1111111111111111 1'111111’1 1. Beellejuice1 151 12.55pm. .‘~ 31111111.11piii. H.-lllplll. 2. Vice Versa ( l’( 11 12 51111111. 5.25pm. 5.55pni.1\'.‘~llpni 3. The Jungle Book! I '1 I 11 Stinonly; 1.115pni. 1.2llpin. 5.35pm ‘Crocodile' Dundee 11 ( l’( i ) 111 Sun S1211an from Mon 12 ~111pin. 3. 15pm. 5.15pm. S211pni. I HIALTO<'ollcchticct.1)tiinharton. (13811112711,£2(‘1nld1’11411();\l’ £1. (‘Iosctl Stintl iys 1.Beetlejuice1151 2.55pm; Sat 2pm. 2. Vice Versa 1 Phil-n $.11 5 ~15pni. ".-15piii; Sat 1 5llpni; \lon 'I liuis ‘.-15pin only

l‘hc List I‘)-- 25 August 1988 59