I Film on Four Extra: Last Day oiSummer (C4) 9.40—l().40pm. Ian McEwan‘s adaptation of his own short story. Set in 1970 its centred on the inhabitants ofa commune which came into being after the parents of 12 year-old Tom and 24 year-old Peter were killed in a car crash. Jenny (played by Annette Badland) an awkward and reserved girl joinsthe commune. gradually building up a relationship with Tom. Its an ideal summer that has to come to an end. .. Made in 1983.


I Lost in Space (C4) 2—3pm. Runningout of space. the Sixties sci-fi series reaches its penultimate episode.

I Equinox (C4) 7. 15—8. 15pm. ‘l‘oysforthe Boys or the Meccano set syndrome. Revealing the ‘little boy‘ that lies inside every great engineer. Sounds a bit sexist to

I Chariots at Fire (BBCI ) 7.45—9.45pm. Get in shape for hours ofOlympic coverage with the almost classic account of the running careers of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams.

I The RKD Story (BBCZ) 7.45—8.45pm. The Cirzen Kane story. retold in this award-winning history of one of Hollywood's great studios.

I Lawrence and Arabia (BBCZ)

8.45—10. 15pm. Omnibus documentary celebrating one hundred years since the birth of the legendary desert hero.

I The Dame Edna Experience (C4) 9.15—lll.(l5pm. Repeat of the superstar‘s chat show— or see her live in Glasgowthis week. See Theatre.

I Night Talk: The Jack McLean Talk Show (Scottish) 11.3llpm—1225pm. The Glasgow Herald columnist talking to Scots funny women Marcella Evaristi. Susie Maguire. Helen Lederer and Elaine C. Smith.

I Hanover Street (Scottish) 1.25—3.3(lpm. Harison Ford as a bomber pilot in Second World War romance. Made in 1979.


I Tribute To Hugh MacDiarmid (Scottish) 10.35—2. 15pm. An eveningof programmes commemorating the death of arguably the greatest Scottish poet since Burns. The bill begins with The Hammer and the Thistle. Gus Macdonald and Murray Grigor‘s portrait of the man made during his lifetime for Granada. Its followed by two programmes ofreadings of MacDiarmid's work. See Panel.

I In Verse (Scottish) 2. lS—Spm. More from today‘s generation of Scottish poets: Douglas Dunn. Tessa Ransford, Ellie MacDonald. Andrew Greig. Frank Kuppner and Robin L. Wilson.

I Rough Guide To Europe (BBCz) 6.30—7.25pm. Last in this inventive travel series. London is the topic of this edition. I A Vote otito Coolidence (C4 ) 6. 30—7pm. Third and final part ofthe investigation into what makes young voters so apathetic.

I . I saw,“

I Byline (BBC1)9.30—10. 10pm. The Guardian’s sports writer with a personal documentary bemoaning the commercialization of Britain's great summer sports.


I People (BBC 1) 7—7.3(lpm. Final edition of Derek Jameson‘s TV tabloid.

I Glasgow, By The way (C4) 9—iopm. ‘Machismo‘: probably the most interesting yet of the series. an examination ofthe city‘s reputation for violence and drink.

I Scandal Of The Lost Tribe (Scottish) 10.35—11.35pm. Story ofthe playboy millionaire who created a ‘lost‘ Stone Age tribe and fooled the world.


I One Pair of Eyes (BBCZ) 8. iii—9pm. Half Way Mark A Tribute to Mark Boxer. Autobiographical film made in 1972 by the masterly cartoonist and magazine editor. reshown on the sad occasion of his early death.

I Miss United Kingdom (Scottish) 8—9pm. Hold on a minute. wasn‘t it one oqus McDonald‘s first and finest acts to ban this sort of nonsense from the airwaves?

I Crossing The Line (C4 ) 9— 10pm. This pre-Scoul programme on the use and misuse of drugs in sport has become even more topical with the lifetime ban recently imposed on the top British pole vaulter. The programme includes a coup interview with disgraced British sprinter. David Jenkins. currently awaiting sentence by the American courts for the crime of trafficking in illegal sports drugs.

I Screenplay: Home Front ( BBCz) 9.25—10.3()pm. A children's home is threatened with closure but the teenagers who live there are determined to take their case to the High Court. The first full length TV drama to be directed by Horizon filmmaker Penny Cherns.

I Marilyn Monroe: Say Goodbye To The President (BBCl ) 9.30—1l).45pm. Repeat showing ofthe film that questions the official police verdict on the movie star‘s death.

I Hemingway (C4) 10—1 ipm. Stacy Keech as Hemingway. The American celebrity writer takes off for Cuba.

I Forth Fiesta (BBCZ) l()—l(l.3()pm. Edinburgh Festival coverage presented by Muriel Gray. John Cleese talks about A Fish Called Wanda. Second programme of the week on Friday.


I The Travel Show (BBC2) 9—9.3llpm. Another travel show ends its run. Included tonight a report on the Austrian resort of Kitzbuhl.

I True Stories: Scenes from the Farm (C4) 10—1 l .3()pm. Melissa Llewelyn-Davies‘ film portrait of the Broadwater Farm Estate in 'I’ottenham.

I Eric Liddell - The Flying Scotsman (BBCI) 10.50-11.35. Reshowing of Sally Magnusson‘s film about the Chariots of Fire running star.

Saturday 20

I KWtk-Elt Health Hun '88 Holyrood Park. Edinburgh. 11am onwards. Haggis-hurling. Chinese dancing. mini-Olympics. pipe band and displays in this family event in aid ofthe Heart. Chest and Stroke Association.


Saturday 20—Monday 22

I Scotland v Ireland Nunholm. Dumfries. 11am daily.

Saturday 20

STODDAHD COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP I Ayrshire v Clackmannan County The


As the Olympics approach, the amount of print dedicated to them increases daily. Just out from Virago, priced £7.95, is Faster, Higher, Further: Women’s Triumphs and Disasters at the Olympics, by Sunday Times sports journalist Adrianne Blue. This brief, readable and pertinent account of women's struggle lor sporting recognition discusses the range of sporting activities from gymnastics to marathon running, whilst also providing a historical account of the main events and iemale figures in each area, Faster, Higher, Further— probably because

written by a sports enthusiast—tails to ask whether the sporting endeavours oi women and men are worthwhile, given the physical and mental cost of success at the highest level.

Overall, though, the book otters an abundance of interesting anecdotes, and insights into the lives of remarkable women. Attractive and accessible, its informative enthusiasm

, encourages the reader to take to the

_ armchair tor the lorthcoming fortnight in Seoul. (Kim Connelly).

I Sport is listed as dlsry. by sport, thenby day. then by event.


Oval, Prestwick. 1.30pm.

I West Lothian v Stirling County Boghall. Linlithgow. 1.30pm.

I Fiteshlre v Perthshlre McKane Park, Dunfermline. 1.30pm.


I Drumpellierv Ferguslie Langloan. Coatbridge. 2pm.

I Kilmamock v Poloc Kirkstylc, Kilmarnock. 2pm.

I Clydesdale v West of Scotland Titwood, Beaton Road, Glasgow. 2pm.

I Kelbume v Greenock Whitehaugh, Paisley. 2pm.

I Ayr v Uddlngston Cambusdoon,

Alloway. 2pm.


I Grange v Dunnikier Raeburn Place. Stockbridge. Edinburgh. 2pm.

I Stenhousemuir v Kirkcaldy The Tryst, Larbert. 2pm.

I Watsonians v Carlton Myreside, Colinton Road, Edinburgh. 2pm.

I Heriots FP v Edinburgh Acads Goldenacre, Inverlcith Row. Edinburgh. 2pm. I Cuparv Hoyal High Duffus Park, Cupar. 2pm.

DEE»— Edinburgh

I Race Days Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. Powderhall Stadium, Beaverhall Road. Edinburgh. Meetings are for 10 races, starting at 7.30pm. £2.20 Stand; £1 .30 Ground.


I Race Days Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. Shawfield Stadium, Rutherglen Road, Glasgow. Meetings are for lOraces, starting at 7.45pm. £2.

FOOTBALL Saturday 20


I Aberdeen v St. Mirren Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen (Buses 1,2, 3, 11). 3pm.The home team‘s new management trio will be under pressure to get off to a good startto the season. and ifthey manage to make proper use of the talent at Pittodrie. unsettled St. Mirrcn should be swept aside without too much discomfort.

I Dundee United v Celtic Tannadice Park.Dundee (Buses 18, 19, 20, 21). 3pm. United‘s technically excellent but somewhat robotic defence should be hard-pressed to hold Celtic’s flamboyant attack.

I Hearts v Hamilton Tynccastle, Edinburgh (Buses l , 2, 3, 4, 33. 34,44). 3pm. The Hearts support will be looking for a convincing victory here, with Bannon and Ferguson likely to make their home League debuts, but this early in the season the main concern of Hearts‘ management team must be winning two points rather than entertaining the fans. A barrel-load of goals is unlikely.

I Motherwell v Dundee Fir Park. Motherwell (All Motherwell buses pass ground). 3pm. Early points are vital for Motherwell if they are to avoid fallinginto the relegation area in which theyfound themselves almost all last season. and a team of Dundee‘s openness (a euphemism ")I' disorganised defence) must be regarded as potential victims.

I Hangers v Hibernian Ibrox, Glasgow (2

The List 19— 25 August 1988 63