lSub Club llpm—3.30am. £3.50;£t .50 before midnight. The concession night at Sub Club with lager only 85p a pint.

I Warehouse 1 lpm—3.30am. £3. Beatbox. £2 with ticket; £3 without. Blend of) louse and Commercial Soul. [A]

I Zico's l()pm—3am. £3. Chart based disco sounds.


IThe Amphitheatre l0pm--4am. The Friday Night Spectacular. £3.51). llalf price before 1 lpm. A Schlitz ‘Lifestyle' promotion with designer clothes and cameras to be won. 11.30pm.[A] [ ND]

I Buster Browns llpm—3am. £2.51); ltalf price drinks and admission before midnight. Chart and dance music. Aimsat over 20s atmosphere. BUster Browns‘ Under-18s disco. 8pm 1 1pm. Very popular with the early teens. [A]

I Call: St James Club 25 Disco Fri and Sat 8pm—2am. £1 members; £2 non-members. Membership £2. [ND] [NT]

I Chaplins at Finsbury Park's Night Club. ll.31)pm—bam. Dance into the early hours. Free every week with membership (£5) obtained at Finsbury Park. No admittance without membership card.

I Cinderellas Rockerfellas ‘me— 3am. £3 before 1 lpm; £3.50after. 50p discount for members. All drinks 80p. [A] [ND] [NT] I Club Sandino at l.iberty‘s.'l‘hc Playhouse. 1 1pm -4am. £3 (£2.50). Back for the Festival and on two floors. running through to 3 Sept. (iood music ~-jazz.. Latin. soul a cafe and a good cause. What more do you want'.’

I Edgars l0pm—4am. £1 before 1 lpm: £2 before midnight: £3 after. Quirky interior with plenty of dark corners. Also lidgars has probably the most expensive air conditioning. very cool. [A]

I Fire Island 1 1pm -3am. £1 .51) (£1 before 11.15pm). Now following a more alternative music policy featuring'l'he New Blue Monday DJs.

I Fringe Club Disco 10pm—2.30am. Free wit Fringe Club membership. DJ Paul Ryan at the controls in what is sure to be a frantic atmosphere.

I Goombay Beat at Barbados Suite (Coasters). 10pm-3am. £2. Well established club but has a Sham b‘) reggae pick up atmosphere and a bland music selection.

I Millionaire's l0pm—bam. £2 (£1 .01) before 12). Friendly (iay club with lli-NRG sounds supplied by DJ Tam.

I The Ninja Club at The Mission. 10pm—4am. Very popular conventional disco. £2.

I Nico's 10pm—4am. £2 before 1 1pm. £3 after. See Thurs.

I Outer Limits at Coasters. 10.30pm—4am. £2till 1 1pm; £3 after. [A] [NT]

I Reggae Club at Shady Ladies. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Best conventional reggae selection in town complements a good skank atmosphere.

I Rokko's 8pm—3am (Happy Hours 8—11pm). Free before 11pm; £3 after. See Mon.

I Zenatec 11)pm-3.30am. Free before 10.30pm; 50p before 1 1pm: £1 before 11.30pm: £3.51) after. The aptly-named ‘Beat the Clock‘. All drinks are halfprice before 1 1 .30pm. Tonight in this mainstream club it’s the area heat ofa Miss Stockings and Suspenders competition promoted by Royal (iold.

SATURDAY 21) Glasgow

[I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street . 221 3260. 8pm-midnight. Free. Resident DJ 'with the latest sounds.

I Bennets l lpm—3.30am. £3. Mainlv Gav with lli-NRG music. ' ' I Cleopatras l0.30am—2.30pm. £3. DiSCt) sounds.

I Live at the Cotton Club 1 lpm—3.31)am. £5. I Disco Viva 10pm—3am. £3.51). Two floors of solid dancing with personality DJs.

I Feel the Rhythm at Henry Afrikas.

10.30pm—3.30am. £2.51). Preceded by under 18s’ disco.

I Follies l1).30pm—3.31)am. £4. [ND] [NT] I Hard Rock Caffe at the Venue. llpm till late. £3.51). With DJ (ieorge.

I Hollywood Studios 10pm—3am. £3.51). See Fri.

I Joe Paparazzi l lpm—3.31)am. £5. The busy. hip trendy night at 11’s with DJ Nicky Koranskye often with a theme.

I Knightsbridge SW1 1 lpm—3.30am. Another over 21 night at this upmarket club. With DJ Eddie GoldberglND] [NT] MI

I Krack at Fury Murrys. l lpm—3am. £3.51). Still proving to be the best club on a rather uneventful night.

I Mardi Gras l0.30pm—3.30am. £4. Mardi Crras Clth Night.

I Mayfair l 1pm—3am. £3.51). ()ver2ls disco in the ballroom and the SWDS club in the Cameo suite.

I Moonlighting at Pzazz. l1).30pm—3.31)ant. £3. Funky Soul with up-to-datc L'S Imports.

I Palomino Club 9pm—3am. £4. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax l 1pm—3.30am. £4. Soul and mixed chart music with resident DJs. Tommy Arnold or Raymond Davren.

I Raffles 10.30—3am. £3. Discosounds with DJ. Roddy Stewart.

I Rooftops 10pm—3am. £3. Chart disco in the function suite.

I SLAM at Tin Pan Alley. 10.30pm—3am. £3.51). Come out to play says lidens replacement advertising. And why not‘.’

I Sub Club 7pm—l 1pm. 14—18‘s night. £2 with ticket. £2.51)without. Yes! You too can be a fashion victim like your big brother or sister now with this innovative idea from the SubClub. I Sub Club 1 1pm-~3.30am. £3.51). Another club with the possibility of a PA from somebody trying to plug their single. I Viva and Vamps at Disco Viva. ‘Two floors of solid dancing.‘ 10pm— 3am. £3.51). I The Warehouse 1 lpm—-3.31)am. £3.51). Warehouse Club Night * the busiest night in town. so come early. [A] I Zico‘s 10pm- 3am. £3. Chart based disco sounds.


I The Amphitheatre l 1.30pm—4am. £4. llalfprice before 11.30pm. lintertain yourself in style in Scotland's Ultimate Nightclub. [ND]

I The Backroom at Shady Ladies. 1().31)pm—3am. £2. Celebrates three years of success down in the depths ofShady Ladies. The best in independent dance and old punk favourites.

I Buster Browns 8pm—l 1pm. £3.51). Worthwhile night with steady youthful crowd. Buster Browns‘ tinder-18s disco. 8—1 1pm. See Fri. [A]

I Cate St James See Fri for details. [ND] [NT]

I Chaplins at Finsbury Park's Night Club. ll.31)pm—()am. See Fri.

I Cinderellas Rockerfellas 9pm-3am. £2.51); £2 before I 1pm. immensely popular mainstream club. DJs Rick Baker and (iary (ilover host the ‘biggest party in town.‘

I Club Sandino at Liberty's. llpm—4am. £3 (£2.50). See Fri.

I Coasters 6.30p—10pm. £1.51). Under 18s alcohol-free disco. Live acts most weeks. I Edgars 10pm—4am. £2 before midnight; £3 after. Membership forms forthe suitably impressed available at the door. I Fire Island llpm—3.31). £3 (£2 before 11.15pm). lli-NRU and Eurobeat sounds to suit.

I Fringe Club Disco 10pm—2.31)am. Free with Fringe Club membership. See Fri.

I Goombay Beat at the Barbados Suite (Coasters). l0pm—3am. £2. See Fri.

I 1101 Earth at The Music Box. £2. 9pm—late. Ambitious new soul/funk club. often with a special theme.

I The Hooch at Coasters. 10.30pm—4am. £2. With Drinks Promotions most weeks. DJ‘s Yogi Naughton and Warren


The more observant ones amongst you will have noticed a lot of strange goings on in Glasgow’s streets recently. Crowds have been springing up from nowhere to watch trench clowns, unicycling escapologists and a rabbit on stilts (to name but a few things!). Yes, Streetbiz has been going down the proverbial storm, and to finish it off Brighton’s famous Zap Club are bringing some of their unique cabaret shows to Glasgow’s streets, pubs and to Nightlile's particular interest, the Bnggau.

As from the 22nd of August, the Briggait will have been magically transformed into a cabaret hall cum nightclub for a week. There will he shows on at lunchtime between 12 and 2pm, and each night at 8pm your host Ian Smith will introduce an alternative cabaret show and then let loose some of Glasgow’s liner DJs on the turntables for the rest of the evening. (Check the cabaret and nightlife listings for each night‘s details). For me, the highlight looks like being the all night masked ball, on the Saturday, with mask and fancy dress competitions and not forgetting the irrepressible Gerry Sadowitz. (Colin Steven)

Thomson as Jazz Funk greats hold sway over soul] fttnk punters.

I Kangaroo Club at The Mission. 1().31)pm»-3am. £2. Very popular soul hip hop funk venue where vanity takes on a sweaty exterior.

I Millionaire's 10pm—bam. £2 (£1 before 12). See Fri.

I Nico's lilpm—-4am. £2 before 1 1pm. £3 after. See Thurs.

I Outer Limits at Coasters. 1().31)pm~4am. £2 before llpm: £3.50after. Popularfull scale disco with reduction for student cards each night. [NT]

I Bokko's 8pm~~ 3am (Happy 1 lours

S— l lprn). Free before 1 1pm: £3 alter.

I Zenatec l0pm--4am. £2.50before 11.30pm; £4 after. Very comfortable upmarket joint. ()ver 21 with fast car accessories sitting outside. [A]

SUNDAY 21 Glasgow

I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. 8—1 1pm. Free. Chcapdrinksand free mixers!

I Balearic Beat at the Sub Club.

I 1pm—3am. £1. £1 all drinks. Nodoubt l've spelled this club's name wrong. but it's a cheap dance night that sounds suspiciously like the Ten Bob Bob.

I Bennets llpm—4am. £2.51). Mainly gay with iii-NRO sounds to fit.

I Disco Viva 10.30pm—3am. £2. Jamie Barnes and Cochise (Freedom or Nothing). also disco dancing with DJ


I Fresh 88 at The Cotton Club. llpm—3.30am. £3.51). Colin Barr and Mark Woodhouse's club is still going strong after 3 years.

I Follies l lpm--3am. £3. Cheap drinks.

I Fuddrukkers at Cleopatras.

l lpm--2.31)am. £1. A mixed sound (leaning to alternative) presented by Bennets' DJ. Craig Davis.

I Henry Afrika's l lpm ‘3.30am. £2. Sunday sessions v- disco only for the present.

I The Kennel Club at Tin Pan Alley. llpm—3am. Soul club night. Beer at (illpa pint. spirits. 40p. with DJ Segun.

I Knightsbridge SW1 1 1pm “3.30am. ‘Betc Noire' v- iii-NRC: night. £2 admission. Lager. Heavy and Spirits all 75p.

[ND] [NT] [A]

I Night Shift at the Warehouse.

1 lpm—3.31)am. £3.51). llouse musicand the soul chart. All drinks under 70p; spirits 50p.

I Palomino Club 9pm~3am. £3. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax 1().45pm--3.31)am. £3. Sunday Splash with resident DJs'l‘ommy Arnold or Raymond Davren. 50p lager. heavy. whisky, vodka and gin. IPzazz1().31)pni—3.31)mn. l.ive l-‘ire lsland run in conjunction with First Class Radio (see dance chart) with a hi-NR(i extravaganza. PA event with all drinks £1. I Rattles1().311—2am.£2.5ll.Discosounds with DJ Roddy Stewart. Vodka and lager ()tlp.

I Sundays in Hollywood at i lolly wood Studios. Fire Island from lidinburghopen their new lli-NR(i club on the 2 1st w ith a full show from 7th Avenue.

I Ten Bob Bop at Fury Murrys.

l lpm- 3.30am. £1 all drinks. Admission is now £1 so will they be changing theirname to the twenty bob bop'.’

I Wicked Sunday at Follies. llpm 3am. Vodka.(iin.\Vhiskyandlager all40p. I Zico's l()pm--3am. £2. Chart based disco sounds - but watch out for the planned 70s‘ night.


IThe Amphitheatre 10pm 3am. £2. llalt price before 1 1pm. Popular night at leading mainstream venue. Tonight: A Pimms promotion and some live jazz.[ND]

I Buster Browns 11% 4am. £2. llall pricc admission and drinks before 1lpm.A soulful Sunday with a great atmosphere. the best night to make your first visit to Buster Browns. [A]

I Sunday Obsession at Cinderellas Rockerfellas l0pm—2am. £2 before 1 1pm: £2.50after. 80p drinks. Seven yearson. Cinderellas proving as popular as ev ct lot a large scale night club with a new Sunday angle. [A] [ND] [NT]

I Club Sandino at Liberty's. The Playhouse. llpm-~4am. £3 (£2.50). See Fri [2.




Telephone: 051-225 5487

The List 19— 25 August 1988 71